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Neck Lift

Neck Lift

by Joel J. Feldman
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Neck lift is a popular procedure for patients desiring facial rejuvenation to restore youthful contours. A sagging neck and developing jowls are often the first visible signs of aging, and thus adequate correction of the neck becomes a primary concern for most patients. For many patients, particularly younger ones, a neck lift alone is sufficient to provide the lift they desire. For others, this procedure is combined with a more extensive face-lift procedure.

Neck Lift is a landmark work by one of the recognized pioneers in face and neck-lift surgery. Dr. Feldman’s corset platysmaplasty technique has revolutionized the way surgeons approach the neck. His ongoing innovations continue to advance the field. In this comprehensive, semi-atlas work, Dr. Feldman presents his dramatic technique for rejuvenating the aging neck and correcting ancillary problems such as jowling, bulging submandibular glands, and other gravitational changes in the mid to lower face and neck. Beautiful color illustrations and numerous preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative images help the reader visualize the steps of each procedure and appreciate the excellent long-term results that can be achieved. Special emphasis is given to the tips and tricks that distinguish an excellent result from an ordinary one and to the critical maneuvers that are key to each procedure.

Written in a personal and thoroughly inviting style, this remarkable book is both educational and enjoyable. It is destined to become a valued part of your library. To complement this book, a DVD with a video of operative technique is included.

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ISBN-13: 9781576261651
Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/01/2006
Pages: 532
Product dimensions: 8.80(w) x 11.30(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Central Concepts
The Integrated Neck Lift
Globalists Versus Regionalists
The Isolated Neck Lift
Incisions without Skin Excision
Skin Redistribution
An Incision for Skin Excision
The Essential Padding of the Neck
Open Lipectomy Versus Closed Liposuction
Trimming Rather than Lifting the Jowl
Corset Platysmaplasty
Platysma Bands: The Rationale for Union
Subplatysmal Aesthetic Surgery
Small Chins, Big Chins, and Ptotic Chins
The Value of Open Submental Surgery

Surgical Anatomy of the Neck
Cervical Triangles
Fasciae of the Neck
The Platysma and Muscles of the Lower Lip
External Jugular Vein
Other Superficial Veins
Sensory Distribution in the Neck and Head
Great Auricular Nerve
Lesser Occipital Nerve
Spinal Accessory Nerve
Retaining Ligaments of the Neck
Subplatysmal Fat
Anterior Digastric and Mylohyoid Muscles
The Facial Nerve and the Lower Lip
Mandibular and Cervical Nerve Branches
Real Paralysis Versus Pseudoparalysis of the Mandibular Branch
The Mentalis Test
What Causes the Depressor-Deprived Lip Margin to Rise?
Avoiding a Depressor Weakness
Submandibular Salivary Gland

The Submental Incision
The Earlobe-Base Incision
The Three-Quarter-Length Sulcus Incision
The Three-Quarter-Length Sulcus Incision Used with a Cheek Lift
The Full-Length Sulcus Incision
The Helix-Hairline Touch Point
The Three-Quarter or Full-Length Sulcus Incision with a Hinge
The Occipital Hair-Edge Incision with Skin Excision

The Patient in Consultation
What the Patient Wants
Expectations—Theirs and Mine
Aesthetic Aspirations—Mine and Theirs
The Aesthetic Unit and Subunits of the Neck
Examining the Neck
A Dry Run
Medical Evaluation
Talk about Technique—Maybe Just a Little
Talk about the Postoperative Course
Talk about Risks and Potential Problems
Talk about Anesthesia
Medications, Bleeding, and Testing
The Surgical Plan

Surgery’s Sequence of Events
Anesthesia Review
Surgery Review
Preoperative Marking
Hair Preparation
Safety, Comfort Measures, and Intraoperative Monitoring
Injecting the Local Anesthetic
Sequence for an Isolated Neck Lift
Sequence for a Combined Brow-Cheek-Neck Lift
Regimen after Leaving the Postanesthesia Recovery Area

Neck Flap Dissection and Subcutaneous Lipectomy
Instruments for Flap Dissection
The Yankauer (Tonsil-Tip) Suction Cannula
Blind Undermining
Surgical Technique

Corset Platysmaplasty
The History of Platysmaplasty
Corset Highlights
Instruments for Platysmaplasty
Suture Material
Preliminary Surgical Maneuvers
Surgical Technique: The Classic Corset
The Corset Using the Go-Anywhere Suture
Avoiding a Midline Ridge
What to Do with Muscle Holes or Tears
Lateral Access Tuck-In Suture
Upper Platysma Approximation
What Is a Corset, and What Is Not
Pull-Back Sutures for Tiny Platysma Bands

Subplatysmal Aesthetic Surgery
Preoperative Assessment
Subplatysmal Lipectomy
Instruments for Subplatysmal Surgery
Surgical Technique: Subplatysmal Lipectomy
Perihyoid Fascia Release
Anterior Digastric Release and Transection
Midline Approximation of Digastric Muscles
Shave Resection of the Anterior Digastric Muscles
The Firm Oblique Neck
Surgical Tips

Submandibular Salivary Gland Bulges
Tactics for Battling the Bulge
Concerns Regarding Resection
Instruments for Gland Resection
The Surgeon’s Position
Surgical Technique

The Ptotic Chin
Causes of Chin Ptosis
Types of Chin Ptosis
Submental Skin Crease
Leveling Method
Elliptical Excision Method
Flap and Trim Method
Small Ptotic Chin
Big Ptotic Chin
Dumbbell-Shaped Chin Ptosis

Earlobe Shaping
Earlobe Shape
Correction of an Attached Earlobe
Correction of a Pixie Earlobe
Earlobe Size
Correction of the Big Earlobe
Earlobe Edge Excision
Combination Edge-Wedge Excision
Anterior Wedge Excision

Correcting Problems from a Previous Neck Lift
Seromas and Their Sequelae
The Midline Ridge
Subcutaneous Fibrous Strands
Recurrent Platysma Bands
Pleats around the Earlobe
Lateral Neck Skin Folds
Distorted Earlobe
Overly Defatted or Underfilled Jawline
Visible Postauricular Incision Scars
Displaced Hairline
Persistent or Recurrent Jowl
Submental Convexity
Submandibular Sausage
Submental Cavity
Prominent Adam’s Apple
Recurrent Submandibular Salivary Gland Bulge
Excess Submental Skin

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