Nanostructures, Nanomaterials, and Nanotechnologies to Nanoindustry

Nanostructures, Nanomaterials, and Nanotechnologies to Nanoindustry


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Nanosturctures, Nanomaterials, and Nanotechnologies to Nanoindustry presents the most important information about new trends in nanochemistry and nanotechnology as well as in nanobiology and nanomedicine. It covers the obtaining and manufacturing of nanostructures, nanomaterial science, investigation of nanostructures and nanomaterials, development of prognostication apparatus when obtaining and investigating nanoproducts, as well as the application of nanoproducts and nanotechnologies in different areas.

The book discusses mastering nanotechnologies and semi-industrial and industrial production of nanocomposites and nanomaterials, and provides a practical introduction of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies into different areas, including medicine and agriculture. The contributors include representatives of industrial enterprises and research institutions.

The book will be useful for researchers, professors/instructors (for teaching specific courses), students and postgraduates and also for personal re-qualification and for university/college libraries.

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ISBN-13: 9781926895888
Publisher: Apple Academic Press
Publication date: 06/09/2014
Series: AAP Research Notes on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Series
Pages: 434
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

List of Contributors xv

List of Abbreviations xxi

List of Symbols xxiii

Preface xxvii

About the Conference xxxi

Part I Nanostructures, Nainomaterials and Nanotechnologies to Nanoindustry

1 Perspectives of Nanochemistry Development for Metal/Carbon Nanocomposites Synthesis and for the Materials Self Organization V. I. Kodolov V. V. Trineeva 1

2 The Metal/Carbon Nanocomposites Synthesis in Nanoreactors of Polymeric Matrixes V. I Kodolov V.V. Trineeva Yu. M. Vasil'chenko Ya. A. Polyotov 27

3 Fundamentals of Production Technology of Carbon-Metal-Containing Nanoproducts in Nanoreactors of Polymeric Trineeva O. A. Kovyazina Yu. M. Vasil'chenko 41

Part II The Processes Modeling and Computer Simulation

4 Calculation of the Elastic Parameters of Composite Materials Based on Nanoparticles Using Multilevel Modeling A. V. Vakhrushev A. Y. Fedotov A. A. Shushkov 51

5 Simulation of Formation of Superficial Nanoheterostructures A. V. Vakhrushev A. V. Severyukhin O. Yu. Severyukhina 71

6 Computer Simulation of Ni, Cu and Au Cluster Structures in Supercooled Liquid State A. V. Murin 91

7 The Calculating Experiments for Metal/Carbon Nancomposites Synthesis in Polymeric Matrixes with the Application of Avrami Equations V. I. Kodolov V. V. Trineeva Yu. M. Vasil'chenko 105

8 On Diversified Demonstration of Entropy G. A. Korablev N. G. Petrova R. G. Korablev A. K. Osipov G. E. Zaikov 119

Part III Surface Investigation

9 Research of the Local Physical and Chemical Structure of Super-Thin Layers of Polymeric Composite Materials Problems and Decisions S.G. Bystrov 133

10 Structure and Surface Layer Properties of Medium Carbon Steel After Electroexplosive Copper Plating and Subsequent Electron-Beam Processing V. Ye. Gromov Yu. F. Ivanov D. A. Romanov G. Tang S. V. Raykov E. A. Budovskckh G. Song 147

Part IV Investigation Methods Development for Nanosystems and Nanostructured Materials

11 The Structural Analysis of Nanocomposites Polymer/Organoclay Flame-Resistance I V. Dolbin C. V. Kozlov G. E. Zaikov 163

12 The Metal/Carbon Nanocomposites Influence Mechanisms on Media and on Compositions V. I. Kodolov V. V. Trineeva 171

13 X-Ray Study of the Influence of the Amount and Activity of Carbon Metal-Containing Nanostructures on the Polymer Modification I. N Shabanova V.I Kodolov N. S Terebova Ya. A. Polyotov 187

Part V Nanostructured Materials Properties and Application

14 Semicrystalline Polymers as Natural Hybrid Nanocomposites: Reinforcement Degree G. M. Magomedov K. S. Dibirova G. V. Kozlov G. E. Zaikov 203

15 Research of Structure and Polishing Properties of Nanopowriers Bused on Cerium Dioxide M. T. Lebedeva E. L. Dzidziguri L. A. Argatkina 215

16 Temperature Field Control and Forecast in Nanocompositional Materials N. L. Sidnyaev Yu. S. Il'ina D. A. Krylov 227

17 Influence of Nanotechnology on Coiled Springs Operational Characteristics O. I. Shavrin 259

18 Drawing of Continuous Profiles of Not Round Cross Section for Production of Composite Low-Temperature Superconductors V. N. Trofimov T. V. Kuznetsova 273

19 Synthesis, Structure and Protective Properties of Tetra Sodium Nitrilo-Tris-Methylene Phosphonate Zincate Tridecahydrate NA4 [N(CH2 PO3)3 ZN]· 13H2 O F. F. Chausov N. V. Somov E. A. Naimushina I. N. Shabanova 289

Part VI Nanosystems and Nanostructures in Nanobiology and Nanomedicine

20 Influence of Geomagnetic Field Variation and Fe Concentration in the Feed on Feed Mineralization in the Onthogenesis of Apis Mellifera (L.) G. V. Lomaev N. V. Bondareva M. S. Emelyanova 301

21 Transformation of High-Energy Bonds in ATP G. A. Korablev N. V. Khokhriakov G. E. Zaikov Yu. G. Vasiliev 311

22 Ultrasonic Nanomedicine in the Aspect of Cancer Therapy A. L. Nikolaev A. V. Gopin V. E. Bozhevolnov N. V. Andronova E. M. Tresehalina N. V. Dezhkunov 335

23 A Detailed Review on Production of Electrospun CNT-Polymer Composite Nanofibers M. Hasanzadeh V. Mottaghitalab R. Ansari B. Hadavi Moghadum A. K. Haghi 349

Index 391

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