More Poems By Ray

More Poems By Ray

by Ray Ellis


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ISBN-13: 9780759625761
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/01/2001
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 0.28(w) x 9.00(h) x 6.00(d)

Table of Contents

Authors Notevii
Views about writingix
The written wordxi
Next exit - "New Pathways"1
A heart that sails free with the wind finds new horizons3
I am always changing4
Beach walking 1016
Footprints left in the sand8
Dusty Boots9
Spin Cycle, Light Load10
Mack says "Thank You"11
The Gas Filled Balloon12
Confucious say: Stuffed shirt usually very empty person13
Timeless Love15
A Christmas Poem16
The world is getting smaller17
The cool morning air18
Everyone perceives reality19
Mirror Mirror21
Perhaps the most difficult thing to see22
Destiny of a Penny23
Tears Yet Unfell24
I once looked for time26
Stage Flight27
Sizeology Dilemma28
The One That Got Away29
Gone Fishing, for Dreams30
The night is32
Perpetual Motion33
The Tall Grow Small35
The Looking Glass36
20 / 2037
Lesson in Anatomy38
Stopwatch with no stop buttons39
Life and death are different and yet the same40
Who Has the Map?41
A political point of view43
The process of writing44
The Painting45
Art Gallery46
A man walks blindly47
My Bike48
The bright colorful video screen49
Universal Highway50
Highway Eulogy52
Reckless Rocks55
Night Fall56
The Darkness Casts No Shadows57
The thought is there59
We the teachers60
Apples versus Poems61
Personally Influenced Inspired Poems
Certain persons64
Just another suit and tie65
The D. B. Carrot Caper66
Lonely Highway Miles67
A quiet tinkle clickity clack68
A poem about Morts' poems69
The "712" Zoo70
The Crying Sea72
The crys of your emotions73
Movin' On74
Easy Chair75
Kisses on the Run76
Scant words78
It's not where I go79
Thanks Again80
A Brief Summary81
Good Friends83
Favorite Poems from "Poems by Ray"
Together on the Ark86
Life is Only87
Five Extensions of the Brain88
Philharmonic Tonic89
Don't be Shy90
The Rock and the Tide93
The Gull94
Brief Encounters of the Weird Kind95
As the Sea96
Shades of Winter98
Mist Matched Racers99
No Contest100
Happy Birthday101
The Yardstick103
Searching Through the Cobwebs104
No ticket needed, all ride free!105
Day is Done106

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