New Scientific Data Suggest Faith in God Can Prolong Life

New Scientific Data Suggest Faith in God Can Prolong Life

by Messenger K.Hezekiah Scipio


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Healing by faith in Jehovah God through his Son Jesus Christ, once activity confined to churches and "faith healers," is becoming part of the medical establishment's prescription for illnesses . One powerful medical prescription from scripture for improved health and longevity is a person's ability to forgive past transgressions.
In a ten-year study , Dr. Everett Worthington, Professor of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University and a team of researchers concluded that , "unforgiveness toward a transgressor is linked to a variety of health issues and can be a deadly virus if left untreated."
At Hope College in Holland, Michigan, investigators asked cohorts, while testing their heart rates, sweat emissions and other responses, to remember past wrongs. "Their blood pressure increases, their heart rate increases, and their muscle tensions are also higher, suggesting their stress responses are greater during their unforgiving than forgiving conditions."

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