Medicinal Plants at Home: More Than 100 Easy, Practical, and Efficient Natural Remedies

Medicinal Plants at Home: More Than 100 Easy, Practical, and Efficient Natural Remedies

by María Tránsito López Luengo, Carlota Máñez


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Discover how to grow medicinal plants and create natural remedies right in your own home.

Although more and more people use medicinal plants, many are still unaware of those that are usually present in their own homes. For example, did you know that cranberries are effective in treating bladder problems, that olive helps regulate blood pressure, or that hops promote sleep in children?

In Medicinal Plants at Home, you will find a selection of plants from which you can create natural remedies for every occasion. Learn how to grow and use these medicinal plants, and discover what they can do to boost your family’s health. More than one hundred types of natural plants are presented in this book, grouped by the conditions that they most effectively treat. You will also discover:

Essential remedies to have while traveling
The most useful plants and spices to have in the kitchen
The best plants for respiratory, digestive, tension-related, circulatory, and hepatic concerns

With more than 350 color images, Medicinal Plants at Home is an essential resource for those looking to grow medicinal plants and create their own natural remedies.

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ISBN-13: 9781634504560
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 11/10/2015
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 777,023
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

María Tránsito López is a pharmacologist, dietitian, and herbal medicine expert. She has published several articles and books on medicinal plants and natural nutrition, including Medicinal Plants at Home, Dieta Anticáncer: La Guía Práctica de Alimentos Saludables, and Come, Disfruta, Adelgaza Dieta a la Vista.

Carlota Mañez is a journalist with significant experience in health magazines and personal well-being. She currently works as a writer and editor for the publisher Océano Ambar. She is the author of several works on natural health.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Plants for Your Health and Well-Being

The Plants

—What They Do for You
—Topical Use
—Cautionary Notes
—Where to Purchase Them
—Endangered Plants
—Chinese Herbal Medicine

Plants for Everyone

—Medicinal Plants for Any Occasion
For the Traveler

——Anti-diarrheal Agrimonia
——Arnica for Bumps
——Calendula for Bites
——Ginger for Dizziness
——Lime for Disinfection
——Other Plants
For Older People

——Ginkgo for Memory
——Alfalfa for the Bones
——Garlic for the Arteries
——Fresno for Osteoarthritis
——Azahar for Your Mood
——Other Plants
For Women

——Soy, the Great Ally
——Chasteberry for the Waist
——Evening Primrose for PMS
——Black Cohosh for Menopause
——Cranberry for Cystitis
——Other Plants
For Pregnancy

——Lemon Balm for Nausea
——Sweet Almond Oil for Stretch Marks
——Corn, the Great Diuretic
——Barm Restorative
——Psyllium for Stress Reduction
——Other Plants
For Children

——Chamomile for Colic
——Hop to Sleep Well
——Malva for Flu and Colds
——Horehound for Coughs
——Oats for Dermatitis
——Other Plants
For Man

——Sabal for the Prostate
——Buchu for Urinary Problems
——Damiana for Sexual Issues
——Olive for High Blood Pressure
——Rosemary for Baldness
——Other Plants

Around the House

—On the Balcony
—In the Kitchen
—In the Bathroom
—In the Boudoir

For Your Health


——California Poppy
——Passion Flower
——Kola Nut
——Green Tea

——Black Currant
——Devil’s Claw
——White Willow
——Mead Wort

——Greater Plantain
——Scots Pine


——Shepherd’s Purse
——Common Melilot
——Butcher’s Broom
For the Liver

——Milk Thistle
——Common Fumitory
For the Kidneys

For the Skin


——Siberian Ginseng
——Cat’s claw
For the Eyes and Mouth


Plant Index


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