My Six Passages - Part II -: Chasing the Dream

My Six Passages - Part II -: Chasing the Dream

by Paul R. Hollrah


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My Six Passages is the story of one man's challenge-filled and adventure-filled life, beginning on a Missouri sharecropper farm and ultimately placing him at the centers of power and influence in Washington and abroad. In Part II of a four-part memoir, the author recounts the many challenges and adventures of his post-military career... his return to the blue-collar workforce, his inability to do factory work because of injuries received during his military service, his courageous decision to pursue a degree in engineering, the incredible difficulty of working his way through college with a wife and two children to support and with no financial assistance, the triumphs and trials of a career in the corporate world, his shocking introduction to the realities of the political world, and his sudden and unexpected departure from a successful engineering career into the mysterious and unknown world of the corporate lobbyist. It is these experiences the author describes in Part II of his four-part memoir, subtitled "Chasing the Dream."

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ISBN-13: 9781482729962
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Publication date: 07/19/2013
Pages: 296
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About the Author

Mr. Hollrah holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri and is a past-President of the Civil Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni and has received the 2012 Missouri Honor Award for Distinguished Service in Engineering. From 1962-70 he served as a Senior Project Engineer for Cities Service Oil Company (CITGO) and the Sun Oil Company (Sunoco) in New York and Tulsa.

From 1970-84 he served as Director of State Relations for the Sun Oil Company, in Philadelphia, with responsibility for legislative and regulatory liaison with the fifty state governments.

He is a founder and former director of the State Governmental Affairs Council; a former member of the General Committee on State Relations, American Petroleum Institute; a former member of the Business Advisory Board, American Legislative Exchange Council, a former chairman of the Board of Trustees of the State Legislative Policy Institute, National Center for Legislative Research; and a former member of the Board of Trustees, Congress of Small Cities of Russia.

He has served the Republican Party as a County Chairman, State Committee Member, and as a State and National Convention Delegate. In 1986-87 he served as deputy campaign manager in the presidential exploratory committee of former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld. In 2000 he served as an elector in the U.S. Electoral College and in 2004 he was elected chairman of Oklahoma's seven-member delegation to the U.S. Electoral College.

In 1975, Mr. Hollrah created and registered the first political action committee with the Federal Election Commission, pioneering the PAC movement in the American business community. He was the principal founder and a steering committee member of the National Republican Legislative Campaign Committee, Republican National Committee.

Since retiring from the Sun Company in 1984, he has worked as a consultant in the U.S. and in Russia, bringing Russia's unique technological developments to the U.S. and working on humanitarian aid projects in Moscow and Siberia. In 1997 he served as a senior consultant to the Alliance for American Innovation, Washington, DC, playing a pivotal role in defeating a multi-national political attack on the U.S. patent system.

He serves as a Contributing Editor for the National Writers Syndicate, the New Media Journal, and the blog site. He is the co-author of Bush's Legs, the story of religious renaissance in post-Cold War Russia.

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