Mustard Seeds in the Public Square: Between and Beyond Theology, Philosophy, and Society

Mustard Seeds in the Public Square: Between and Beyond Theology, Philosophy, and Society


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This volume seeks to explore the intersection of theology, philosophy and the public sphere not by referring the social and political to ethics and deontology as is often the case, but rather to ontology itself, to the very nature of beings. The meaning of history and historicity is most pertinent to this enquiry and is approached here both from the perspective of social reality and from the perspective of ontology. Joining together contributions focusing on theory of the public sphere and metaphysics, chapters explore subjects as diverse as the political implications of the Incarnation, the paradox between ontology and history, politically left and right appropriations of Christianity, the fecundity of Maximus the Confessor’s insights for a contemporary political philosophy, modern Orthodox political theology focusing on Christos Yannaras and numerous thematic areas that together form the mosaic of the enquiry in question.

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From the Publisher

Dr. Sotiris Mitralexis is an ardent reader of philosophy and theology and a prolific author. His recent publications primarily focus on ontology. Mustard Seeds in the Public Square follows the same path and looks into the origins of ontology and political theology. It builds on Mitralexis’ earlier exposition of Maximus the Confessor’s and Eastern Christian ontology, to explain the ontological dimensions of political societies and states. The volume spans ten chapters, which attempt to cover key issues concerning the convergence of political theology and ontology. The contributors present fresh and innovative insights so as to encourage a broader dialogue with experts and the questioning audience. As usual, Mitralexis undoubtedly delivers a work of accomplished scholarship. While the book is very interesting and definitely a worthy addition to modern scholarship (especially the theoretical discussion of the relation between deep and political ontology), this reader does have a reservation regarding the thematic extent of the volume. The editor would have sought and incorporated additional contributions, from other religious traditions (Muslim, Jewish, Marxist, etc.) in order to widen the spectrum of the volume. To sum up, Mustard Seeds in the Public Square is a key book for scholars seeking to critique the mainstream paradigms of the interplay between philosophy and political theology and create alternative approaches.

Prof. George Steiris,

University of Athens, Greece

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ISBN-13: 9781622732463
Publisher: Vernon Art and Science
Publication date: 08/03/2017
Series: Vernon Series in Philosophy
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

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