A Night at the Operation

A Night at the Operation

by Jeffrey Cohen

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Elliot Freed and his ex-wife Dr. Sharon Simon-Freed have a cordial divorce. When Elliot finds out that Sharon is missing, he’s concerned, but not that concerned, because the news comes from Sharon’s soon-to-be-second-ex-husband Gregory Sandoval. When the police are looking for her—in connection with the death of one of her patients—Elliot starts taking the disappearance seriously.

The third Comedy Tonight mystery brings back the series characters and provides a stage for some new ones, never sacrificing laughs or heart. See why renowned journalist (and mystery fan) Linda Ellerbee said the series contains “Movies, murder, characters who are real people, laughs, danger, and damn good writing!”

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BN ID: 2940155919544
Publisher: Jeffrey Cohen
Publication date: 08/08/2013
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Jeff Cohen is the nom de plume of Jeffrey Cohen, author of the Aaron Tucker mystery and Double Feature mystery series and as E.J. Copperman, the Haunted Guesthouse mystery series. His hobbies include speaking about himself in the third person.

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Night at the Operation (Double Feature Mystery Series #3) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
LyndaGG More than 1 year ago
If you enjoyed the previous Comedy series mysteries, you'll enjoy this one. The characters are evolving and become 'old friends' ... each book feels as though you invest a little more. Lighthearted and a quick read, I did enjoy it!
harstan More than 1 year ago
New Jersey Comedy Tonight theatre owner Elliot Freed considers his former wife Dr. Sharon Simon, a friend though they are divorced and she is remarried to Dr. Gregory Sandoval; his dream rests on their annual celebration of their wedding anniversary together. With a week plus before this year's dinner and gift exchange, Gregory informs Elliot Sharon will probably not make their dinner as she has vanished without a trace; he further explains she has been irritable, nervous, and so anxious, he feared she was breaking down and her disappearance proves she finally did. Elliot cannot believe how calm his replacement is and hopes that Sharon will dump this idiot to come back to him.---------- The police visit Elliot questioning him where Sharon is as they investigate the suicide of her wealthy patient Russell Chapman; whose daughter insists Sharon's misdiagnoses led to her father's depression and ultimately suicide when she claimed he had a fatal brain cancer that was proven false. Elliot's parents arrive to help him. Black belt mom joins him on his search for Sharon while passive dad takes over the theater operation vowing to fix the plumbing problem himself. However as Elliot digs deeper into Sharon's lifestyle, he begins to uncover clues that takes his ex-wife off the pedestal he mentally built. He assumes he is on track to find her when his home is broken into and the Russell's corpse is abducted.---------- The latest Double Feature amateur sleuth is an amusing homage to great comedic movies such as the title nod to A Night at the era. The investigative story line is zany and often over the top of Giant Stadium; while the movie trivia is interwoven into the wild plot. Way out fun, fans who relish a New Jersey screwball romantic mystery will enjoy the Freed tales (see SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED and It Happened One Knife)-------- Harriet Klausner
Bikerlibrarian More than 1 year ago
Despite being divorced, Elliot Freed and his ex-wife Sharon continue to celebrate their wedding anniversary together with dinner and gifts. Just over a week before this year's anniversary, though, Sharon 's current - but estranged - husband drops an annoying bomb on Elliot with the news that she's disappeared. Despite knowing that Sharon's been worried and on edge lately, Elliot hopes that Sharon has only finally left Gregory for good until a visit from the police chief shatters that illusion by also wanting to know Sharon's whereabouts. However, he's not so much concerned about her safety as he is over her involvement in the suicide of her wealthy patient Russell Chapman, whose daughter claims that Sharon misdiagnosed her father with fatal brain cancer. To add to Elliot's stress level is the arrival of his parents who come to "support" him, especially considering his mother's black belt - level skills in passive-aggressive behavior. The hunt for Sharon has Elliot sidelining his concern over his all comedy theatre Comedy Tonight, leaving a plumbing disaster in the hands of his father while one of his star employee's high SAT scores have her parents threatening to whisk her away from what they consider to be an unworthy job at the snack bar. As evidence of shady deals and infidelity to both her husband and ex mount up, his home is broken into, and Chapman's body disappears, Elliot must wade through the lies to uncover both Sharon's and Russell Chapman's secrets. The previous entry in this series, It Happened One Knife, was a nominee for the Lefty (Best Humorous Mystery) Award, and Cohen follows his success by adding complications that reveal Elliot's very loyal, likable, and relatable character. With his dry wit and unending knowledge of classical comedy movies, Cohen assures that he will keep up the high standard of mysteries that began with his Aaron Tucker mysteries and continues with the Double Feature Mysteries. Cohen avoids the pitfall of making Elliot's mother a two-dimensional stereotype of a manipulative mother, the relationship between Elliot and his young employees is realistic and hilarious, and the love between Sharon and Elliot is touching, at times frustrating, and yet always respectful. Cohen provides readers with a twisty plot that completely surprises even the most jaded mystery fan and the ending is satisfying to both Elliot and the reader. Here's to hoping that the series continues to entertain readers with humor, movie lore, and just plain good writing. Cindy Chow
shwetzel on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Jeff Cohen has done it again with his likable movie house owner, Elliot Freed. The crime this time is personal, very, very personal. Elliott's ex-wife, for whom he still carries a flaming torch, has disappeared, and she's been implicated in the death of a patient in her care. For added fun, watch the Marx Brothers A Night at the Opera before - or while - reading the book. The classic stateroom scene in the movie is re-created in the book, and even though the situation in the book is sort of scary, I defy you not to crack up when you see where it's going.
Squeex on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Elliot is such a sweetie. I enjoy watching his mind work out problems that occur, how he manages to get rides to places that are too far for him to ride his bike to get to, taking care of his people and his people taking care of him: at the theater, at the bike shop, at his ex-wife's medical practice. Even how he gets involved in the murder solving that keep happening around him. He has extra reason this time since it's Sharon, Elliot's ex, who is accused of causing the death of one of her patients. Sharon disappears, not answering her phone, and it makes her look all the more guilty. Elliot to the rescue. Would that I had a movie theatre around here in our neck of Colorado so I could see these classic comedies. Heck I'd want to work there. I hope he's working on another Double Feature Mystery, but at least I have the Haunted Guesthouse series to keep me happy, since he writes that one as E J Copperman...YAY!Five let's go to the movies beans....
Marlyn on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Another third installment.Although Elliott Freed and his ex-wife Sharon have been divorced for some time, they are still close friends and still celebrate their wedding anniversary together. However, this time, Sharon's soon-to-be new ex-husband Gregory tells Elliott that Sharon has disappeared. Elliott is certain that this is a mistake, and that Sharon will contact him to let him know where she is, but there is no word from her at his house or his theater, Comedy Tonight. Elliott's friend the police chief says it's too soon to search for her so Elliott decides to do it himself. He goes to her office and learns of the suicide of a patient whom she apparently misdiagnosed. The staff all believe she's gone away for a few days to get her head together, but Elliott doesn't think she would do that without telling a soul, and he's convinced that foul play has come to her.Elliott is blessed with family and friends who are somewhat eccentric, and he seems to attract disastrous incidents, such as being hit by a brick while walking down the street. The accident-prone part of me really identifies with him.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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