A New Perspective of Genesis

A New Perspective of Genesis



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In writing this commentary, my goal was to make simple those things that were hidden so that those who read the book of Genesis could comprehend what they read. I pray that all who do read my book will be blessed and enlightened and that the book’s contents may serve as a basic learning guide. This commentary is for the purpose of causing the children of God to study his Word in the manner in which it was intended. We cannot receive the nourishment needed for our spiritual being without understanding what we are reading. It is not the intent of the Holy Spirit to paint a picture of the men and women of the Bible that escalates out of our reach but to create hope in the least of us as we read about their defeats and victories, of their sicknesses and healings, of their faith and fear, of their sin and righteousness, and of their joy and sorrow.

Things that were written were written for our learning, but many of us have not learned the scriptures in the light of what they are declaring. Consequently, instead of finding the hope that the scriptures were written for, many become discouraged because their focus is on the victories without understanding the struggles. These men and women were the same as we are. They were not supernatural beings, though many had supernatural encounters. At any rate, there is not one of God’s children who have been truly born again who have not had a supernatural encounter.

When the Holy Spirit invaded your life, there was nothing natural about that. When you were transformed from darkness to light, there was nothing natural about that. When the blood of Jesus cleansed you from all of your sins, there was nothing natural about that. When you were transformed by the renewing of your mind, there was nothing natural about that. When heaven rejoiced in the news of your repentance, there was nothing natural about that. But if our focus is not right, we will embrace the wrong thing. We will cleave to the experience rather than the Creator of all things. May God grant unto us all the ability to see the scriptures in the context that they were intended.

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Publication date: 06/15/2017
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