Meet the Robinsons [An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack]

Meet the Robinsons [An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack]

by Danny Elfman



The Walt Disney animated feature Meet the Robinsons, based on William Joyce's book A Day with Wilbur Robinson, about a 12-year-old boy who travels into the future, is not a musical per se, but as this soundtrack album shows, there is plenty of music in it. Danny Elfman composed the score, cues from which take up 29 of the disc's 53 minutes. That score is a typically eclectic Elfman effort, with some of his characteristically sly melodies, a lovely lullaby serving as "The Prologue," some generic adventure music, and some playful, jazzy interludes, notably "Pop Quiz and the Time Machine Montage." The eight songs that bookend the background music are also eclectic, including three tunes written and two performed by Rufus Wainwright, beginning with the Beatlesque "Another Believer," and including a good Rob Thomas number, "Little Wonders"; some neo-traditional jazz by Jamie Cullum, who covers the 1945 hit "Give Me the Simple Life"; and "Kids of the Future," a rewrite of Kim Wilde's 1982 pop
ock hit "Kids in America," performed by Jonas Brothers. The All-American Rejects (not the kind of band name you might expect to see on a Disney project) and They Might Be Giants also turn up. They help make this a more varied effort than that usually heard on a soundtrack for a children's movie.

Product Details

Release Date: 03/27/2007
Label: Walt Disney Records
UPC: 0050087102906
catalogNumber: 000024602

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Danny Elfman   Primary Artist
They Might Be Giants   Band
Walt Harrah   Vocals
Beth Andersen   Vocals
Bill Cantos   Vocals
Craig Copeland   Vocals
Monique Donnelly   Vocals
Linda Harmon   Vocals
Karen Harper   Vocals
Clydene Jackson   Vocals
Bobbi Page   Vocals
Joseph Powell   Vocals
Sally Stevens   Vocals
Oren Waters   Vocals
Dicky Wells   Vocals
Rob Thomas   Vocals,Track Performer
Elin Carlson   Vocals
Rufus Wainwright   Vocals,Track Performer
Bob Joyce   Vocals
Marc Mann   Choir Conductor,MIDI Manager
Guy Maeda   Vocals
Pete Anthony   Conductor
John H. West   Vocals
Christine Anderson   Vocals
Edie Lehmann Boddicker   Vocals
Dick Wells   Vocals
All-American Rejects   Band,Track Performer
Jamie Cullum   Vocals,Track Performer
Jennifer Barnes   Vocals
Cindy Bourquin   Vocals
Joanna Bushnell   Vocals
Debbie Hall Gleason   Vocals
Sandie Hall Brooks   Vocals
John West   Vocals
Gerald White   Vocals
Ilana Marks   Vocals
Jonas Brothers   Band
Stephen Amerson   Vocals
Nancy Gassner Clayton   Vocals
Christy Crowl   Vocals
Susan Joyce   Vocals
Christy Crowl Dicken   Vocals
Erica Sims   Vocals
Rich Logan   Vocals
Jamie Callum   Vocals
Leanna Brand   Vocals
Donna Medine   Vocals
Elissa Johnston   Vocals
Josef Powell   Vocals
Jenny Graham   Vocals

Technical Credits

Danny Elfman   Composer,Producer
They Might Be Giants   Composer,Producer
Marty Wilde   Composer
Rube Bloom   Composer
John Brough   Engineering
Bill Cooper   Engineering
Marius de Vries   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Greg Dennon   Engineering
Patrick Dillett   Producer
Mark Eshelman   Engineering
Richard Grant   Auricle Programming
Chris Jennings   Engineering
Stewart Levine   Producer
Dan Levine   Producer
Jon Lind   Producer
Dave Marquette   Engineering
Chris Montan   Executive Producer
Mike Nielsen   Engineering
Bobbi Page   Choir Contractor
Rik Pekkonen   Engineering
Brian Reeves   Producer
Harry Ruby   Composer
Dennis Sands   Engineering
Elliot Scheiner   Engineering
Richard M. Sherman   Composer,Lyricist
Robert B. Sherman   Composer,Lyricist
David Thoener   Engineering
Ricki Wilde   Composer
Rob Thomas   Composer
Rufus Wainwright   Composer,Lyricist
Mark Dobson   Engineering
Greg Loskorn   Engineering
Matt Serletic   Arranger,Producer
Norm Dlugatch   Engineering
Geoff Gascoyne   Arranger
Greg Hayes   Engineering
Reggie Wilson   Song Contractor
Karl Egsieker   Engineering
Glen Lajeski   Marketing
Rich Toenes   Engineering
Ryan Robinson   Engineering
Brian Montgomery   Engineering
Adam Michalak   Engineering
Debbi Datz Pyle   Score Conductor
Aaron Gammon   Engineering
Tyson Ritter   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Nick Wheeler   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Bryan Jackson   Engineering
Jamie Cullum   Producer
Aaron Walk   Engineering
Patrick Spain   Engineering
Erich Talaba   Engineering
Seth Waldmann   Engineering
Bryan Clements   Engineering
Maxim Moston   Arranger
Brian Wohlgemuth   Engineering
Deniece Hall   Pre-production Coordinator
Bryan Pugh   Engineering
Angie Teo   Engineering
Brandon Duncan   Engineering
Jason Boshoff   Engineering
Chris Soper   Engineering
Keith Cox   Producer
Gina Zimmitti   Score Conductor
Yvan Bing   Engineering
Graham Dominy   Engineering
Donna Cole-Brulé   Music Business Affairs
Barnaby Legg   Producer
Unspecified   Composer
Max Waker   Engineering
Jamie Callum   Producer
James T. Hill   Engineering
David Marquette   Engineering
Debbi Datz-Pyle   Score Conductor
Greg Dennen   Engineering
Josh Brands   Engineering
Martin Wright   Producer

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