Mets by the Numbers: A Complete Team History of the Amazin' Mets by Uniform Number

Mets by the Numbers: A Complete Team History of the Amazin' Mets by Uniform Number

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This is the first team history of the New York Mets—or any other team—to be told through a lighthearted analysis of uniform numbers. Ordinary club histories proceed year by year to give the big picture. Mets by the Numbers uses jersey numbers to tell the little stories—the ones the fans love—of the team and its players.

This newly revised edition is a catalog of the more than 700 Mets who have played since 1962, but it is far from just a list of No. 18s and 41s. Mets by the Numbers celebrates the team’s greatest players, critiques numbers that have failed to attract talent, and singles out particularly productive numbers, and numbers that had really big nights.

With coverage of superstitions, prolific jersey-wearers, the ever-changing Mets uniform, and significant Mets numbers not associated with uniforms, this book is a fascinating alternative history of the Amazin’s.

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ISBN-13: 9781613218860
Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC
Publication date: 06/21/2016
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
File size: 10 MB
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

About the Author

Jon Springer founded and operates the acclaimed Mets by the Numbers website

Matthew Silverman is the coauthor of Cubs by the Numbers (with Al Yellon and Kasey Ignarski), Red Sox by the Numbers (with Bill Nowlin), and Shea Goodbye (with Keith Hernandez). And he is the author of Mets Essential, Baseball Miscellany, and 100 Things Mets Fans Should Know&Do Before They Die.
Jon Springer is the founder and operator of the acclaimed Mets by the Numbers website, He is the co-author of Mets by the Numbers and resides in Brooklyn, New York.
Howie Rose has been a Mets broadcaster since 1987. He has also broadcast games for the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders.

Table of Contents

Foreword Howie Rose xi

Introduction to the Second Edition xiii

#1 Leading Off: Mookie Wilson-Lineup by the Numbers 1

#2 Marvelous Mary and the Terrible Twos-Mets Uniform History: A Stitch in Time 7

#3 Real New Yorkers-Step Right up and Teach the Mets: From Batter's Box to Coach's Box 13

#4 Trade Bait-Now Playing at the Drive-in: RBI by the Numbers 21

#5 Mr. Wright-Just Your Average Mets: Batting Average by the Numbers 27

#6 The Six-Pack-The Joy of Six: Most Popular Numbers 35

#7 Steady Eddie-Seven-Eleven: Numbers Most Frequently Appearing 43

#8 Kid-Out of Circulation: A Modest Proposal 49

#9 Todd, Todd, Torre & Ty-The Constant 9 55

#10 They Brought the Funk-Teen Idols: Lowest Numbers for Pitchers 63

#11 Magnificent Transience-Hot Corner Roll Call: Third Basemen by the Numbers 69

#12 "It's a Nice Number"-Mets Uniform History: All Right, Pullover 79

#13 Lucky Us-Very Superstitious, No thin' More to Say 85

#14 Good Old Gil-In Tribute: Remembering Lost Mets 91

#15 Metsmerized-Catch Them If You Can: Catchers by the Numbers 95

#16 Oh, Doctor-The Whiff of Success: Strikeouts by the Numbers 101

#17 "I'm Keith Hernandez"-This One Goes Out: Numerical Tributes 107

#18 Dar-ryl!-Great Runs: Teammates with Consecutive Numbers 115

#19 He's Crafty-Why Don't We Steal Away: Stolen Bases by the Numbers 121

#20 Thunder and Lightning-I Got the Power: Home Runs by the Numbers 127

#21 Beast Mode-Big in Japan 133

#22 We Could Be Heroes-Teamwork (to Make the Dream Work): Teams by the Numbers 139

#23 Skidoo-Chain, Chain, Chain: Linking Trades 147

#24 Say Hey-Mets Uniform History: The Mercury Mets 153

#25 Bobby Boo-Uni Swaps 159

#26 Kong-Spring Training and Other Untrustworthy Things 167

#27 In the Familia Way-Mets Uniform History: Clothes Make the Mets, 1982-1996 173

#28 "#ImWith28"-The Namesake Series 179

#29 Bang the Mets Slowly-Decisions, Decision: Wins and Losses by the Numbers 185

#30 Nolan Ryan: The One Who Got Away-Dirty 30 and the Unpopular Numbers 191

#31 Mike Piazza: The One Who Came to Shea-9/11/01: A True Tip of the Cap 197

#32 Ornery Lefties-1967 by the Numbers 203

#33 Pain Relief-Mets Uniform History: Gotto's Logo 209

#34 The Good Hands People-Mets Uniform History: The Pillbox Cap 213

#35 Irreplaceable-Mets Uniform History: Snow White and the '97 Mets 217

#36 The Kooz-Two-Timing Mets 221

#37 The One and Only Casey-Mets Uniform Controversies 227

#38 Coffee Is for Closers-Mets Uniform History: Patches (Part I): From Fair to Foul 233

#39 Risk Management-Mets Uniform History: Patches (Part II): Racing the Skyline 239

#40 Stone Colon-Mets Uniform History: Out of the Blue and into the Black 245

#41 Tom Terrific-Ed Lynch Called Them Earnies: ERA by the Numbers 251

#42 Roger McDowell and Memories of Jackie-Days of Remembrance 255

#43 The Lost Nation No More-Styling Mets 261

#44 Power Outage-Mets Uniform History: What's in a Name? 267

#45 Tug McFranco and Sir Pedro-Somebody Save Me: Saves by the Numbers 275

#46 Rickey, Don't Use That Number-Managing to Get By: Managers by the Numbers 281

#47 Jesse-Mets Uniform History: Out of the Black and into the Blue 287

#48 Hot Dog-Ghosts in the Machine 291

#49 Niese Knowing You-Games People Play: Appearances by the Numbers 297

#50 Hawaii 5-0-"C"You Real Soon: Mets Captains 301

#51-99 The High Numbers-Numbers Not Off Their Backs 305

#00-0 Less than Zero-Tony Clark vs. Mr. Met: Big Shoes to Fill… 327

#5, 7, 15, 17, 18: The Jeff McKnightmare-The Three-Number Club 331

Complete Numerical Roster 337

Acknowledgments 371

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