NOOK Tablet 10.1 Screen Film

NOOK Tablet 10.1 Screen Film

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The Anti-Glare Screen Protector Kit has a specially formulated matte finish that resists both glare and fingerprints; it also protects your LCD screen against scratches, dust, and dirt. Easy to apply and remove. The kit contains 2 pieces of film and a microfiber cloth.

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UPC: 9780594890065
Manufacturer: Barnes & Noble
Publication date: 10/25/2018

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NOOK Tablet 10.1 Screen Film 1.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
arocee More than 1 year ago
Great improvement in readability by eliminating glare PLUS minimizing the smudging that glossy surfaces show all too well. The tablets should really come with this type of screen to begin with as most of the e-readers seem to. Unlike an earlier review, mine fit the Nook perfectly - too much so in not getting it perfectly "squared" on the tablet's front that did cause a fraction of a millimeter shift onto 1 corner such that the edge of the protector did not quite stay inside the slight upper protrusion of the band holding top and bottom covers together around the edge there, so about a 4-inch long edge bubble along that part could not quite be squeegeed out (using a credit card shaped stiff piece of plastic). What I wound up doing was using an Xacto knife to slit/stuff the edge down into that slight seam - not very neat at first, but I got better as I finished, and that allowed most of it to be squeegeed down. This would not have been necessary if the protector was made about 1 mm smaller than the screen surface, so it would leave a little margin for error in fitting more easily inside that upper bound of the band around the edge. The uncovered bit of the surface edge would hardly be more than the thickness of a stiff bit of cardboard such as the protector's outer package, and would not be apt to get caught easily to start peeling up over time (if that is the concern in the dimensions spec). Another slightly unpleasant surprise was that the B&N member discount was not applied to the purchase.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This does not fit the screen! It needs to be trimmed 1/4" from the bottom and on one side. I can't believe a large company like Nook would put their name on something that doesn't function as it should!
Irritated_Customer123 More than 1 year ago
I held off on getting any ebooks for my Nook until I could get a screen protector installed. After installing the screen protector and attempting to get the air bubbles out, it looks terrible. I feel ripped off. I cannot stand to look at the unattractive bubbles that are impossible to work out. I will not buy another thing from Barnes and Noble until this screen issue is fixed. Nook should have come with a screen protector from the factory, or at least be installed professional at a Barnes and Noble store location. I may look around for a place that I can go to get my ugly screen protector replaced and installed professionally. I now regret buying this tablet and may never use it.