New York Graffiti 1619-1750 Broadway: An Independent American Pop Story 1958-1968

New York Graffiti 1619-1750 Broadway: An Independent American Pop Story 1958-1968


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Release Date: 11/29/2019
Label: Rpm Records Uk
UPC: 5013929554702
catalogNumber: 9554702
Rank: 30235


Disc 1

  1. Ankle Bracelet
  2. Story Tellin' Baby
  3. Rock and Roll Kittens
  4. Sock Hop
  5. Lavender Coffin
  6. Blue Flute
  7. I Am Yours
  8. But Are You Sure
  9. The King
  10. Feelling This Thing Called Love
  11. Baby, You're a Long Time Dead
  12. Boca Raton
  13. Pitter Patter
  14. A Beautiful Love
  15. Lost the Right
  16. Don't Believe Them
  17. Feel So Bad
  18. Hurricane
  19. You're Still My Baby
  20. Fools Fall in Love
  21. Hey You
  22. Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)
  23. It Was Like Heaven
  24. Heart Breaker
  25. Love Is the Greatest Thing
  26. Oh Love (Stop Knockin on My Door)
  27. Pretty Baby
  28. Bossa Rock

Disc 2

  1. When You've Got Love
  2. Night and Day, U.S.A.
  3. Wheel and Deal
  4. Do You Want to Dance
  5. Early Sunday
  6. Lovin' Time
  7. Go Shout It From a Mountain
  8. Bobby's Girl
  9. Love Wheel
  10. Jigsaw Puzzle
  11. A Fool's Memory
  12. Even Though
  13. Lovin' Time
  14. You're Gonna Be Sorry
  15. Bitterness
  16. There'll Be No Goodbyes
  17. I'm Afraid
  18. Til You've Tried Love
  19. Bye Bye Travelin Man
  20. Real Churchy
  21. That's All I Need
  22. Midnight Hassle
  23. Nobody Knows
  24. Tell Me More
  25. Little Band of Gold
  26. Summers Come and Gone
  27. Hootenanny

Disc 3

  1. Did I Think About You
  2. Will You Wait, Pt. 1
  3. What a Thrill
  4. Devil's Waitin' (On Bald Mountain)
  5. 609
  6. Larry
  7. The Sweetest Boy
  8. You Got It Bad
  9. The Street
  10. Snow Surfin'
  11. Boys Cry
  12. Get Lost
  13. Just Like My Baby
  14. I'm Hurt and So Is My Heart
  15. Don't Deceive Me
  16. Just in the Nick of Time
  17. When I Meet a Girl Like You
  18. You've Got to Understand
  19. Pompton Turnpike
  20. People in Love
  21. Take the Bitter With the Sweet
  22. Hello Lady
  23. I Don't Want to Make You Cry
  24. Sha la Lu Luma
  25. Hey Little Bird
  26. I Have Love

Disc 4

  1. The Dixatay
  2. Prisoner of Love
  3. Did You Ever Lose Your Mind (Over a Boy)
  4. The Hurtin' Kind
  5. It's Their World
  6. Fools Paradise
  7. Now I'm at the Top
  8. Four Times Faster
  9. Last Exit to Brooklyn
  10. Girl Can't Take a Joke
  11. She Belongs to Me
  12. You Day Is Coming
  13. The Truth Hurts
  14. The Minute My Back Was Turned
  15. Give a Little Bit
  16. You Copped My Soul
  17. Here She Comes
  18. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  19. The Soul of My Man
  20. Can't Get You Out of My Mind
  21. It Took a Long Time Coming
  22. Alley Pond Park
  23. Hate to See a Good Thing Have to Go
  24. Cry Alone
  25. It Wasn't Happening at All
  26. You Can't Do That

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Marshall Lytle   Vocals
Mark Stratford   Compield
Austin Powell   Compield

Technical Credits

Neil Diamond   Composer
Chuck Willis   Composer
Will Osborne   Composer
Lincoln Chase   Composer
Charlie Gracie   Composer
Curtis Knight   Composer
Ernie Maresca   Composer
Tom Pacheco   Composer
Terry Gilkyson   Composer
Ned Miller   Composer
Billy Mure   Composer
Jimmy Wisner   Composer
Imaginations   Composer
McCoy Tyner   Composer
George Andrews   Composer
Bobby Freeman   Composer
Mort Garson   Composer
Gary Klein   Composer
Charles Koppelman   Composer
Steve Lipkins   Composer
Ben Raleigh   Composer
Randy Roberts   Composer
Leo Robin   Composer
Don Rubin   Composer
Lee Scott   Composer
Alan Taylor   Composer
Richard Tee   Composer
Allen Toussaint   Composer
Scott Turner   Composer
Jimmy Williams   Composer
Doles Dickens   Composer
Bill Ramal   Composer
Russ Columbo   Composer
James Gilreath   Composer
Dick Rogers   Composer
Mark Barkan   Composer
Doris Willingham   Composer
Irving Fields   Composer
Mark Stratford   Producer
Ray Emmett   Composer
Clarence Gaskill   Composer
Larry Banks   Composer
Lou Stallman   Composer
Shirley Albert   Composer
Milton Bennett   Composer
Shelly Coburn   Composer
Richard Dehr   Composer
John Kuntz   Composer
Austin Powell   Liner Notes
Bobby Dunn   Composer
Ron Hargrave   Composer
Jimmy Krondes   Composer
Ade Blackburn   Composer
Judy Harris   Composer
Sid Jacobson   Composer
Dean Christie   Composer
Ron Ryan   Composer
Michael Robson   Artwork
Thomas Bogdany   Composer
Ande Rand   Composer
George Goehring   Composer
Tommy Kaye   Composer
Bobby Dunn   Composer
Greg Madden   Composer
Bobby Adams   Composer
Vernon Harrell   Composer
Ricky Shaw   Composer
Earline Phillips   Composer
Louis Miceli   Composer
Johnny Hawk   Composer
Joyce Harris   Composer
Eddie Deane   Composer
Henry Hoffman   Composer
Connie St. John   Composer
Sampson Horton   Composer
Richard Barret   Composer
Vince Catalano   Composer
Stacy Davidson   Composer
Christopher Harris   Composer
Joe Simmons   Composer
Michael Zara   Composer
Jean Grace   Composer
Jay Fishman   Composer
Thomas Kontos   Composer
Michel Deborah   Composer
John C. Hill   Composer
Anthony Bernardez   Composer
Geri Barton   Composer
Rain   Composer
Ann Klos   Composer
Joseph A. Martins   Composer
Rudolph Ludaway   Composer
Peter B. Levy   Composer
Barry Rich   Composer
Marc Levin   Composer
Sky Kaplan   Composer
Joe Demetta   Composer
Bob Kirin   Composer
Harold Jaynes   Composer
Gabriella Dixon   Composer
David Rockefella   Composer
Larry Capel   Composer

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