New Word Volume 1: Take It as I Predict (Orate) It

New Word Volume 1: Take It as I Predict (Orate) It



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Hereinafter is my book "New word" - the work unique by its contents and in essence. This is a book of prediction. Years beforehand, I described all those necessary expected political events or natural phenomenon related to the whole world. Most of them have already precisley come true, some of them are now being fulfilled and the rest will come true in future.
This is a live cosmic information, new word, that I, Georgian prophet Lela Kakulia, pronounce by God's will. I was sent to the earth in order to let countries, states, particular politicians or humankind in general know their future. By this means cosmos gave a chance to the universe to soften destined blows and avoid destruction.
I predict all my life, from birth, and will predict till I am on the earth.
A prophet is sent by cosmos once in few centuries - when the earth faces a special danger, when it is on the edge of the existence. I, Gerogian prophet, am sent with the mission to save the world. I bring enormous, proteceting energy for people and contries and hand it out with no regret. I often drawcosmis information and my drawings are the source of collosal energy, that full people with hope and peace.
This is the book that would live for ages and give answer to people's any question. No one on earth owns such information - neither particular individual nor analytical centres. My prediction has no analogue and thus is unique.
With respect and love,
Georgian prophet Lela Kakulia.

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ISBN-13: 9781466969179
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 01/22/2013
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.81(d)

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New Word

Volume 1 Take It as I Predict (Orate) It

By Lela Kakulia

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 LELA KAKULIA
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4669-6917-9



March 22, 1992

Atomic leakages on the territory of Russia, explosion—worse than that of Chernobyl's.

The Russian-Ukrainian war is inevitable.

Destruction threatens the Eiffel Tower of France, death of a great person.

Germany—unexpected economic crisis in the two united Germanys.

Complicated virus spreads in the world—it's specifically a liver disease.

The infection medicine doesn't exist.

Half of the population of mankind is under danger of extermination.

Space flights will be stopped for some period.

There is nature's wrath in the African countries—great fire resembles an atomic explosion. A big city is destroyed.

A big river will be drained (the Amazon Basin).

Microbes appear in the water; there is water shortage in the world.

An earthquake will take place in South Africa—a big earthquake.

Death of the king of Spain.

Cholera—type of disease in one part of Spain.

We see terroristic acts in England.

Margaret Thatcher will try to return to power, but I see her death.

A lot of water in England; we see the sea waves—flood.

The war continues in Israel. The Muslims win unite and declare a war against the world.

America makes one mistake after another. There is a split, but the Lord won't abandon the sons of Israel.

Great unrest starts in Kazakhstan. Their Imam—a personification of the Anti-Christ—appears; people follow him. The contact with Russia breaks up. A great war, bloodshed.

The war between Azerbaijan and Armenia will break off.

March 22, 1992


Stabilization starts.

Shevardnadze—the president!

There are attempts of destruction on the Jinvali power station and other power stations, diversions.

The Ossetians pass over the Caucasian range. The Russian troops defend borders.

Samegrelo is cleared.

Attempts of murders. A bomb will be laid down in the former Central Committee building, but people will survive.

In the future, there are nine men at the head of the state. Economic ties strengthen. A large group with serous business relations comes from America.

Moscow will offer transference to the president. The president will refuse.

In the future, the Georgian fleet and the Georgian army will be strong.

Armed conflict, a big bloodshed, and mutual extermination of each other by the Georgians is possible, but Georgia will survive it.

Eruptions of volcanoes will simultaneously take place on three Japanese isles, looking very much like God's wrath.

A big earthquake will take place in Georgia.

The Black Sea will be cleaned with the help of Japan.

The reign of the Bagrationi Dynasty is temporal temporary in Georgia.

Possible bloodshed will ba avoided be awaited in August.

Aslan Abashidze will resign unconditionally. No blood.

Georgia will have its own atomic bomb (nuclear warhead) in the nearest future.

April 10, 1992

Earthquake in Georgia.

Abkhazia - autonomy will not exist.

Adjara - -Autonomy will not exist. Mullah will fall silent.

Ossetia – autonomy will not exist.

Hard years. The Chechen-Inguish-Ossetian territorial war.

A Russian-Ukrainian war is inevitable.

Great destruction, blood. Russian takes the role of a colonizer and invades Ukraine.

Atomic explosion—worse than that of Chernobyl's—on the territory of Russia.

The Kremlin is still divided into two parts.

Gamsakhurdia attempts to get into contact with Russia. He goes to all lengths. He will even remind Eltsin how he has sympathized with him during the putsch.

The president should be careful. We see a small accident. The president of Russia will behave a bit strangely, but he will abandon Gamsakhurdia.

Russia doesn't like Georgia's strong ties abroad. It envies! A great deal should be concealed.

The Georgian army should enter Sukhumi!

No demonstrations! The autonomy will be abolished!

The de facto president will be overthrown.

The explosion of a poisonous (chemical) substance in Rustavi will have heavy consequences.

Seemst to be a diversion to people!

May 1992, 8:00 PM

May 26—Nothing happens, no bloodshed. People are starving. They are not interested in politics anymore.

Tension in the West—blockade of hunger. They reap what they have sown.

A peasant has thrust his nose into politics—God is punishing him.

Gamsakhurdia helps the Muslims (of Caucasia) to unite. He has utmost contribution in the formation of the Caucasian Union as the idea of forming something like this won't even come upon Dudaev's mind. The army is formed to attack each other.

Ossetia doesn't exist. The crossing is closed!


We see the Georgian army entering Abkhazia. No autonomy. God wills to clear Georgia.

The exhausted Svans unexpectedly take positive positions. We see the Svan Guard in Abkhazia.


In the future, the Union of Christian Highlanders will be formed. The Muslims on one side and the Christians on the other.

I. Vatikan - Roml.

II. Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, the North Caucasus. The regional embassy will beformed. Georgia is the center.

III. ! Alfa !! (capture group)

May 29, 1992, 10:00 PM

A big shipment of weapons arrives in secret. The NATO troops. We see loaded planes, disguised—for instance, even with the Red Cross Society emblem.

We see military men from Israel.

Diversions and diversions! The Mafia spreads its wings. Death has sealed them.

October 6, 1992, 6:00 AM

Georgia will be restored. Georgia will be united, and that's why we see a really independent Georgia in the future.

Blood is shed to clear and unite Georgia and so that the Ossetians and the Abkhazians will be rooted out forever. As South Ossetia is renamed Samachablo, Abkhazia will also be renamed.

Russia has the role of black magic berating its last. The Chechens will organize great terror—explosions of subways ... of everything. in short

The world is observing Russian activities, and the response won't be delayed from America—a warning to the president of Russia and the whole government!

Chechnia wants to reserve the arms disposed on its territory for itself, but we see the Russians want to kill several birds with one stone. The Chechens don't have the (real) armament that the Russian troops located there have. Russia won't give them the weapons. Russia won't comply with it. It will arrange an unprecedented political blackmail and will bring Dudaev to a deadlock.

Russia wants to incorporate Abkhazia very much. It's an open and brainless game.

The bloodshed in Georgia by the Russians will turn into a typhoon in their own country.

Georgia will be united! A Georgian has never won anything easily, but in the future, millions of Georgians will be born by God's will.

NATO General Shalikashvili will unexpectedly appear with great aid before his homeland. Nowadays he seems to be hesitating, but God will lead him to the good he will bring to Georgia.

October 11, 1992

Elections will be held.

Shevardnadze wins.

In the future, the flag of the United Georgia will be hoisted in Abkhazia.

The exhausted Svans enter Abkhazia. The Svans will play a great role.

Monday, October 19, 1992

Russia freezes.

A big coup d'état is plotted, but Eltsin will stay.

God won't forgive the Russians for their support to the Muslims. They'll realize it later!

Georgia is indivisible! Abkhazia is Georgia's! I see tanks with computer systems, a lot of arms. We'll even derive benefit from Russian troops. I see no defeat. There is only the Georgian flag flying in the vision!

Turkey won't go against Georgia. A disorder will start. According to my prediction, there are wars beyond (on the other side of) the Caucasus.

A big fire in Abkhazia and the victory in the end.

Those having our cross will survive. God loves him, and he is necessary for Georgia.

October 25, 1992

Russia will face the real fact that the Georgians will declare a real war against it.

There are Russian bases in Abkhazia. The Abkhazians use them. The Georgians' actions are correct. Great war, blood, everything will be razed to the ground, but then the Georgian flag will fly in Abkhazia!

A lot of blood in Russia, a war in Chechnya, a war with the Ossetians, a war in Caucasia!

The guard is absolutely deformed. It's divided into groups. The Mkhedrioni, the White Eagle, the Guard, and others are engaged in settling down personal discords in the first place. I don't see them to have united. Meanwhile great attacks are doomed to start. Time is up. The time is really convenient for the Abkhazians, and proceeding from what I see, I think it is more convenient for the Georgians. The brainlessness!

It's great that Georgia is sealed with unification!

We'll claim Sochi back from the Russians!

I can't fully express what I see. My words should be fixed down—I mean, should be written down by someone else—because I can't understand military speech (terminology), but I see all control emplacements. I can speak in my own words.

November 12, 1992, 1:00 AM

The government is formed. I see internal discord. The parliament is a game—a flippant crowd.

I see strengthening of military law (that will help Georgia) and an iron hand!

A Georgian can't be like an American or a European. In the future, Georgia regains its own image, character, customs, i.e., its individuality.

There is chaos and a great disorder. Everybody should be kicked out of the parliament. They don't know their job. All of them want to seem very clever and wise, but a game of this kind will destroy Georgia.

The president is in grave difficulties, but he knows what he is up to. I can't see any normal personality (99 percent) in the government so far. To start, I can't express in words the chaos I see.

The parliament is no more than a blind man. They just chatter as if defending people's interests, whereas it's the president who makes decision! In short, it's loathsome!

The guard unites. The foreign contacts are maintained. The specialists arrive. I see the NATO representatives. Georgia's course toward NATO will be discussed, and the course will be taken.

The UN is a game. The president will be given a direct contact with America. His intelligence is positively appraised. The president's good relations with the Eastern countries help the Christian countries in solving many questions. A council of Christian countries will be formed, because the Muslims will come against the Christians. On this background, Georgia will get out of a difficult situation.

An embassy will be opened in Georgia.

The de facto president of Abkhazia got into contact with Saddam Hussein but was disappointed, because the Abkhazians were not recognized as Muslims. The war is over in Abkhazia. Georgia won't lose a single inch of its land! Great battles will begin. No negations! The word "autonomy" exists no more in Georgia. I can see.

The Chechen-Ingush-Ossetian war! I can't see stabilization. Great life-and-death wars will be launched. The Caucasus is locked.

The Alfa Group goes to Israel—they will be trained there. This is a really strong group.

The Ossetians will try to negotiate with the president to let the refugees into Samachablo. This is one of their political and shrewd games. Russia is immensely large, so they'd better go there. They mustn't be allowed to enter. And they'll fail to do so. Moreover, those who have settled down will flee away.

The Abkhazians and the Ossetians will be rooted out of Georgia!

December 3, 1992

We advise General Gia Gulua that the Guard isn't his path (neither is it his predestination!). He'll be very successful in his true profession. He should be struck out of the guard list. Gia belongs to the police.

My perditions have come true.

The president acts brilliantly, but all the same we'll regain Abkhazia by means of a war.

The negotiations with the Russian president are positive for Georgia. America is involved there. The Russians already have difficulties in the north. The war is stirring up with a rapid pace, and they won't be able to put it down.

The president of Chechnya wants to meet the president of Georgia. He will lose.

The problem of Abkhazia will be rapidly solved.

The wars come to an end. A great economic war begins! Great failure and bankruptcy is awaiting 99 percent of the populations. A terrible period is coming.

A great amount of armament is brought in. The prediction comes true.

Some other force appears—the third force. A great inner war is on its way.

The minister of internal affairs will be changed. The Mkhedrioni will break up.

There is tension in the parliament. Even Kitovani and Ioseliani already have problems in the parliament. This is predestined.

The war will cease in Abkhazia. It will end with the victory of the whole of Georgia.

December 8, 1992

The meeting of Clinton and the president—the world must be saved! The strength and unanimity of the Muslims will shake the Christian world. The world burns in the magic field.

The heads of all Muslim states existing in the world will gather. They'll start acting. In September and October, America and Europe will become disturbed. The years of tensions and wars begin. Georgia will remain an untouched zone because the regional embassy of the Asian countries will be formed here. Meanwhile the Georgian boundaries are also strong.

December 18, 1992, 3:00 AM

(Strong visions, very disturbing)

Georgia will have hard days for a short period of time, but in the future, there will be complete stabilization.

January, February—a great disorder. The parliament will be divided into two. Kitovani, Ioseliani, and the president will come into conflict with each other.

Kitovani deviates toward Gamsakhurdia. The information will leak.

Kitovani plans a coup d'état again and the establishment of a military dictatorship (like Pinochet in Chile), but God will not abandon Georgia anymore.

In the future, two parties will remain. The president is at the head, and there are nine men beside him, ruling Georgia.

America will have solid and frequent contact with Georgia. A general staff will be formed, dealing with the central borders. America and Europe have firm actions in these situations. The navy and the police will be strengthened. A new guard will be formed. Specialists will arrive. The airspace will be protected by means of the unique radars that America will give to Georgia (among a lot of other things). At Georgian boundaries, strong secret military armament and technical equipment will be installed facing the Eastern countries. If you push the button, the whole East will be burned. This circumstance—i.e., fear—also protects Georgia from the Muslims.

The issue of the Meskhetian Turks will be raised acutely, but nothing will come out of it. Georgia has learned a lesson. They will be housed in the North Caucasus. By the way, Dudaev has a plan of settling the Meskhetian Turks in Chechnia as they are also Muslims. Chechnia has its own political position with regard to the Meskhetian Turks.

In 1993–1994, Dudaev will wage a war against Russia and stab it in the back. Russia deserves it!

The Kremlin will be again divided into two. A new government appears. The president will undergo a heavy operation; he will hardly escape death.

Khasbulatov should be active in Chechnia. That's how it is.

Russia reaps what it has sown.

January 20, 1993, 1:00 PM

To the Russians, the de facto president of Abkhazia suits them dead rather than alive. They'll root him out.

February 15, 1993, 9:00 PM

Tension in the North Caucasus—demonstrations of the Chechens and the Ingushes against Russia. It's an independent republic. They have a Caucasian House. They want to reign over the Caucasus and to assume power. It suits Russia in order to rule there themselves by means of the Chechens. In turn, the Chechens will get everything.

Adjara—no blood! We see thatAslanAbashidze can't merely stand up against the opposition and inner discord.

We see that the president of Georgia and Russia will sign a treaty about on economic relations. There are attempts to hinder this treaty with the threat of starting a Sukhumi campaign. But the time when God will punish the Abkhazians and the Ossetians is approaching (it's very near).

We see the Russian troops in Ossetia. In fact, Russia rules there, and it's inadmissible to launch a war in Samachablo because it's the Russians who should be blamed for the Caucasian developments.

The Caucasus will be blocked for a long time for the Chechens and the Ossetians. These are the last attempts for the Chechens, the Ossetians, and also the Russians.

Excerpted from New Word by Lela Kakulia. Copyright © 2013 by LELA KAKULIA. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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