Noah [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Noah [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

by Clint Mansell



British film composer Clint Mansell reprises his collaboration with the Kronos Quartet on the soundtrack/score for Darren Aronofsky's film Noah. He had worked with them previously on another Aronofsky project, the score for 2006's The Fountain. As one might expect, this is an especially dramatic score, and when it comes to performing Mansell's modern crossover classical approach, the Kronos' reach -- as displayed throughout their catalog -- is most welcome. The opening cue, "In the Beginning, There Was Nothing," relies heavily on tense layered cellos, electronic percussion, and keyboards; its tone is brooding, doomy, often foreboding. At over four minutes in length, it also sets up a paradigm for many of the cues that follow. Though there are several brief pieces, most range between four and six minutes -- a rarity for original scores these days. Other notable selections include "Make Thee an Ark," which feints with a brief nod toward Morricone's spaghetti Western themes before opening into a transcendent, rumbling exhortation to obey from the distant margins. (After all, this is the voice of the Divine we're supposed to hear.) The stillness that lies inside the strings, percussion, and guitars in "The Flood Waters Were Upon the World" is actually quite eerie and uneasy. At nearly six minutes, "Day and Night Shall Not Cease" actually recalls Arvo Pärt's use of tintinnabuli during its first third, before it becomes more pastoral and actually evokes the more restrained moments of Vaughan Williams' chamber works as more brief variations are introduced. The closing track, "Mercy Is," features a gorgeous, nearly Anglo-Celtic melody with Patti Smith's lyrics and vocals fronting the Kronos. Noah is an exceptional score, noteworthy even in Mansell's distinguished oeuvre.

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Release Date: 03/25/2014
Label: Nonesuch
UPC: 0075597955606
catalogNumber: 542164

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Clint Mansell   Primary Artist,Bass Guitar,Moog Synthesizer,Mellotron,Prepared Piano
Mark Stewart   Guitar
John Patitucci   Bass
Karen Dreyfus   Viola
Hank Dutt   Viola
Katie Geissinger   Alto (Vocal)
Jerry Grossman   Cello
Joyce Hammann   Violin
David Harrington   Violin
Tony Kadleck   Trumpet
Nancy McAlhany   Violin
Yurika Mok   Violin
Suzanne Ornstein   Violin
Jack Schatz   Trombone
Laura Seaton   Violin
John Sherba   Violin
Mary Wooten   Cello
Tom Sefcovic   Bassoon
Sunny Yang   Cello
Sophie Shao   Cello
Steven Wilson   Tenor (Vocal)
Frank Barr   Bass (Vocal)
Matt Dunkley   Conductor
Rob Shaw   Violin
Mark Rehnstrom   Bass (Vocal)
Maureen McDermott   Cello
Asmira Woodward-Page   Violin
Conway Kuo   Viola
Mike Fonte   Guitar
Michael Steinberger   Tenor (Vocal)
Sharon Yamada   Violin
Joel Noyes   Cello
Nigel Wiesehan   Viol
Robert Rinehart   Viola
Lisa Kim   Violin
Ellen Payne   Violin
Jenny Strenger   Violin
Wendy Sutter   Cello
Jeremy McCoy   Bass
Harumi Rhodes   Violin
Tom Hutchinson   Trombone
Raymond Riccomini   Trumpet
Javier Gandara   Horn
David Creswell   Viola
Rachel Calin   Bass
Desiree Elsevier   Viola
Danielle Farina   Viola
Kurt Muroki   Bass
Misa Iwama   Violin,Alto (Vocal)
Shmuel Katz   Viola
Sein Ryu   Violin
Caterina Szepes   Violin
Demian Austin   Trombone
Zohar Schondorf   Horn
Wendy Baker   Soprano (Vocal)
James Pittman   Soprano (Vocal)
Mary Marathé   Alto (Vocal)
Kathleen Sloan   Violin
Christopher Roselli   Bass (Vocal)
Ming Hsin   Violin
Cathy Sim   Violin
Jeanine Wynton   Violin
Barbara Jostlein   Horn
Anne Scharer   Horn
Morris Kainuma   Tuba,Cimbasso
Margery Daley   Soprano (Vocal)
Silvie Jensen   Alto (Vocal)
Zachary Cohen   Bass
Ellen Taylor Sisson   Soprano (Vocal)
Annaliesa Place   Violin
Steven Moore   Bass (Vocal)
Joel Link   Violin
Alan Stepansky   Cello
Emily Eyre   Alto (Vocal)
Dean LeBlanc   Clarinet
James Archie Worley   Tenor (Vocal)
Peter Walker   Bass (Vocal)
Natalia Lipkina   Viola
Yoon Kwon   Violin
Daniel Scarozza   Alto (Vocal)
Michelle Baker   Horn
Brad Gemeinhardt   Horn
Tara Helen O'Connor   Flute
Erica Kiesewetter   Violin
Lianne Coble   Soprano (Vocal)
Trish Rogers   Bassoon
Katherine Wessinger   Soprano (Vocal)
Joshua South   Bass (Vocal)
Junah Chung   Viola
Tom Carney   Violin
Vanessa Freebairn-Smith   Cello,Soloist
Melissa White   Violin
Kent Tritle   Vocals,Choir Master
Pavel Vinnitsky   Clarinet
George Curran   Trombone
Lewis White   Bass (Vocal)
Pedro Diaz   Oboe
Andy Bove   Tuba,Cimbasso
Sean Fallen   Tenor (Vocal)
Drew Martin   Tenor (Vocal)
Nathan Hughes   Oboe
Joanna Maurer   Violin,Concert Master
Chad Yarbrough   Horn
Jonathan Blalock   Tenor (Vocal)
Jim Ross   Trumpet
Jim Ognibene   Clarinet
John des Marais   Tenor (Vocal)
Sarah Pratt   Violin
Ann Lehmann   Violin
Dan Shelly   Bassoon
Liz Lim   Violin
Diva Goodfriend   Flute
Michael Nicolas   Cello
David Southorn   Violin
Stephen Sas   Bass
Matt Muckey   Trumpet
John Tiranno   Tenor (Vocal)
Andrew Fuchs   Tenor (Vocal)
Helen Karloski   Alto (Vocal)
Milena Pajaro-van de Stadt   Viola
Grace Shyrock   Oboe
Audrey Flores   Horn
Marc Day   Tenor (Vocal)
Laura Green   Soprano (Vocal)
Joseph Beutel   Bass (Vocal)
John Kawa   Tenor (Vocal)
Ethan Bensdorf   Trumpet
Daniela Katok-Ahlbin   Soprano (Vocal)
Daniel Hoy   Bass (Vocal)
Tanya Witek   Flute
Tommy Wazelle   Tenor (Vocal)
Paul An   Bass (Vocal)
Mischa Frusztajer   Bass (Vocal)
Neil Netherly   Bass (Vocal)
Tami Petty   Alto (Vocal)
Nikki Federman   Viola

Technical Credits

Lenny Kaye   Composer
Sandra Park   Choir Contractor
Patti Smith   Composer
Geoff Foster   Producer,Engineer
Clint Mansell   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Richard Bronskill   Orchestration
Matt Dunkley   Arranger,Orchestration
Darren Moore   Recording Assistant
Halsey Quemere   Recording Assistant
Scott Franklin   Executive Producer
Sheldon Yellowhair   Recording Assistant
Yuri Suzuki   Recording Assistant
Tony Blondal   Orchestration
Darren Aronofsky   Executive Producer
Stephen Coleman   Orchestration
Rich Hill   Recording Assistant
Ari Handel   Executive Producer
Gilbert Hill   Recording Assistant
Mary Parent   Executive Producer

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