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Cambridge University Press
Modern World History Combined edition / Edition 2

Modern World History Combined edition / Edition 2


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A range of textbooks covering many of the options available on GCSE history specifications. This book provides a complete package for centres following the revised GCSE OCR Modern World History Specifications. The book comprises three sections: International Relations 1919 - 1989; the new compulsory core unit British History 1906 - 1918; and the most popular depth study option, Germany 1918 - 1945. This lively and accessible text is based around lead questions which match those in the OCR Specifications. Essential knowledge is provided through background briefings, analysis of issues through investigations and review sections to provide opportunities for revision.

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ISBN-13: 9780521003841
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 07/05/2001
Series: Cambridge History Programme Key Stage 4 Series
Edition description: REV
Pages: 273
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 14 - 16 Years

Table of Contents

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 1919-1989: 1; The Origins of the First World War 2; The First World War 3; The Russian Revolution, 3.Paris 1919, 4.The Treaty of Versailles, 5.The other peace treaties, 5.Aftermath: the immediate consequences of the treaties, 6.A harsh treaty, 7.Review: the peace treaties of 1919-23, 8.Setting up the League of Nations, 9.Reparations:the Dawes and Young Plans, 10.The spirit of Locarno, 11.The Rise of Hitler, 12.The Depression and international politics, 13.Crisis in Manchuria, 14.Mussolini and Italian fascism, 15.The conquest of Abyssinia, 16.Review:the rise and fall of the League of Nations, 17.From the Rhineland to the 'Anschluss',18. Munich and the destruction of Czechoslovakia, 19.Different views of Appeasement, 20.The Nazi-Soviet Pact, 21.Hitler's War, 22.Review: the 1930s-the road to war, 23.The Second World War, 24.The fall of the European Empires, 25.The roots of the Cold War, 26.1945: the breakdown of the wartime alliance, 27. The Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe, 28.The Truman Doctrine and the Marshal Plan, 29.American motives at the start of the Cold War, 30.The Berlin Blockade and NATO, 31.The start of the Cold War, 31.Communist China, 32. The Korean War, 33.The Cuban Missile Crisis, 34.The Cold War and the Middle East, 35.The Vietnam War, 36.Review: Containing Communism, 37.Tito and Stalin, 38.The Red Army in Budapest and Prague, 39.Building the Berlin Wall, 40.Solidarity, 41,Gorbachev and the fall of the Soviet Empire, 42.Review: the Soviet Empire 1948-91. BRITISH HISTORY 1906-1918, 1.What was Britain like in 1900? 2.Who ruled Britain in 1900? 3.Poverty in Britain at the beginning of the twentieth century, 4.Lloyd George and the Liberal social reforms, 5.Social reforms 1905-15, 6.How effective were these reforms? 7.Votes for women: the movement for female suffrage, 8.votes for women: the campaigns, 9.The outbreak of war and British society, 10. Army recruitment, 11.Conscientious objectors, 12.Daily life during the war-the home front, 13.Women and the war effort, 13.British propaganda during the First World War, 14.The sinking of the Lusitania, May 1915, 15.Women's suffrage, 16.The end of war and the beginning of peace:1918, 17.Review:British Society 1906-18. GERMANY 1918-1945, 1.The Weimar Republic, 2.The Spartacist Revolt, 3.Democracy in Weimar Germany, 4.Opposition to Weimar Germany,part one, 5.Opposition to Weimar Germany, part two, 6.1924-29: stabilisation and recovery? 7.The Nazi Party in the 1920s, 8. Art and Culture in the Weimar Republic, 9. Was the Weimar Republic doomed from the start? 10.The Depression: Nazi Germany and the war, 11.Hitler comes to power, 12.From democracy to dictatorship, 13.Review:1930-34:Hitler's rise to power, 14.Prominent Nazis, 15.Coercion and consent, 16.Propaganda, 17.Nazi persecution, 18.Totalitarianism, 19.Young people in Nazi Germany, 20.Women and the family, 21.A popular regime? 22.1939-45: Germany at war, 23. Review: 1933-45: Hitler's Germany.

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