Night-Time Writings, Volume 1

Night-Time Writings, Volume 1

by Paul Anthony Cooper




The reason why the writings started to come through was because the author has asked to be shown the way, the spiritual way. He was searching and wanted to find the 'still small voice within'. He wanted to tap into that font of all knowledge. In this, the first of his writings he had said that he was ready to follow the Christ wherever He led. He was ready to serve. That first page of writing started off as a prayer that he was asking answers for, help for himself and the tone, the wording changed to where he was being given instruction and encouragement. Paul says it has often been like that. He may have been asking for help when the prayer or question was being asked and then it changed.

Another thing that happened almost every time he sat down to write was that he felt a cloak around his shoulders. He felt a warm feeling on his back and knew that he was not alone. The same thing happens when he sits down to meditate or to ask for healing to go out to someone or something. That feeling of protection, that feeling of love, of strength, that all is well is there. It is also a feeling of completeness, that all that is needed is there at your fingertips.

The writings were amazing to Paul and he would look forward to the next episode to be produced. Sometimes it would be in rhyming verse, in others it would just be straight text giving description about some aspect of spiritual learning. It might be on meditation, it might be healing. There were so many aspects that it covered. As his knowledge was progressing, the type of writing that was being received increased in depth. As he practised some of the exercises that were given, he was starting to feel changes to his body and energy levels were starting to change. It was intriguing and pushed him to search for more answers to the spiritual pathway. The result was the two volumes of Night-Time Writings.

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Series: Night-Time Writings , #1
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About the Author

PAUL ANTHONY COOPER was born in Christchurch, New Zealand to middle-class parents. He was the eldest of four boys. His mother Joyce, was brought up on meditation, prayer, spiritual healing. She herself was a seeker almost from birth and encouraged Paul, especially to do likewise. As a result he was meditating from age three years. It was this early attention to spirituality that set the direction of Paul's journey.

Joyce was a great believer in spiritual healing and worked closely with the Christ Within herself. It was from this background that Paul's own spiritual experiences began and have continued to this day. It was those experiences and inner teachings that inspired this book.

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