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Modulation of Neuronal Signalling: Implications for Active Vision

Modulation of Neuronal Signalling: Implications for Active Vision


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The unique feature that distinguishes this volume from a number of others addressing neural basis of visual perception and visual attention is that it contains a set of advanced-tutorial chapters that deal with neural modulatory mechanisms at multiple levels of the brain organization in the context of active vision. These chapters encompass modulatory mechanisms starting with the modulation at the level of single neurons (e.g. the level of synaptic transmission), through the level of neuronal ensembles (e.g. population codes), and ending with the modulations due to the behavioral states. The book is organized as follows. The first section begins with the modulatory arousal mechanisms of the midbrain and the basal forebrain that influence the character of neuronal responses to visual stimuli in both cortex and thalamus. Even short-lived transient changes in the state of arousal are shown to affect the coding of visual information. The second section focuses on the contextual mechanisms that determine integration of visual information in the visual cortex based on the prior knowledge about the structure of the environment and the attention/intention mechanisms that endow representations of visual information with behavioral relevance. Selective attention is shown to determine the extent of contextual influences on perception and neuronal responses in the visual cortex. Cortico-cortical feedback connections are proposed to be critical in supporting this modulation of contextual influences. The third section explores neuronal codes that satisfy informational and temporal constraints set by rapidly unfolding behaviors associated with active vision. Finally, the fourth section is dedicated to the issues of correlating measures of perception and behavior with underlying neuronal responses. We believe this volume will offer for interested readers a unique integrated perspective on how modulatory mechanisms at different levels of cerebral or

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ISBN-13: 9781586031817
Publisher: IOS Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/01/2003
Series: NATO Science Series
Pages: 350
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Table of Contents

Section IFundamentals of Visual Information Processing
Neural Basis of Fundamental Filters in Vision3
Environmental Requirements and the Modulation of Visual Signals in Light Adaptation of Vertebrate Photoreceptors69
Section IIEffects of Vigilance on Visual Information Processing
Brain Systems Modulating Thalamic Activity87
Signal Processing in the Dorsal Lateral Geniculate Nucleus109
Mathematical Modelling in the Early Visual System: Why and How?135
Response Characteristics in the LGN and their Primary Afferent Influences on the Visual Cortex of the Cat165
Section IIINeural Mechanisms of Covert Active Vision
The Influence of Context on Visual Motion Processing189
Modulatory Signals in the Visual Cortex: their Origins and Functional Significance206
The Receptive Field in Primate V1: an Unexpected Result219
Understanding the Neuronal Basis of the fMRI Signal226
Dual Nature of Visual Attention242
Section IVNeural Mechanisms of Overt Active Vision
The Role of Eye Position in Visual and Visual-Motor Processing265
Modelling Motion Processing in Macaque Area MT/V5: from Single Cells to Population Codes282
Section VNeural Codes for Active Vision
Self-consistent Models of Cortical Dynamics309
Voltage Gated Channels: their Role in Information Transfer318
Subject Index333
Author Index337

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