NOOK Tablet 10.1 Charging Dock

NOOK Tablet 10.1 Charging Dock

by Barnes & Noble

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UPC: 9780594890058
Manufacturer: Barnes & Noble
Publication date: 10/25/2018

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NOOK Tablet 10.1 Charging Dock 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
compulsivereaderTX 4 months ago
Best charging dock ever! The Nook 10.1 does not sit ON the dock, but horizontally INTO the well designed and sturdily built base of the dock, creating a very stable environment for the device as it charges and even while in use. The device's charging cord plugs into the dock, rather into the device itself so I just lift the device out of the dock and go. Interesting connection on the side of the device that connects securely into the dock as well as the cover/keyboard accessory available separately). Easy to transport the dock if you need to as it works great as a very stable stand while it's charging so I could see a variety of instances that it would be handy to have along when traveling rather than just taking the cord on a trip. I wish I could find a similar type of dock for my other devices.
pattigue 5 months ago
I bought the Nook 10.1 yesterday, November 20. In a word........ FABULOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Just append all compulsivereader's pluses to this. The minuses he/she overlooked: IMO, the dock is not fully portable because the foot that makes it stand up doesn't fold, making the device bulky (see the Smart Folio Cover for how that's done). It won't be traveling with me. The dock only works with the tablet in landscape orientation. I realize that making it chargeable both ways may be not worthwhile, but they could have made it stand up while I read in Article View. I'll have to buy a third party stand. I have an excellent one for my phone; I'll just get another. That reminds me that unlike that third party stand, the dock's tilt isn't adjustable and it's a little too upright to be ideal on my dining table. Nevertheless, I don't regret buying this dock; it's better than the alternative of plugging the USB cable into the tablet to charge it.