Menopause the Healthy, Happy Way: Nutrition for Change and Growth

Menopause the Healthy, Happy Way: Nutrition for Change and Growth

by María Tránsito López Luengo


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Yes, you can feel fantastic during menopause! Feel great just by following a few simple lifestyle rules. Eating, exercising, and sleeping well are keys to healthy living at any age, but these and other concerns are even more important during menopause. This guide will set you on the path to wellness and happiness as you embark on this journey.

We have been led to believe that menopause is a kind of disorder, but it is not. It is just a new period in the life of every woman—a time when your body and personal life are changing. Hormonal imbalances experienced during menopause can lead to certain difficulties and inconveniences, but you can still live life to the fullest and find your own joy. In this book, you’ll find the guidelines for adapting to this new stage and discovering its many wonders. Among other things, you’ll learn all about:

Relieving hot flashes
Sleeping well
Addressing emotions and mood swings
Enjoying a full sex life
Keeping skin and bones in good health
Nutrition for your changing body
Maintaining a happy, healthy heart
Helpful information and advice on physical changes, eating right, and staying fit make this book a must-read for women who are entering menopause and ready to embrace a new chapter in life.

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ISBN-13: 9781510705555
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 06/28/2016
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 903,830
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

María Tránsito López is a pharmacologist, dietitian, and herbal medicine expert. She has published several articles and books on medicinal plants and natural nutrition, including Medicinal Plants at Home, Dieta Anticáncer: La Guía Práctica de Alimentos Saludables, and Come, Disfruta, Adelgaza Dieta a la Vista.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Menopause, a Step Forward 1

Puberty: Hormonal Awakening 1

Adulthood: Relative Stability 3

And Then … Menopause Arrives 4

Hormone Replacement Therapy 12

Hot Flashes, Those Heat Waves 17

Why Do They Happen? 19

What Can Relieve Them? 19

Alternative Therapies Also Help 29

Insomnia and How to Sleep Deeply Through the Night 31

Sleeping Pills are Not the Answer 32

The First Step to Deep Sleep: Schedule 33

The Second Step: A Light and Relaxing Dinner 34

The Third Step: Physical Exercise 38

Memory Loss and Depression 41

Memory 42

It Isn't Just Hormones 43

Depression During Menopause 45

Strengthen Your Brain 46

The Genitourinary System and Sexuality 63

Irregular Menstrual Cycles 63

The Secret to Our Wellbeing: Pelvic Health 67

Urinary Incontinence 69

The Importance of Strengthening the Pelvic Floor 70

Diet Adjustments to Maintain Pelvic Health 73

Don't Let Excess Weight Rule Your Life 77

Menopause Is Not the End of Sexuality 79

Lack of Desire Is Temporary 82

Revive Your Sex Life 83

Healthy, Beautiful, Mature Skin 85

Get to Know Your Skin Better 86

Aging Skin 89

What Happens to Skin During Menopause 89

Skin's Worst Enemies 90

Sun, but in Moderation 92

Dermatologic Care in Maturity 94

Load Your Meals with Antioxidants 102

Lighten Your Diet 104

Say No to Sweets and Candies 104

Boost Cleansing Processes 105

Even While You Sleep, Care for Your Skin 106

If You're Not Happy with Your Skin, Turn to a Dermatologist 107

Healthy and Strong Bones for your Whole Life 109

Osteoporosis 109

Risk Factors for Osteoporosis 112

Early Diagnosis 118

Diet and Exercise for Your Bones 120

What Doesn't Help Your Bones 129

Physical Exercise Every Day 131

A Woman's Heart 135

The Importance of Knowing the Risk Factors 137

Cholesterol: Dangerous yet Essential 138

Diet to Control Cholesterol 141

Hypertension: Another Surprise Enemy 146

Diabetes: An Evil of Our Times 150

Sugar and Health 151

Being Overweight: Much More Than a Cardiovascular Risk 156

Stress Is a Bad Partner 159

Tobacco Takes Its Toll 163

Physical Exercise: A Great Health Ally 165

Diet for Menopause 169

A Light and Balanced Diet 170

How to Eat Well Without Gaining Weight 180

And If You're Overweight… 187

References 189

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