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Motivation for Achievement: Possibilities for Teaching and Learning / Edition 3

Motivation for Achievement: Possibilities for Teaching and Learning / Edition 3

by M. Kay Alderman
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Understanding student and teacher motivation and developing strategies to foster motivation for students at all levels of performance are essential to effective teaching. This text is designed to help prospective and practicing teachers achieve these goals. Its premise is that current research and theory about motivation offer hope and possibilities for educators-teachers, parents, coaches, and administrators-to enhance motivation for achievement. The orientation draws primarily on social-cognitive perspectives that have generated much research relevant to classroom practice.

Ideal for any course that is dedicated to, or includes coverage of, motivation and achievement, the text focuses on two key roles teachers play in supporting and cultivating motivation in the classroom: establishing the classroom structure and instruction that provide the environment for optimal motivation, engagement, and learning; and helping students develop the tools that will enable them to be self-regulated learners and develop their potential.

Pedagogical features aid the understanding of concepts and the application to practice: Strategy boxes present guidelines and strategies for using the various concepts. Exhibit boxes include forms for different purposes (for example, goal setting), examples of teacher beliefs and practices, and samples of student work. Reflection boxes stimulate readers' thinking about motivational issues inherent in the topics, their experiences, and their beliefs. A Motivational Toolbox at the end of each chapter helps readers identify important points to think about, lingering questions, strategies to use now, and strategies to develop in the future.

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ISBN-13: 9781138133068
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 10/08/2015
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Preface     ix
Setting the Stage for Motivational Possibilities
Motivation: Perspectives, Problems, and Possibilities     3
Motivation Perspectives for Classroom Learning     4
Problems and Challenges: Achievement and Motivation     9
Motivation Possibilities and Goals     16
Review of Major Points     23
Social-Cognitive Processes that Influence Motivation
Attributional Beliefs and Motivation     27
Attributional Properties in Achievement Settings     29
Using Attributional Information     38
Individual and Situational Differences in Attributions     39
Two Attributional Consequences: Learned Helplessness and Help Seeking     45
Teacher Attributional Beliefs and Student Performance     51
Attribution Retraining     54
Developing Adaptive Attributions     61
Review of Major Points     63
Concepts of Ability and Motivation     66
Self-Perceptions of Ability: An Overview     66
Self-Efficacy Beliefs     69
Self-Worth Theory: Self-Protection of Perceived Ability     81
Achievement Goal Orientation     86
Concluding Thoughts     102
Review of Major Points     102
Goals and GoalSetting     106
Motivational Effects of Goal Setting     107
Goal Content and Multiple Goals     107
Properties of Goals that Enhance Motivation     111
Relation of Feedback and Goals     118
Classroom Interventions in Goal Setting     121
Guidelines and Strategies for Goal Setting in the Classroom     127
Combining Motivational Processes     128
Concluding Thoughts     131
Review of Major Points     131
Developing Student Self-Regulatory Capabilities     134
Self-Regulatory Capabilities and Academic Success     135
Overview of Self-Regulated Learning     136
Vision of the Future and Possible Selves     138
Volitional Control: Directing Motivation and Effort     145
Learning and Metacognitive Strategies     151
Self-Regulation through Self-Instruction and Self-Monitoring     154
Resource Management Strategies: Time and Environment     160
Self-Regulation in Classroom Contexts     162
Self-Regulation for Failure Adaptation and Resiliency     165
Conclusion     168
Review of Major Points     168
The Classroom Climate for Optimal Engagement and Motivation
Teacher Motivation: Expectations and Efficacy     173
Teacher Expectations     173
Teacher Efficacy     189
Collective Teacher Efficacy     201
Conclusion     202
Review of Major Points     202
Promoting Optimal Motivation and Engagement: Social Context     205
Sense of Membership and Belonging     206
A Classroom Environment for Optimum Membership and Engagement     216
Conclusion     232
Review of Major Points     233
Tasks, Recognition, and Evaluation for Optimal Engagement and Motivation     237
Classroom Task Motivation     238
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation and Academic Engagement     252
Evaluation, Grading Practices, and Optimal Motivation     264
Conclusion     272
Review of Major Points     272
Possibilities for Motivational Equality and Student Achievement     277
Possible Concerns and Issues     278
Motivation Interventions     280
Planning and Implementing Motivational Strategies or Programs     284
Possibilities and Hope     289
Glossary     290
References     293
Author Index     323
Subject Index     333

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