Nippon Girls, Vol. 2: Japanese Pop, Beat & Rock 'n' Roll 1965-70

Nippon Girls, Vol. 2: Japanese Pop, Beat & Rock 'n' Roll 1965-70


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A companion to Ace/Big Beat's 2009 Nippon Girls collection, Nippon Girls, Vol. 2: Japanese Pop, Beat & Rock 'n' Roll is the equal to its predecessor, digging up 24 aggressively stylish tracks cut in the back half of the '60s. There may be a temptation to dismiss this as the province of camp, both in its creation and Western consumption, but Nippon Girls, Vol. 2 feels fresh due to familiar elements shuffled around and reassembled in startling ways. This is nearly cut-and-paste pop, with go-go beats married to call-and-response vocals, a slow jazz vamp that takes a sudden sunshine pop detour on the chorus, surf rock given a diva makeover, a Sir Douglas Quintet number that suddenly gets drenched in fuzz -- any number of unexpected combinations derived from these Japanese musicians' passion for American pop. Appropriately, any adventurous listeners with a thirst for the swinging sound of the '60s would be advised to give this comp a spin.

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Release Date: 11/04/2014
Label: Imports
UPC: 0029667432122
catalogNumber: 1079916

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Blue Comets   Guest Appearance
Jackey Yoshikawa   Guest Appearance

Technical Credits

Don Wilson   Composer
Johnny Durrill   Composer
Jerry McGee   Composer
Mel Taylor   Composer
Osamu Yoshioka   Composer,Lyricist
Kunihiko Suzuki   Composer
Hiroshi Yokoi   Composer,Lyricist
Kenji Sawada   Composer
Sheila Burgel   Liner Notes,Cover Photo,Back Cover Photo
Kuranosuke Hamaguchi   Composer
Nobuo Hara   Composer
Kyohei Tsutsumi   Composer
Kazumi Yasui   Composer,Lyricist
Kunihiko Murai   Composer
Rei Nakanishi   Composer,Lyricist
Yasutoshi Nakajima   Composer
Minoru Endo   Composer
Michio Yamagami   Composer,Lyricist
Jun Hashimoto   Composer,Lyricist
Jinzo Kosugi   Composer
Taku Izumi   Composer
Haruo Hayashi   Composer,Lyricist
Hirooki Ogawa   Composer
Jun Sakurai   Composer
Hiroshi Mizuki   Composer,Lyricist
Hiroaki Hagiwara   Composer
Ryutaro Kinoshita   Composer,Lyricist
Sakae Kouda   Composer,Lyricist
Shin Saegusa   Composer
Takekuni Haneda   Composer
Tenpei Ui   Composer,Lyricist
Toshiko Ohinata   Composer,Lyricist
Yoshitomo Ozawa   Composer
Yoshiaki Abe   Composer
Yuu Aku   Composer,Lyricist
Mitsuko Sawamura   Composer,Lyricist
Kosen Yanagiya   Composer,Lyricist

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