New Testament Theology

New Testament Theology

by Jon M. Isaak


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New Testament theology ought to be both descriptive and constructive-this is the argument of New Testament Theology: Extending the Table. According to Isaak, New Testament theology is descriptive in that it deals with the accounts that people narrate of their experience with Yahweh, the God of Israel, in the light of Easter. It is constructive in that it joins the diverse testimonies of the New Testament writers into a textured and thick space within which contemporary followers of Jesus continue to be shaped by the ancient yet living Spirit of God. Isaak's approach is historical, thematic, and theological in orientation. It explores the conversation taking place ""around the table,"" where the writers of the NT share their guiding vision of God's saving work among them, and their passion for the Christian church engaged in God's mission. The differing perspectives of the New Testament authors are held together without reduction, forming a deep and rich space within which ongoing community reflection and praxis can take place.

""Isaak's model is an invigorating invitation to an ongoing conversation about God's activity in the world. We sit at a table with the NT writers, figures throughout history, and our own contemporaries. This is an intense, rewarding, and necessary discussion. Isaak is an adept moderator as we join others at the table.""
--Greg A. Camp
Director of Biblical and Religious Studies
Fresno Pacific University

""Isaak's approach of listening to a biblical conversation is particularly accessible and engaging and brings the NT writers' texts to life in a unique way. It addresses the realities of contemporary questions with a firm grip on the biblical text and orthodoxy. It also allows the text to function authoritatively while calling for the dynamics of the community hermeneutic valued in the Anabaptist movement.""
--David Wiebe
Executive Director
Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches

""Jon Isaak's New Testament Theology is a fine introduction to the thought of the writings of the New Testament and to the larger themes that run through these writings. The book helpfully points out the diversity and unity of theology within the New Testament. Isaak offers a rich menu at the table. Some readers will be enriched by it, others may suffer indigestion.""
--John Toews
Professor Emeritus of New Testament
Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary

""With scintillating style, Jon Isaak sets forth a rigorously descriptive and constructive New Testament Theology from an Anabaptist-evangelical Christian perspective. Using Caird's metaphor of a conference table, Isaak 'listens' sensitively to the various historical-theological witnesses represented in the writings of the NT. Insightful diagrams, tables, and exercises focus the issues engaging the participants in conference table talk. I heartily recommend this fresh approach for classroom, group study, and personal enrichment.""
--V. George Shillington
Professor Emeritus of Biblical and Theological Studies
Canadian Mennonite University

""Finally, a robust New Testament theology that remains accessible to the non-specialist. Isaak offers a way forward in this sometimes-beleaguered discipline, eschewing narrow polemics and engaging polarizing topics both conversationally and respectfully. He remains self-aware of his theological and critical perspectives but acknowledges, 'there are other valid receptions and interpretive frameworks,' an approach welcome in the context of theologically diverse classrooms.""
--Michael J. Gilmour
Associate Professor of New Testament
Providence College (Canada)

""Imagine a round-table discussion involving the writers of the New Testament. Each writer shares deeply held theological convictions. After each has spoken comes the convener's constructive task of discerning common viewpoints among the diverse voices around the table. Isaak creatively utilizes this conference table image to craft this stimulating book. His readers will find th

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