Molecular Evolution on Rugged Landscapes: Protein, RNA, and the Immune System (Volume IX)

Molecular Evolution on Rugged Landscapes: Protein, RNA, and the Immune System (Volume IX)

by Alan S. Perelson

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Rugged fitness landscapes, and emerging area of biological science, underline both molecular and morphological evolution. Mathematical descriptions of such landscapes can be expected to lead to new experimental studies that actually test and establish their structure. In addition, current experimental techniques now allow one to carry out applied molecular evolution in the laboratory, opening up the possibility of evolving biomolecules for medical and industrial use. Molecular Evolution on Rugged Fitness Landscapes, based on a Santa Fe Institute workshop, is the first book to serve as a comprehensive introduction to these tools that permit researchers to study the structures of complex, rugged, multipeaked fitness landscapes.The first section of the book outlines a number of the general issues concerning the structure of rugged fitness landscapes. The second section examines both the history and status of experimental work on somatic mutation and the maturation of the immune response, and discusses the hypercycle model of the origin of life. This proceedings volume is an excellent reference for graduate students and professionals in immunology, population biology, physics and molecular biology.

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ISBN-13: 9780429978500
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication date: 03/08/2018
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Perelson, Alan S. | Kauffman, Stuart A.

Table of Contents

About the Santa Fe Institute — Santa Fe Institute Editorial Board August 1989 — Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity — Preface: Applied Molecular Evolution on Rugged Fitness Landscapes — Rugged Landscapes and Evolution — Optimization on Rugged Landscapes — A Spin-Glass Model of Evolution — What Can Physics Do For Biology? — Optimization of RNA Structure and Properties — Somatic Evolution of Antibody Variable-Region Genes & Maturation of the Immune Response — Affinity Maturation: A Retrospective View — Maturation through Hypermutation and Selection — Affinity Maturation on Rugged Landscapes — Maturation of the Humoral Immune Response: A Neo-Darwinian Process? — The NK Model of Rugged Fitness Landscapes and Its Application to Maturation of the Immune Response — Use of Antibodies as Molecular Mimics to Probe Intermolecular Interaction Landscapes — Affinity Maturation and Learning in Immune Networks — Auto-Anti-ldiotype and Antigen as Selective Factors Driving B-Cell Affinity Maturation in the Immune System — Somatic Mutation and the Antibody Repertoire: A Computational Model of Shape Space — Applied Molecular Evolution — Evolution of Proteins from Random Sequences: A Model for the Protein Sequence Space and an Experimental Approach — Studies in the Evolution of Biological Activity from Random Sequences — The Catalytic Potential of RNA — Origin of Life Models — Dynamics of Autocatalytic Reaction Networks

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