No Tree! No Toys! No Toot Toot!: A heartwarming story of a nineteen-month-old. Christmas disappeared while he was napping.

No Tree! No Toys! No Toot Toot!: A heartwarming story of a nineteen-month-old. Christmas disappeared while he was napping.

by Brian W. Kelly


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This is a heartwarming story of a nineteen-month-old. Christmas disappeared while he was napping

It is a true story about a nineteen-month-old, who saw it all disappear after a several hour afternoon nap. Everything was gone. The tree, the train, all the toys and even the platform where everything was displayed.

Christmas was the way it was every year, but this was only little Brian's second Christmas. He loved every part of the holidays. Every day from the day mom and dad put it all up, he would run the train for hours with his daddy. After Christmas he enjoyed the tree and the beautiful platform and a ton of toys from Santa. He felt like it was magical. He did not remember much about his first Christmas when he was seven months old. But nothing that first year ever gave him a feeling like he got on this particular day. It was all gone.

What now? Now that everything was gone? In this book you will learn the preliminaries that happened before Christmas 1981 and you will learn how the young boy in the story survived to enjoy many future Christmases. This is a true story and poetic license was just a small part of telling the whole true story

Even if you do not believe in Santa, who deep down we all know exists and lives in the North Pole, you will love this story. It's like as if Santa is working even when it is not Christmas Eve to help every child be a better child and to be able to smile whenever possible.

This is great family reading. A real family is highlighted in this fine uplifting story. Thank you for reading it. You can read this book to all your children and their friends and they will love it.

Enjoy! Have a great and magical day. I have a feeling that the tree, the toys, and the toot-toot will all be back next year if not sooner.

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ISBN-13: 9781947402669
Publisher: Lets Go Publish!
Publication date: 10/19/2018
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

Brian W. Kelly retired as an Assistant Professor in the Business Information Technology (BIT) program at Marywood University, where he also served as the IBM i and midrange systems technical advisor to the IT Faculty. Kelly has designed, developed, and taught many college and professional courses. He is also a contributing technical editor to a number of IT industry magazines, including "The Four Hundred" and "Four Hundred Guru" published by IT Jungle.

Kelly is a former IBM Senior Systems Engineer and he was a candidate for US Congress from Pennsylvania. He has an active information technology consultancy. He is the author of 182 other books, in many topical areas, as well as hundreds of articles.

This is Brian's third Juvenile Non-Fiction book with a Christmas Theme. It joins the best selling Wilkes-Barre Christmas Story and Four Dollars and Sixty-Two Cents as Christmas Classics for the young. Adults also love reading Brian's books even if there are no kids in sight.

When Brian ran for Congress as a Democrat against a 13-term Democrat in 2010, he took no campaign contributions, spent just enough to buy signs and T-shirts, and was a virtual unknown. Yet, he captured 17% of the vote. Kelly says: "Writing books is lots easier than running for public office!"

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