Multiracial America

Multiracial America

by Noah Berlatsky


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Each title in the highly acclaimed Opposing Viewpoints series explores a specific issue by placing expert opinions in a unique pro/con format; the viewpoints are selected from a wide range of highly respected and often hard-to-find publications.; This title addresses various issues related to multiracial America, including the connection between politics and multiracial America; how multiracial America can become more equal; what issues surround multiracial relationships in America; and what issue; "Each volume in the Opposing Viewpoints Series could serve as a model…not only providing access to a wide diversity of opinions, but also stimulating readers to do further research for group discussion and individual interest. Both shrill and moderate, th

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ISBN-13: 9780737766639
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date: 09/27/2013
Series: Opposing Viewpoints Series
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 15 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Why Consider Opposing Viewpoints? 11

Introduction 14

Chapter 1 What Is the Connection Between Politics and Multiracial America?

Chapter Preface 18

1 Barack Obama's Presidency Has Made Multiracial Americans More Accepted Francesca Billet 20

2 Barack Obama's Presidency Has Illuminated America's Ongoing Racism Ta-Nehisi Coates 28

3 The Republican Party Faces Marginalization as America Becomes More Multiracial Jonathan Chait 43

4 The Republican Party Is Trying to Promote Multiracial Leaders Christine A. Scheller 57

Periodical and Internet Sources Bibliography 62

Chapter 2 How Can Multiracial America Become More Equal?

Chapter Preface 64

1 Affirmative Action Is Needed to Get the Best Candidates, Stanford Psychologist Says Brooke Donald 66

2 Affirmative Action Does Not Help Minority Students Gail Heriot 72

3 Asian Americans Complicate the Argument for Affirmative Action Richard Kahlenberg 77

4 The United States Should Encourage Assimilation of Immigrants Linda Chavez 81

5 Immigrants Should Not Be Pushed to Assimilate Laura Marcus 86

Periodical and Internet Sources Bibliography 90

Chapter 3 What Issues Surround Multiracial Relationships in America?

Chapter Preface 92

1 Interracial Marriages Are Increasingly Accepted in America Pew Research Center 94

2 Interracial Dating Exposes Divide Between Teens and Parents Chuck Hadad 99

3 Marrying Out John H. McWhorter 104

4 Black Women Are Not to Blame for Low Marriage Rates Latoya Peterson 109

5 The Loving Decision Anna Quindlen 113

6 Comparisons Between Opposition to Gay Marriage and Opposition to Interracial Marriage Are Ignorant and False Brendan O'Neill 118

Periodical and Internet Sources Bibliography 122

Chapter 4 What Issues Confront Children in Multiracial Families?

Chapter Preface 124

1 La. Interracial Marriage: Is Life Tougher for Biracial Kids? Patrik Jonsson 126

2 Multiracial Students: What School Counselors Need to Know Henry L. Harris 130

3 "Family Is Everything" Melanie Stetson Freeman 138

4 Transracial Adoptions Can Present Challenges for Adopted Children Ron Claiborne Hanna Siegel 143

5 Exploring Grays in a Black-and-White World Julia M. Klein 149

6 Children of Biracial Families Today Often Choose to Pass as Black Nikki Khanna Cathryn Johnson 155

Periodical and Internet Sources Bibliography 165

For Further Discussion 166

Organizations to Contact 168

Bibliography of Books 173

Index 177

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