The Modern Utopian: Alternative Communities Then and Now

The Modern Utopian: Alternative Communities Then and Now

by Richard Fairfield, Timothy Miller

Paperback(New Edition)

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Communes. Bold and visionary, thousands of young people across the country rejected a nation in denial and decay and re-imagined a better way. Many flocked back to the land while others recharged the cities. Some groups were dazzling social experiments that burned bright and brief; others evolved through the years and are still going strong today.

The Modern Utopian is a firsthand view into dozens of intentional communities of the '60s and '70s. This photo-illustrated compilation of articles from Richard Fairfield's eponymous magazine visits the fabled Drop City, Morningstar Ranch, Timothy Leary at Millbrook, Detroit's Translove Energies, the still - thriving Twin Oaks and Stephen Gaskin's Farm, and dozens of others across the nation.

Global warming… recession peak oil… data smog… by necessity and by choice, thousands of people are once again being drawn toward collective living, this time enriched by the successes and failures of the past.

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ISBN-13: 9781934170151
Publisher: Process
Publication date: 11/16/2010
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 1,123,347
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About the Author

Fairfield self-published dozens of magazines and books in the '70s, documenting experimental community groups. Timothy Miller calls them "the most valuable investigations of their time." Timothy Miller teaches at the University of Kansas and is known as being the pre-eminent scholar of alternative living environments.

Table of Contents

Foreword Timothy Miller 13

The Communal Alternative Herbert A. Otto 19

Back To The Land

Are Country Communes Escapist" Mason Dixon 30

Cold Mountain Farm Richard Fairfield 32

Stephen Gaskin's Farm By Farm Members From A Fullpage Advertisment In The Local Tennessee Newspaper 43

Virginia Communes Jay Mathews 47

The Weavers of Maine Gloria Hutchinson 50

School of Living Richard Fairfield 59

Tolstory Farm Richard Fairfield 62

Open Land Communes

Gorda Mountain Richard Fairfield 68

Morning Star Ranch Richard Fairfield 69

Psychedelic And Art Communes

Sheep Ridge Ranch Richard Fairfield 82

Olonmpali Ranch Richard Fairfield 90

The Hippie Tribe Jan Hammermeister 94

Hippies and Hassles in Taos Richard Fairfield 96

The Hog Farm Richard Fairfield 99

The Lower Farm Richard Fairfield 102

Drop City Richard Fairfield 112

Libre Richard Fairfield 115

The Millbrook Trip Richard Fairfield 120

Life In The City

Philadelphia's Communes William J. Speers 126

Yellow Submarine Richard Fairfield 130

Politics And Revolution

COPS Commune 136

COPS As Reported By a Member of The Berkeley Tribe 139

Black Communalism With Bobby Seale 144

Trans-Love Energies Walt Odets 146

SDS Communal Attempts Jean Tepperman 150

Gay Collectives 153

Iowa City All-Women's Collective By Everywoman 156

Two Hip Communes: A Personal Experience Vivian Estellachild 158

Kids in Communes Pedestal 163

Scientific Ideology And Walben Two-Influenced Communities

Walden House Richard Fairfield 168

Walden Two Matthew Israel 171

Twin Oaks Takes Root Richard Fairfield 178

Christian, Mystical and Yoga Communes

Religious Communes Spreading George W. Cornell 194

Jesus vs. the Jesus Freaks Alan Watts 196

Koinonia Means Community Martin Kowtnsk 198

The Oregon Family Richard Fairfield 202

The LAMA Foundation Richard Fairfield 209

The Ananda Cooperative Community Richard Fairfield 215

Sri Ram Ashrama: An American Yoga Community Richard Fairfield 219

Gurus-East And West

The Process Brenda Lyons 226

The Krishna People: Serving God 24 Hours a Day Richard Fairfield 232

The One World Family: The Messiah's World Crusade Richard Fairfield 237

Five Weeks in a New Mexico Yoga Commune Jan Of Neverland Community 248

Mel Lyman, American Avatar Fusion 250

The Mud People Nola Express 264

In Warwick with Brotherhood of the Spirit Terry Mollner 267

The Brotherhood: Media Exposure Nick Tosches 272

Group Marriage Communities

Magic Farm and Talsen Richard Fairfield 278

Harrad West Richard Fairfield 286

The CRO Research Organization Richard Fairfield 294

The Family Richard Fairfield 300

Service Communities Richard Fairfield

Camphill Village 312

The Catholic Worker Far 313

Synanon 318

Gould Farm 319

Peace Action Farm/Ammon Hennacy 319


What Happened to the Communes" Timothy Miller 320

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The Modern Utopian: Alternative Communities Then and Now 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book, while informative and interesting, is merely a compilation of old magazine articles.