Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire & Beyond, 1964-1969

Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire & Beyond, 1964-1969



Here's everything you always wanted to know about the '60s but didn't know where to find -- part two. Like the original Nuggets compilations and eventual box set, which chronicled America's mid-'60s garage rock explosion, this 109-track set all but ignores chart hits -- with occasional digressions like the Easybeats' "Friday on my Mind," that is. Instead, the compilers of this box o' rocks dug deep to find buried rock treasure secreted all around the globe. That includes remarkable contributions from unfairly ignored British groundbreakers like the Creation (whose wild-eyed "How Does It Feel to Feel" and "Biff! Bang! Pow!" should be rock radio staples) and the Smoke (wry purveyors of the sneaky, lysergic message of "My Friend Jack"), as well as Brazilian psychedelicists (Os Mutantes) and Dutch guttersnipes (Q 65). While many of the names on this set are unrecognizable, the faces behind them are -- or went on to be -- anything but obscure. John's Children, represented here by the wildly undulating psychedelic suite "A Midsummer Night's Scene," were fronted by none other than future T. Rex leader Marc Bolan, while Merseybeat mavens the Birds (the source of a pair of tunes) counted latter-day Rolling Stone Ron Wood as part of their flock. In all honesty, however, you don't need to know the history of the Idle Race (an early vehicle for ELO's Jeff Lynne) to appreciate the swirling majesty of their "Imposters of Life's Magazine"), nor do you need a fact sheet to grasp the primal ferocity of the Downliners Sect's "Glendora." The expansive, 100-page booklet -- packed with photos, essays, and as many details about the era as you can possibly digest -- does provide some grounding, though.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/19/2001
Label: Rhino
UPC: 0081227678722
catalogNumber: 76787


Disc 1

  1. Making Time
  2. Father's Name Was Dad
  3. I Can Hear the Grass Grow
  4. My Friend Jack
  5. My White Bicycle
  6. I'll Keep Holding On
  7. When the Night Falls
  8. Sorry
  9. Imposters of Life's Magazine
  10. How Is the Air Up There?
  11. Mud in Your Eye
  12. Everything (That's Mine)
  13. Garden of My Mind
  14. Take a Heart
  15. The Life I Live
  16. Midnight to Six Man
  17. I See the Rain
  18. The First Cut Is the Deepest
  19. You Stole My Love
  20. 125
  21. My Mind's Eye
  22. Going Nowhere
  23. All Night Stand
  24. War or Hands of Time
  25. It's a Sin to Go Away
  26. A Dream for Julie
  27. I Read You Like an Open Book

Disc 2

  1. Children of the Sun
  2. Save My Soul
  3. Desdemona
  4. I Can Only Give You Everything
  5. Lost Girl
  6. I Must Be Mad
  7. Say Those Magic Words
  8. Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad
  9. Daddy Buy Me a Girl
  10. Exit Stage Right
  11. Gone Is the Sad Man
  12. I'm Rowed Out
  13. You've Got a Habit of Leaving
  14. Reflections of Charles Brown
  15. Words Enough to Tell You
  16. That's the Way It's Got to Be
  17. 14 Hour Technicolour Dream
  18. Walking Through My Dreams
  19. You Said
  20. This Life of Mine
  21. Shadows and Reflections
  22. Friday on My Mind
  23. In the Land of the Few
  24. For Another Man
  25. Fire Brigade
  26. Gaby
  27. Biff Bang Pow

Disc 3

  1. Your Body Not Your Soul
  2. Cathy, Come Home
  3. Circles (Instant Party)
  4. Get Down from the Tree
  5. Cry in the Night
  6. Changing the Colors of Life
  7. Social End Product
  8. Crawdaddy Simone
  9. Don't You Remember?
  10. It's My Pride
  11. Magic Potion
  12. You're Driving Me Insane
  13. Who Dat?
  14. A Midsummer's Night Scene
  15. Listen to the Sky
  16. How to Find a Lover
  17. Days of the Broken Arrows
  18. By My Side
  19. Path Through the Forest
  20. Love Hate Revenge
  21. Pictures of Matchstick Men
  22. The Train to Disaster
  23. Sad
  24. Slaves Time
  25. You Can Be My Baby
  26. I Wish I Was Five
  27. Glendora

Disc 4

  1. Rosalyn
  2. Come On
  3. The Madman Running Through the Fields
  4. How Does It Feel to Feel
  5. I'm Just a Mops
  6. Why Don't You Smile Now
  7. Nothin'
  8. Break It All
  9. The Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane
  10. Touch
  11. Vacuum Cleaner
  12. My Life
  13. Bad Little Woman
  14. No Presents for Me
  15. Bat Macumba
  16. Real Crazy Apartment
  17. No More Now
  18. No Good Without You
  19. Kicks and Chicks
  20. Dance Around the Maypole
  21. Get Yourself Home
  22. I'm Your Witchdoctor
  23. But You'll Never Do It Babe
  24. One Third
  25. Flight from Ashiya
  26. Here Comes the Nice
  27. It's My Fault
  28. When the Alarm Clock Rings

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Doc Watson   Drums
Downliners Sect   Track Performer
Easybeats   Track Performer
Dave Edmunds   Guitar,Vocals
Ian Gillan   Vocals
Golden Earring   Track Performer
Guess Who   Track Performer
Steve Howe   Guitar
Jeff Lynne   Guitar,Vocals
Move   Track Performer
Jimmy Page   Guitar
Small Faces   Track Performer
Chris Squire   Bass,Vocals
Them   Track Performer
Troggs   Track Performer
Herbie Armstrong   Guitar
Eyes   Track Performer
Shakers   Track Performer
Action   Track Performer
Miller Anderson   Guitar
Randy Bachman   Guitar
Birds   Track Performer
Tony Black   Drums
Blossom Toes   Track Performer
Creation   Track Performer
Cuby & the Blizzards   Track Performer
Burton Cummings   Keyboards,Vocals
Episode Six   Track Performer
Ray Fenwick   Guitar
Robin Gibb   Vocals
Roger Glover   Bass
Graham Gouldman   Guitar,Vocals
Gordon Haskell   Bass
Haunted   Track Performer
Bryn Haworth   Guitar
Idle Race   Track Performer
John's Children   Track Performer
Reg King   Vocals
John Kongos   Guitar,Vocals
Koobas   Track Performer
Love Sculpture   Track Performer
Marmalade   Track Performer
Steve Marriott   Guitar,Vocals
Masters Apprentices   Track Performer
Phil May   Vocals
Misunderstood   Track Performer
Open Mind   Track Performer
Pretty Things   Track Performer
Q 65   Track Performer
Rattles   Track Performer
Achim Reichel   Guitar,Vocals
Smoke   Track Performer
Sorrows   Track Performer
Status Quo   Track Performer
Syn   Track Performer
Ian Thomas   Bass
Timebox   Track Performer
Tomorrow   Track Performer
Kevin Westlake   Drums
Missing Links   Track Performer
Davy Jones   Track Performer
Motions   Track Performer
Roy Wood   Guitar,Vocals
Marc Bolan   Guitar,Vocals
Ande Henriksson   Organ
Barry Gibb   Guitar,Vocals
Ugly Ducklings   Track Performer
Boots   Track Performer
Colin Allen   Drums
Chris Andrews   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Jay Baar   Drums
Peter Beckett   Guitar,Vocals
Brian Belshaw   Bass,Vocals
Bev Bevan   Drums
Otto Bezloja   Bass
Willem Bieler   Harmonica,Vocals
Robin Boers   Drums
Ronnie Bond   Drums
Kevin Borich   Guitar
Jack Brand   Bass,Vocals
Bob Bresser   Bass
Danny Bridgeman   Drums
Terry Britten   Guitar,Sitar
Chris Britton   Guitar
Trevor Burton   Guitar,Vocals
Jeff Christie   Bass,Vocals
John Coghlan   Drums
Craig Collinge   Drums
Don Craine   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
John Dawson   Bass
Rod Demick   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Dick Diamonde   Bass
Pat Donaldson   Bass
Dick Dufall   Bass,Vocals
Dave Dufort   Drums
Jaap Eggermont   Drums
Keith Ellis   Bass,Vocals
Andy Ellison   Vocals
Vic Elmes   Guitar
Hugo Fattoruso   Guitar,Vocals
Doug Ford   Guitar
Fred Gandy   Bass
Kim Gardner   Bass,Vocals
Bob Garner   Bass,Vocals
Eelco Gelling   Guitar
Rinus Gerritsen   Bass
Maurice Gibb   Bass,Vocals
Terry Gibson   Guitar
Geoff Gill   Drums
Brian Godding   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Kevin Godley   Drums,Vocals
Keith Grant   Bass,Vocals
Trevor Griffin   Organ,Vocals
Ulli Grun   Organ,Harmonica,Rhythm Guitar
Ollie Halsall   Guitar,Vibes
John Halsey   Drums
John Hewlett   Bass
Tony Hill   Guitar,Vocals
Heinz Hoff   Drums
Paul Holm   Drums
Bruce Howard   Organ,Vocals
Andrew Jackman   Keyboards,Vocals
John Beverly Jones   Rhythm Guitar
Jim Kale   Fuzz Bass
Tony Kaye   Organ
Jim Keays   Vocals
Hans Kinds   Rhythm Guitar
George Kooymans   Guitar
Werner Krabbe   Vocals
Frans Krassenburg   Vocals
Goran Lagerberg   Bass,Vocals
John Lamb   Vocals
Alan Lancaster   Bass
Tony Lander   Guitar
Ronnie Lane   Bass,Vocals
Mal Luker   Guitar
Greg Masters   Bass
Roger Mayne   Guitar
Ian McLintock   Bass
Willy Middel   Bass
Rick Moe   Drums
Van Morrison   Vocals
Roy Morris   Guitar,Vocals
Frank Nuyens   Guitar
Peter Östlund   Drums
Philip Packham   Bass
Carl Palmer   Drums
Rick Parfitt   Guitar
Mike Patto   Vocals
Terry Paul   Guitar
Brian Peacock   Bass,Background Vocals
Brian Pendleton   Rhythm Guitar
Kenny Pickett   Vocals
John Povey   Keyboards,Vocals
Reg Presley   Vocals
Wez Price   Rhythm Guitar
Viv Prince   Drums
Eddie Pumer   Guitar
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Mick Rogers   Guitar,Vocals
Francis Rossi   Guitar,Vocals
Alan Rowe   Vocals
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Henk Smitskamp   Bass
Peter Staples   Bass
John Stax   Bass
Paul Stewart   Drums,Vocals
John Sutton   Drums
Chris Townson   Drums
Jaap VanEyck   Bass
Robbie Van Leeuwen   Guitar
Harry Vanda   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Vink   Bass
Bob Voice   Drums,Vocals
Mickey Waller   Guitar
Wally Allen Waller   Bass,Vocals
Sieb Warner   Drums
Hans Waterman   Drums
Pete Watson   Guitar,Vocals
Mick Weaver   Guitar
Keith West   Vocals
Steve Whiting   Bass
Jimmy Winston   Guitar,Vocals
Chijuas   Track Performer
La De Das   Track Performer
Outsiders   Track Performer
Wimple Winch   Track Performer
Tages   Track Performer
Twilights   Track Performer
Kaleidoscope   Track Performer
Skip Alan   Drums
Kenney Jones   Drums
Stuart Mackay   Bass
Jeff Williams   Electric Piano
Alan "Bam" King   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Terry Martin   Guitar,Vocals
Pete Solly   Organ
Poets   Track Performer
Glynn Bell   Rhythm Guitar
Miguel Vicens Danus   Bass
Radim Hladik   Guitar
Johnny Kelman   Guitar
Bob Lang   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Antonio Martinez   Guitar
Pete McDaniels   Drums
Tony Munroe   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Steve Nardelli   Guitar,Vocals
Terry Nolder   Vocals
Jurgen Peter   Rhythm Guitar
Mason Shea   Bass
Harvey Shields   Drums
Ray Stock   Drums
Dave Wynne   Drums
Dantalian's Chariot   Track Performer
Carl Wayne & the Vikings   Vocals
Syndicats   Track Performer
Fleur de Lys   Track Performer
Chants R&B   Track Performer
Mike Evans   Bass
Garry Peterson   Drums
Bruce Walker   Vocals
Luis Oliver   Organ
Glenn Ross Campbell   Guitar
Don Mopsick   Track Performer
Graham Rivens   Bass
Johnny Soul   Harmonica,Rhythm Guitar
Ronnie Martin   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Crowley   Drums
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Bob Freeman   Guitar
Phil Lancaster   Drums
Lower Third   Track Performer
Os Mutantes   Track Performer
Carlos Guerrero   Vocals
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Alan Gregory   Drums
We All Together   Track Performer
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Hirobumi Suzuki   Vocals
Peter Daltrey   Vocals
Mascots   Track Performer
Thor's Hammer   Track Performer
Wheels   Track Performer
Tony Myles   Rhythm Guitar
Hume Paton   Guitar
Ricky Morrison   Guitar
Timon   Track Performer
Tintern Abbey   Track Performer
Stevie Wright   Vocals
Rupert's People   Track Performer
Primitives   Track Performer
Geoff Brown   Vocals
Fairies   Track Performer
Mickey Finn   Track Performer
Zipps   Track Performer
Timon Dogg   Vocals
Sands   Track Performer
Jury   Track Performer
Dave Pritchard   Guitar
Ali McKenzie   Vocals
Mockingbirds   Track Performer
John "Buddy" Williams   Bass,Keyboards,Vocals
Winston's Fumbs   Track Performer
Baden Hutchins   Drums
Mick Bower   Rhythm Guitar
Keith Guster   Drums
George Gallacher   Vocals
Phil Key   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Paddy McCartney   Vocals
Philip Elzerman   Guitar,Vocals
Fire   Track Performer
Thoughts   Track Performer
Craig   Track Performer
Ronnie Burns   Track Performer
Matadors   Track Performer
Lost Souls   Track Performer
Red Squares   Track Performer
Bluestars   Track Performer
Caleb   Track Performer
John Stanley   Guitar
John Dalton   Drums
Roger James   Bass
Mike Wilding   Drums
Slaves   Track Performer
Alan Marks   Vocals
Roger Spencer   Drums
John Read   Bass

Technical Credits

John Stewart   Producer
Dave Edmunds   Producer
Jeff Lynne   Producer
Joe Meek   Producer
Tommy Graham   Producer
Mike Hurst   Producer
Steve Marriott   Producer
Mark Wirtz   Producer
Larry Page   Producer
George Martin   Producer
Roy Wood   Producer
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John Baker   Photo Courtesy
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Mike Finesilver   Producer
Fritz Fryer   Producer
Glyn Johns   Producer
Giorgio Gomelsky   Director,Producer
Richard Gottehrer   Producer
Bobby Graham   Composer
Bill Inglot   Audio Production
Ronnie Lane   Producer
Damon Lyon-Shaw   Producer
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David Paramor   Producer
Gary Peterson   Discographical Annotation
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Alec Palao   Discographical Annotation,Photo Courtesy
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Jimmy Duncan   Composer,Producer
Daniel Goldmark   Editorial Research
Patrick Aulton   Producer
Brian Carroll   Producer
Michael Hawker   Producer
Bill Farley   Composer
Don Arden   Producer

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