Nuvuk, the Northernmost: Altered Land, Altered Lives in Barrow, Alaska

Nuvuk, the Northernmost: Altered Land, Altered Lives in Barrow, Alaska

by Daniel James Inulak Lum


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For years, tour guide Daniel Lum has brought visitors as well as his children out to the remote corners of Barrow, Alaska, one of the northernmost cities in the world, to witness polar bears and walrus on the dark, sandy beaches. Over time, snapping pictures for tourists and shooting photographs of his own, he has been a first-hand witness to the profound environmental changes taking place as his homeland shifts and disappears before his eyes. 

As arguments over climate change rage in more temperate locales, Nuvuk, the Northernmost is a poignant snapshot of life in a town where these changes are impossible to overlook. Lum’s vivid photographs of wildlife, such as whales, polar bears, and birds, offer rare close-ups of animals few ever see. In addition, Lum provides vivid descriptions and pictures of daily life in and around Barrow, offering a compelling insider’s introduction to living on the tip of the world. With Lum as a capable guide, Nuvuk, the Northernmost is a chance to see a rare world before it changes forever.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781602231955
Publisher: University of Alaska Press
Publication date: 06/15/2013
Pages: 86
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 10.20(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Daniel Lum lives in Barrow, Alaska, and runs tours there with his family, specializing in trips to Nuvuk. He is a descendant of the Iñupiat Eskimos and studies the Iñupiat language.

Table of Contents

Skin Boat Frame
Midnight Sun at Nuvuk
Walrus on Floating Pack Ice
Playground in Darkness
Arctic Fox in Snow Storm
Beach Fog
Large Male
White Bear at Bone Pile
Flatfoot at Nuvuk
Melting Ocean
Stuck in the Lagoon
Fox Near Ancient Graves
Red Fox
Snowy Owl on Gravel Hill
Beyond White
Bearded Seal-Skin Boat
Chilly Honda
Arctic Fox Tiptoeing
Polar Bear Fight
Victor Onshore
Stranded Walrus in the Sun
Young Boys Butcher Walrus
Iñupiaq Boy
PigniQ in Winter
Baleen Palm Tree
Spring Traditional Games
Fox Over Polar Bear
Rough Bear
Iñupiaq Girl in Spring with Skin Boat
Northernmost American Flag
Inverted Paw Print
Meat Rack at Duck-Hunting Camp
Bear Force One
Content Polar Bear
Young and Full
Largest Carnivore
Old Village Site, Graveyard Washing Away
Dog Team on Ice
Tundra Swans in Spring
Duck Camp in Summer
Mother and Daughter Bears at Nuvuk
Ivory Gull
Arctic Tern at Freshwater Lake 
Black Guillemot Pair at Nuvuk
Young Snowy Owl at Camp
Summer Lake
Black Guillemot Nest
Short-billed Dowitchers
Long Grey Whale
Jaeger Eats Gull
Barge at Barrow
Prints in Sand
No Ice at Nuvuk
Boy and a Whale
Abandoned Ice Cellar
Abandoned Hut
Young Bull at Nuvuk
The Erosion of Nuvuk
Red Phalarope Gathering
Falcon in White Phase
Lady Catches Walrus
Kids, Walrus, and New York Bagels
King Eider Ducks
Bowhead Whale
Gulls in a Storm
Arctic Terns at Nuvuk
Finally Sunset

Epilogue: Nuvuk

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