The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes

The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes

by Kenneth N. Taylor

Hardcover(New Edition)

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It's a thrill for parents to give their child his or her first Bible, but how do you choose the right one?

Look no further; here's the perfect first Bible for very young children. This read-aloud book will give your children an unforgettable introduction to the Bible, helping them along with simple language and engaging illustrations.

The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes has been a favorite of families for more than forty-five years. It has sold over 1.5 million copies in more than 70 languages since its release in 1956. This updated version of the classic, for children 4–7, features completely new illustrations by Annabel Spenceley and simple sentence prayers to end each story.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780802430571
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publication date: 09/01/2002
Series: Leading Young Hearts and Minds to God Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 114,902
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 7.50(h) x 1.13(d)
Age Range: 4 - 7 Years

About the Author

KENNETH N. TAYLOR was the founder of Tyndale House Publishers and the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA). With 10 children and more than 25 grandchildren, he had ample experience in teaching children about the Bible. Kenneth is the author of The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes, Devotions for the Childrens House, and Big Thoughts for Little People, as well as the best-selling Living Bible paraphrase. His desire was to see more and more easy-to-read, understandable, contemporary versions of the Bible in hundreds of languages overseas.

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The New BIBLE In Pictures for Little Eyes

By Kenneth N. Taylor


Copyright © 2002 Kenneth N. Taylor
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0802430570

Chapter One

God Makes the World

WHEN IT IS NIGHTTIME and the lights are out you know how dark everything gets. You can't see anything. That is how all the world once was. There were no pretty flowers; there were no trees or grass or birds. There were no children either. There was only darkness. God did not want everything to be all dark. He decided to make some people. People could not live in the darkness so God made a beautiful world full of light. Genesis 1:2-5

Let's find out!

* Can you see anything at night

* Did God want everything to be all dark?

Everyone Is Happy

THIS IS THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD GOD MADE. How different it is from the cold, dark picture we looked at before! Now the world is warm and bright and pleasant. The animals are playing and everyone is happy. God has made all these things and all of them are very good but there are no people anywhere. God has not made any people. All the pretty things are here but there are no people to enjoy them, so God will make some people to live here. Genesis 1:1

Let's find out!

* Can you see a lion in this picture?

* Can you see any people?

* Did God decide to make some people?

I like the beautiful world You made, Lord. Thank You for it.

God Makes Adam and Eve

THESE ARE THE PEOPLE GOD MADE. Can you see them in the picture? They are behind the flowers in the middle of the picture. Can you point to them? The man's name is Adam. The lady's name is Eve. Adam and Eve did not have a mother and father. God made Adam out of dust from the ground, and then He made Eve. God made them happy and good. They love God and God loves them. In the picture you see them looking up toward God. No wonder they are so happy. Genesis 2:7-9

Let's find out!

* What is the man's name?

* What is the lady's name?

* Who made Adam and Eve?

I'm happy, too, Lord Jesus. I'm happy that You love me.

Adam and Eve Disobey God

ADAM AND EVE ARE NOT HAPPY NOW. Do you know why they are so sad? It is because they have been bad. They did something God told them not to do. God told them they could eat anything except the fruit from one tree. God told them not to eat that one kind but they could eat all the other kinds. The tree was so pretty and the fruit on it looked so nice that Eve wanted to eat it, but God said, "No." Then Satan, who is God's enemy, told Eve to eat it even if God said not to. Eve took the fruit and ate some of it; then she gave some to Adam and he ate it too. Now God is punishing Adam and Eve. He is sending them out of the beautiful garden and they can never come back again. Genesis 3:8-13

Let's find out!

* Who are these two people?

* Where are they going?

* Why can't they stay in the garden?

Lord, sometimes I do bad things, too, and I'm sorry.

Cain Kills Abel

THESE TWO MEN WERE ADAM AND EVE'S CHILDREN. See how big and strong they are! Once they were little children, but now they have grown up. Do you see the one with the lamb? His name is Abel. His brother's name is Cain. He is bringing some stalks of grain to give to God. Abel is giving God a lamb. God accepted Abel and his lamb, but He did not accept Cain and the grain he brought. This made Cain angry. He was so angry and jealous and mean that one day Cain said to his brother, "Let's go out and walk in the field." While they were together there in the field, Cain killed Abel. God will punish Cain for killing Abel. Cain killed his brother Abel because he was angry at God. What a terrible thing to do! Genesis 4:8-13

Let's find out!

* Which of these two men is Abel?

* Which is Cain?

* Why was Cain angry?

Help me, Father God, to do the things that make You happy.

Noah Builds a Big Boat

THIS MAN'S NAME IS NOAH. Can you say his name? I am glad to say that this man loves God very much. He wants to do whatever God tells him to do. He is a good man. God has told him to build a big boat. It is so big that it takes him a long, long time to build it. Can you see the big boat he is building? See how hard he and his sons are working! They are working so hard because God has told him to build the boat and he is happy to do whatever God says. Do you know why God wants Noah to have a boat? It is because God is going to send so much rain that all the ground and the houses will be covered with water, and if he does not have a boat he will die. The waters would go over his head and he would drown, but if he is in the boat he will be safe and dry. God is going to take care of Noah and his family and keep them safe and dry. Genesis 6:13-22

Let's find out!

* What is this man's name?

* Why is he building the big boat?

The Animals Go into the Boat

AT LAST NOAH'S BOAT IS ALL FINISHED. Can you see the boat in the picture? It is away in the back, over by the sun. See how nice the boat looks! Now it is time for Noah and his family to go into the boat. God tells Noah to take a mother and daddy lion with him into the boat. He tells him to take a mother and daddy bear too. A mother and daddy of every kind of animal are going into the boat because that is what God said. In the picture you can see all the animals going into the boat. Maybe all the other people laughed at Noah for believing that God would make it rain so hard, but Noah didn't care. He believed God and got into the boat. Then God sent the rain. Genesis 7:6-17

Let's find out!

* Where are all the animals going?

* Who told the animals to get into the boat?

* Why did God want the animals in the boat?

Noah obeyed You; the animals obeyed You; help me to obey You.

It Rains for Days and Days

AFTER NOAH AND HIS FAMILY and the animals all went into the boat God sent the rain. It rained and rained, all day and all night, and for many days and nights. Down and down the rain came until all the flowers and bushes were covered up with water; soon all the houses and trees and people were covered up with the water too. Noah and his family are safe in the boat where God is taking care of them. The animals are safe too. The bird you can see in the picture is a dove that was inside the boat. Noah let it go out to see if it could find a home, but now it is coming back to the boat because of the water. Genesis 8:8,9

Let's find out!

* Where are the flowers and houses?

* Where is Noah and his family?

* Where are all the other people in the world?

Thank You, Lord God, that You take good care of Your people.


Excerpted from The New BIBLE In Pictures for Little Eyes by Kenneth N. Taylor Copyright © 2002 by Kenneth N. Taylor
Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

Table of Contents


God Makes the World  / 14
Everyone is Happy  / 16
God Makes Adam and Eve  / 18
Adam and Eve Disobey God  / 20
Cain Kills Abel  / 22
Noah Builds a Big Boat  / 24
The Animals Go into the Boat  / 26
It Rains for Days and Days  / 28
Noah and His Family Are Safe  / 30
Proud Men Build the Tower of Babel  / 32
Abraham Is God's Friend  / 34
God Gives Abraham the Best  / 36
God Promises Abraham a Son  / 38
Three Men from Heaven  / 40
God Tests Abraham's Love  / 42
Rebekah Says She Will Be Isaac's Wife  / 44
Isaac meets Rebekah  / 46
Jacob Lies to His Father  / 48
Jacob Dreams of a Ladder with Angels  / 50
Jacob Meets Rachel and They Get Married  / 52
Jacob Wrestles with an Angel  / 54
Esau Forgives Jacob  / 56
Joseph Has a Special Coat of Many Colors  / 58
Joseph Goes to Find the Sheep and His Brothers  / 60
The Bad Brothers Sell Joseph  / 62
Joseph Now Works in Another Country  / 64
God Takes Care of Joseph in Prison  / 66
Joseph and the King's Dream  / 68
Everyone Must Obey Joseph  / 70
Joseph Helps His Brothers  / 72
Joseph Takes Care of His Brothers  / 74
Jacob Blesses Joseph's Two Sons  / 76
The People of Israel Need Help  / 78
Baby Moses  / 80
The King's Daughter Takes Moses Home  / 82
God Speaks to Moses from the Burning Bush  / 84
Moses and Aaron Warn the Bad King  / 86
The People Mark Their Doors With Blood  / 88
The King Is Very Sorry He Hurt God's People  / 90
God's People Begin Their Long Journey  / 92
God Makes a Path through the Water  / 94
The Soldiers Are Drowned  / 96
God Feeds the People of Israel  / 98
Water Flows from the Rock  / 100
God Gives the Ten Commandments to Moses  / 102
The People Pray to a Golden Calf  / 104
Moses Talks to God  / 106
The People Bring Gifts to Help Build God's House / 108
God Watches over His Housse at Night  / 110
The People Forget that God Cares for Them  / 112
God Is Angry  / 114
The Snake of Brass  / 116
God Makes the Donkey Talk  / 118
Joshua Becomes the New Leader  / 120
Safe in the City  / 122
Learning about God  / 124
Bringing Gifts to God  / 126
Moses Sees the Promised Land  / 128
Joshua's Men Are Helped by the Lady  / 130
God Makes the River Stop Flowing  / 132
The Walls Fall Down  / 134
God Keeps the Sun From Setting  / 136
Gideon Chooses His Helpers  / 138
Samson Carries the City Doors Away  / 140
Samson Pulls Down the House  / 142
Ruth Goes Away with Her Mother-in-Law  / 144
Ruth Works Hard  / 146
Hannah Prays for a Baby  / 148
God Answers Hannah's Prayer  / 150
Samuel Hears God Talking to Him  / 152
The Messenger Tells Eli Some Bad News  / 154
Saul Is Chosen to Be King  / 156
David the Shepherd  / 158
David Sings to God  / 160
David Kills Goliath  / 162
David and Jonathan  / 164
David Finds Saul Asleep  / 166
King David  / 168
The Golden Ark Is Brought Home  / 170
God Sends Nathan to David  / 172
Absalom Gets Caught  / 174
Solomon Is a Wise King  / 176
Solomon Builds a New House for God  / 178
Solomon Gives Thanks  / 180
Solomon Prays to an Idol  / 182
The Birds Bring Food to Elijah  / 184
The Little Boy Is Brought to Life  / 186
Elijah's Fire Is Lit By God  / 188
The Chariot Takes Elijah to Heaven  / 190
The Oil Jar Never Gets Empty / 192
The Sick Man Looks for Elisha  / 194
The Man Is Made Well  / 196
Elisha Watches the Angels  / 198
The Little Boy Is King  / 200
Hezekiah Asks God to Help Him  / 202
Josiah Reads God's Book  / 204
The Men Are Sorry for Doing Wrong  / 206
Whatever Happens, Job Still Loves God  / 208
Job Is Now Well and Happy Again  / 210
Isaiah the Prophet  / 212
God Will Make Everything Happy  / 214
Jeremiah Is Tied Up  / 216
God Speaks to Jeremiah  / 218
The King Is Angry  / 220
God's People Are Taken Away  / 222
Jonah Runs Away  / 224
Swallowed by a Big Fish  / 226
Jonah Preaches in Ninevah  / 228
Daniel and the King's Food  / 230
The Hand Writes on the Wall / 232
The Men Watch Daniel Praying  / 234
Daniel Is Put with the Lions  / 236

Angels Tell of Jesus' Birth  / 240
Shepherds Visit Baby Jesus  / 242
Wise Men Follow the Star  / 244
Wise Men Give Their Gifts  / 246
Simeon Holds Baby Jesus  / 248
Jesus Visits the Temple  / 250
John Baptizes Jesus  / 252
Jesus Says 'No' to Satan  / 254
Jesus Chooses His Helpers  / 256
Jesus Changes Water to Wine  / 258
Men Buy and Sell in God's House  / 260
Peter Catches Many Fish  / 262
Men Bring a Sick Friend to Jesus  / 264
Nicodemus Talks to Jesus  / 266
A Little Boy Is Well Again  / 268
Jesus Teaches the People  / 270
Two Men Build Houses  / 272
Jesus Makes a Dead Man Live  / 274
Jesus Stops a Storm  /  276
Jesus Makes a Dead Girl Live  / 278
A Blind Man Sees Again  / 280
A Man Is a Good Neighbor  / 282
Mary Listens to Jesus Teach  / 284
Jesus Talks with Bad Leaders  / 286
A Rich Farmer Forgets God  / 288
Jesus Teaches about God's Care  / 290
A Man Plants Seed  / 292
A Boy Shares His Bread and Fish  / 294
Jesus Walks on the Water  / 296
Jesus' Clothes Are Shiny  / 298
Jesus Makes Lazarus Live  / 300
Jesus Loves Children  / 302
Jesus Cries about a City  / 304
A Shepherd Finds His Lost Sheep / 306
Perfume for Jesus  / 308
A Boy Goes Away from Home  / 310
A Boy Goes Back to His Father  / 312
One Man Thanks Jesus  / 314
They Lost Their Chance  / 316
A Poor Woman Gives to God  / 318
Jesus Rides into the City  / 320
Jesus Tells What Will Happen to Him  / 322
A Great Dinner  / 324
Jesus Talks About Loving God  / 326
Jesus Eats His Last Supper  / 328
Jesus Teaches about Heaven  / 330
Jesus Prays in the Garden  / 332
Judas Shows Where Jesus Is  / 334
Peter Tells a Lie  / 336
Pilate Listens to the People  / 338
Jesus is Put on the Cross / 340
Jesus is Dead  / 342
Jesus is Alive Again  / 344
Jesus' Friends See Him  / 346
Peter and John Run to the Grave  / 348
The Grave Is Empty  / 350
Jesus Walks with Two Friends  / 352
Jesus Shows His Hands and Feet  / 354
Jesus Goes Back to Heaven  / 356
The Holy Spirit Comes  / 358
Peter Preaches about Jesus  / 360
A Lame Man Walks  / 362
Peter and John Will Obey God  / 364
Ananias Lies to God  / 366
God's Angel Helps Peter  / 368
Stephen Goes to Heaven  / 370
Philip Explains God's Book  / 372
Paul Hurts God's People  / 374
Paul Hears Jesus' Voice  / 376
Friends Help Paul Get Away  / 378
Paul and Silas Are in Jail  / 380
Paul Is Safe in the Storm  / 382

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