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Mosby's Veterinary PDQ / Edition 2

Mosby's Veterinary PDQ / Edition 2

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No veterinary technician should be without this pocket-sized reference! Ideal for the clinical setting, Mosby’s Veterinary PDQ, 2nd Edition provides quick access to hundreds of veterinary medicine facts, formulas, lab values, and procedures. Coverage includes key topics such as pharmacology, math, animal care, common diseases, diagnostic procedures, imaging techniques, parasite identification, urinalysis, blood tests, and other lab work. This full-color, practical guide makes it easy to find the information that is most useful in practice!

• Easy-to-read charts and tables
provide quick access to key information that is commonly used but rarely memorized.
Valuable formulas, conversions, and lab values make it easy to look up the data needed to deliver safe and effective veterinary care.
Quick-access format is organized into 10 tabbed, color-coded sections, and makes it easy to find facts quickly.
Full-color photos and line drawings illustrate procedures and tests, dental and surgical instruments, parasites, and urine and blood analysis.
Compact size easily fits in the busy vet tech’s pocket.
Spiral binding allows you to lay the book flat or keep it open to a page that is commonly referred to.
Durable pages can endure the wear and tear of the clinical setting, and may be easily wiped clean.

• NEW step-by-step procedures
include blood collection and injection techniques.
NEW drug information covers the newest pharmacologic agents, ensuring you are up to date with uses, adverse side effects, and dosage forms.
Coverage of NEW test kits describes the newest testing products available.
Increased coverage of capnography and monitoring of patients under anesthesia provides information on these key topics.
Added photos of cells and urine sediment show urinalysis and fecal examinations, which are both routinely performed.

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ISBN-13: 9780323240666
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 12/17/2013
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 4.60(w) x 6.80(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

SECTION I: PHARMACOLOGY/MATH Pharmacy/Pharmacology •Commonly Used Rx Abbreviations •Common Medications

oAntimicrobials oAntiparasitics oHeartworm Preventives oPreanesthetics/Sedatives/Anesthetics oInhalant Anesthetics oAnalgesics and Antiinflammatories oParenteral Fluids oBlood Products oCardiovascular Drugs oRespiratory Drugs oGastrointestinal Drugs oEndocrine Drugs oAntidotes/Reversing Agents

Medical Math •Conversion Factors •Dosage Calculations •Fluid Therapy Calculations •Nutritional Calculations SECTION II: ANIMAL CARE •Anatomical Planes of Reference •Physical Exam Procedures •Description of Heart Murmurs •Mucous Membrane Color •Nutrient Guidelines for Wellness •Estimating Degree of Dehydration •Age Equivalences •Common Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats •Common Diseases of Dogs and Cats •Nail Trimming •Expressing Anal Sacs •Ear Cleaning SECTION III: PROCEDURES Diagnostic and Treatment Techniques •Administration of Ophthalmic Medication •Administration of Otic Medications •Bandaging

oCast Application oRobert Jones Bandage oAbdominal/Chest Bandage oPressure Bandage

•Feeding Tubes •Emergency Supplies •Thoracocentesis •Thoracic Drain •Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage •Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation •Intravenous Catheterization

oCatheter Selection oCephalic Catheter Placement oJugular Catheter Placement

•Schirmer Tear Test •Fluorescein Dye Test •Tonometry Diagnostic Imaging •Technique Chart •Troubleshooting Technical Errors •Landmarks •Contrast Media SECTION IV: DENTISTRY •Dental Formulas for Cats and Dogs •Normal Dentition •Dental Terminology •Charting •Dental Instruments SECTION V: SRX/ANESTHESIA NURSING •Anesthesia Machines •Rebreathing Bag Sizes •Performing Anesthesia Machine Check •Oxygen Flow Rates •Endotracheal Tubes •Patient Monitoring •Blood Pressure Monitoring •Electrocardiography

oElectrode Placement for Standard Limb Leads oNormal Canine P-ORS-T Complex oCommon Abnormalities Seen on ECG

•Assessing Anesthetic Depth •Surgical Instruments •Suture Material •Surgical Pack Storage •Patient Preparation •Pain Evaluation SECTION VI: URINALYSIS •Catheter Sizes •Urinalysis Procedure •Gross Examination of Urine •Urine Sediment Examination

opH Chart

•Cells and casts


SECTION VII: HEMATOLOGY/SEROLOGY Hematology and Hemostasis •Anticoagulants •Manual Cell Counts with the Unopette System •Plasma Color and Turbidity •RBC Indices •Semiquantitative Evaluation •RBC Characteristics •WBC Morphology •Common WBC Abnormalities •RBC Morphology •Reticulocyte Count •Corrected WBC Count •Platelet Estimate •Fibrinogen Test •Buccal Mucosal Bleeding Time •Activated Clotting Time Clinical Chemistry and Immunology •Blood Chemistry Tests •Immunology Tests SECTION VIII: PARASITOLOGY •Fecal Flotation Procedure •Centrifugal Flotation Procedure •Fecal Sedimentation Procedure •Modified Knott's Technique

oComparison of Dirofilaria and Dipetalonema

•Common Internal Parasites •Common External Parasites SECTION IX: MICRO/CYTOLOGY •Commonly Used Culture Media •Sample Collection Guidelines •Sequence of Testing •Quadrant Streak Procedure •Common Bacterial Pathogens •Bacterial Colony Characteristics •Characteristics of Yeasts •Common Fungal Organisms •Skin Scrape Procedure •Fine Needle Biopsy Techniques

oFine Needle Biopsy Aspiration Procedure oFine Needle Biopsy Nonaspirate Procedure

•Compression Smear Preparation •Tracheal Wash •Appearance of Effusions •Characteristics of Fluid Samples •Nuclear Criteria of Malignancy •Characteristics of Tumor Types •Common Cell Types in Cytology Samples

oEar Swabs

•Cell Types Found in Lymph Node Aspirates •Vaginal Cytology SECTION X: NORMAL VALUES •Normal Blood Gas Values •Normal Daily Urine Output for Dogs and Cats •Normal Heart Rate and Blood Pressure in Dogs and Cats •Hematology Reference Range Values •Normal Chemistry •Normal Urinalysis Values •Hemostasis Reference Range Values •Normal Physiologic Data in Adult Dogs and Cats •Summary of the Lengths of the Estrous Cycle and Gestation Periods in Dogs and Cats

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