No More Monkey Business: Evolution in Crisis

No More Monkey Business: Evolution in Crisis

by Kevin Simington


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No More Monkey Business” is a stunning, up-to-date exposé of a theory that is in deep crisis. It presents a comprehensive examination of the overwhelming scientific evidence that now directly contradicts the theory of evolution, and documents the complete abandonment of the theory by a growing number of the world’s leading scientists. Aimed at the intelligent layperson, written with wit, and brimming with fascinating scientific evidence, this book highlights the huge problems now facing the naively simplistic theory proposed more than a century ago.

The evidence presented in this book includes the latest fascinating findings in the fields of genetics, physics, microbiology, cosmology, paleontology and geology. Concepts examined include the irreducible complexity of microbiological life and DNA, the impossibility of cumulative positive genetic mutations creating new genetic information and new species, and the now widely acknowledged complete failure of the fossil record to provide proof of gradual evolution. These and many other findings present overwhelming scientific evidence that refutes the concept of gradual evolution by chance processes and points to a personal, all-powerful, transcendent God as the creator of life.

There may be some readers who pick up this book out of curiosity, but who do not believe that the creation / evolution debate is of great consequence. However, the theory of evolution has been a significant factor in the decline in belief in God over recent decades. The philosophy of secular humanism that now pervades the developed world is strongly rooted in the alternate story of origins that evolution provides. It is a story of a purely mechanistic universe, without purpose or meaning. It is a story of a universe without either intentional causality or ultimate accountability. In the evolutionary universe, humans are no more than highly evolved animals who arose from nothing, who may live as they wish, and will return to oblivion when they die. In this sense, the story of evolution is the direct antithesis of the story of the Bible. It is a very important issue.

It is my hope and prayer that through reading this book, you will become familiar with the important issues surrounding this debate, and that the evidence will lead you to a firm faith in the transcendent, all-powerful God who created you and calls you back into relationship with himself.

Dr. David Berlinski, Professor of Mathematics and Molecular Biology at Columbia University, stated:

“Darwin’s theory of evolution is the last of the great nineteenth-century mystery religions. As we speak, it is now following Freudians and Marxism into the nether regions, and I’m quite sure that Freud, Marx and Darwin are commiserating one with the other in the dark dungeon where discarded gods gather.” (H.S. Lipson, Physicist Looks at Evolution, Physics Bulletin 31, 1980, p. 138)

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ISBN-13: 9780648494515
Publisher: Kevin Simington
Publication date: 06/03/2019
Pages: 394
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.81(d)

About the Author

Kevin is a theologian, apologist and keynote speaker who has spent over 40 years researching the creation / evolution debate. His previous books, "Finding God When He Seems To Be Hiding" and "Making Sense of the Bible", have received outstanding reviews. His website, and his Facebook page, "Reflections on Faith and Life", provide valuable resources for defending the Christian faith and exploring theology, apologetics and ethics.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Fact or Fantasy? Refuting the common notion that evolution is proven. Examining the speculative nature of the theory.

Chapter 2: Darwin’s Imaginative Theory Examines the flimsy evidence base upon which Charles Darwin based his theory.

Chapter 3: The Problem with Fossils The lack of uncontested transitional fossils and no evidence of gradual species evolution.

Chapter 4: Rocks and the Age of the Earth The flawed methodology and unreliability of rock dating.

Chapter 5: Dirt, Rocks and Water Debunking the myth that rock strata were deposited over millions of years.

Chapter 6: Dinosaurs and Dragons Debunking the myth that dinosaurs predated human existence by millions of years.

Chapter 7: Irreducible Complexity Irreducible complexity in the microbiological world as strong evidence for the impossibility of evolution via random, cumulative genetic mutations.

Chapter 8: Impossible Genetics Adaptation and variation within species is not evolution. The impossibility of natural processes creating the huge amounts of new genetic material necessary for evolution to have occurred.

Chapter 9: The Origin of Life The impossibility of abiogenesis - non-living matter generating biological life.

Chapter 10: Meet Your Ancestors Examines the implications of the discovery of Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosomal Adam.

Chapter 11: A Little Common Sense Please! A long list of scientific facts and discoveries that contradict evolution.

Chapter 12: Science and Faith Debunking the false view that science is infallible and incompatible with religious beliefs.

Chapter 13: Evidence for a Creator: Cosmology Cosmological evidence for the supernatural origin of the universe.

Chapter 14: Evidence for a Creator: Intelligent Design Evidence of supernatural intelligence in the design of the universe and of biological life.

Chapter 15: Evidence for a Creator: Historical and Personal Experience The miraculous life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as overwhelming evidence for the existence of God.

Chapter 16: The Light From the Stars Examines the problem of starlight from stars that are billions of light years distant.

Chapter 17: The Tide is Turning Briefly documents the growing tide of scientists who are discarding evolutionary theory on purely scientific grounds.

Chapter 18: The Atheistic Agenda Examines the atheistic philosophy that underpins evolutionary theory.

Chapter 19: Evolution and the Bible The complete incompatibility of the Bible and evolutionary theory.

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