Odessa's Sorcery: Circle of Fifths

Odessa's Sorcery: Circle of Fifths

by Krisztian W. Montag

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Odessa’s Sorcery

The Odessa’s Sorcery fantasy/supernatural book series is divided into two main parts, one of which has the subtitle ‘Circle of Fifths’. The ‘Circle of Fifths’ sub-series is the main storyline including five books, of which You are reading the very first chronicle. Besides these books, there will be numerous one-time or support books, related to the main storyline, but from another perspective. To understand the main concept of the entire ‘Odessa’s Sorcery’ book series, it must to be noted that all books are written from first person perspective, giving the reader the feeling as if a diary was presented to them. The support books provide a twist, where the reader will experience the universe and the protagonists of the ‘Circle of Fifths’ storyline from their own point of view. This represents the special and exact experience of the ‘Two sides of a coin’ principle, enabling a full-scale exploration of all Odessa’s Sorcery characters in the process.

Odessa’s Sorcery – Circle of Fifths (Chronicle 1)

The story follows the adventure of protagonists, Damia and Vivienne, who desire to live their dreams. They strive to start a career in magic and become professional Spellcrafters (mages and warriros, who use their gift and talent to serve and solve the everyday people’s problems). Spellcrafters often unite in guilds and clans and as the human nature dictates, clan wars and guild battles are an omnipresent part of the Spellcrafters’ everyday life. Damia and Vivienne are just finishing their studies at the magic academy, trying to find a clan/guild to join and live the Spellcrafters’ life, but it is not a simple challenge to overcome. Spellcrafters’ success ladder is firmly based on magic power and battle experience... And since Damia and Vivienne freshly graduated, they do not possess much experience, so they have to prove themselves somehow and fight back against the obstacles that their young age and inepxerienced nature cause.

However, there is another side of the coin. If the first chronicle has to be summarized in one sentence, the perfect one would be: ’Reach your goal and realize – it’s not the dream you idolized’. This is another hard task, Damia and Vivienne have to live and struggle through in this book, while their courage, passion, will, heart and friendship are put under strong pressure and test.

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BN ID: 2940163751112
Publisher: Krisztian W. Montag
Publication date: 09/25/2019
Series: Odessa's Sorcery - Circle of Fifths , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 473
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