Microbial Phylogeny and Evolution: Concepts and Controversies

Microbial Phylogeny and Evolution: Concepts and Controversies

by Jan Sapp

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The birth of bacterial genomics since the mid-1990s brought withit several conceptual modifications and wholly new controversies. Working beyond the scope of the neo-Darwinian evolutionary synthesis, a group of leading microbial evolutionists addresses the following and related issues, often with markedly varied viewpoints: · Did the eukaryotic nucleus, cytoskeleton and cilia also orginate from symbiosis? · Do the current scenarios about he origin of mitochondria and plastids require revision? · What is the extent of lateral gene transfer (between "species") among bacteria? · Does the rDNA phylogenetic tree still stand in the age of genomics? · Is the course of the first 3 billion years of evolution even knowable?

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ISBN-13: 9780190290726
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 03/03/2005
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About the Author

Jay Sapp is Professor of History of the Biological Sciences, Department of Biology, York University.

Table of Contents

Forward, Joshua Lederberg
1. The Bacterium's Place in Nature, Jan Sapp
2. The Large Scale Structure of the Tree of Life, Norman R. Pace
3. The Molecular Phylogeny of Bacteria Based on Conserved Genes, Wolfgang Ludwig and Karl-Heinz Schleifer
4. Evolving Biological Organization, Carl Woese
5. If The Tree of Life Fell, Would it Make a Sound?, W. Ford Doolittle
6. Woe is the Tree of Life, William Martin
7. The Robustness of Intermediary Metabolism, Harold J. Morowitz, Daniel Broyles, and Howard Lasus
8. Molecular Sequences and the Early History of Life, Radhey Gupta
9. Fulfilling Darwin's Dream, James Lake, Jonathan E. Moore, Anne Simonson, and Maria C. Rivera
10. Paradigm Lost, C.G. Kurland
11. Contemporary Issues in Mitochondrial Origins and Evolution, Michael W. Gray
12. On the Origin and Evolution of Plastids, John M. Archibald and Patrick J. Keeling
13. The Karymastigont Model of Eukaryosis, Hannah Melnitsky, Frederick A. Rainey, and Lynn Margulis
14. The Missing Piece: The Microtubole Cytoskeleton and the Origin of Eukaryotes, Michael F. Dolan
15. Heritable Microorganisms and Reproductive Parasitism, John H. Werren

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