Natural Justice - Economic Satyagraha: The roots of rage. ...and what gives you the right to complain?

Natural Justice - Economic Satyagraha: The roots of rage. ...and what gives you the right to complain?


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Economic Satyagraha looks at humanity's most dogged issues and investigates whether people of good-will could find a common, inspiring, world-wide vision to end hunger and poverty, stop wars and deliver lasting peace on earth.

Natural Justice is the first of six volumes and is named in honour of Gandhi's Satyagraha movement,
Economic Satyagraha.

Gandhi's greatness lies in having done what any one of us could do, but care not to do.
To understand the power of Gandhi's Satyagraha gift to the world one must first understand natural justice and the origin of rage against injustice.

Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of Gandhi, wrote in a 2007 email to Rob "... we really need an economic Satyagraha to deal with the issues of poverty. One needs to think carefully however how we embark on it as some of the companies have subsidiaries and tentacles all over and any action we may take may be futile unless well thought out and orchestrated."

Gandhi's Satyagraha movement was an extraordinarily successful strategy that defeated the British
Raj in India. More importantly, Gandhi's Satyagraha is a gift to the world. It is still a story worth telling and, when the veneer of time is removed, it is a story that has universal power and appeal.

The deep thoughts of the Mahatma, especially his economic ideas and their foundation,
have been ridiculed as simplistic peasant idylls, but behind the veneer one discovers a depth of thought and a simplicity of expression that can only come from a lifetime of deep contemplation and critical analysis.

Humans are an integral part of nature and we are committing suicide when we fail to understand the connection between the environment, economics, natural injustice, poverty, hunger and war. Bad economics is killing people by the millions. Those of us who are ignorant about economics swell the multitudes of the wage slaves, the working poor, "...the hungry, desperate huddled masses yearning to break free". Economic ignorance denies us world peace and a permanent end to hunger and poverty.
True economic understanding however will allow us to build world peace and bring hunger and poverty to an end.

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