On Eating Meat: The truth about its production and the ethics of eating it

On Eating Meat: The truth about its production and the ethics of eating it

by Matthew Evans


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"Compelling, illuminating and often confronting, On Eating Meat is a brilliant blend of a gastronome's passion with forensic research into the sources of the meat we eat. Matthew Evans brings his unflinching honesty - and a farmer's hands-on experience - to the question of how to be an ethical carnivore." - Hugh Mackay

How can 160,000 deaths in one day constitute a "medium-sized operation?" Think beef is killing the world? What about asparagus farms? Or golf? Eat dairy? You'd better eat veal, too. Going vegan might be all the rage, but the fact is the world has an ever-growing, insatiable appetite for meat - especially cheap meat. Former food critic and chef, now farmer and restaurateur Matthew Evans grapples with the thorny issues around the ways we produce and consume animals. From feedlots and abattoirs, to organic farms and animal welfare agencies, he has an intimate, expert understanding of the farming practices that take place in our name. Evans calls for less radicalisation, greater understanding, and for ethical omnivores to stand up for the welfare of animals and farmers alike. Sure to spark intense debate, On Eating Meat is an urgent read for all.

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ISBN-13: 9781911632214
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Publication date: 01/07/2020
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Matthew Evans is a former chef and food critic, now a Tasmanian smallholder, restaurateur and food activist. He raises pigs, milks cows, tends a garden, runs a farm restaurant and teaches from Fat Pig Farm, in the picturesque Huon Valley. Matthew is the star of the long-running SBS TV show The Gourmet Farmer as well as food documentaries What's the Catch? and For the Love of Meat. He is the author of twelve books, including the authoritative and internationally bestselling Real Food Companion and The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book, as well as his autobiography Never Order Chicken on a Monday followed by The Dirty Chef.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Smells Like Money 7

Chapter 1 The View from the City 15

Chapter 2 The View from the Feedlot 21

Chapter 3 Killing the Mothers: The Australian Pig Industry's Dark Secret 30

Chapter 4 160,000 Deaths: A Medium-Sized Operation 39

Chapter 5 The View from the Killing Floor 53

Chapter 6 Where are the Animal Lovers? 59

Chapter 7 Cats. Beyond the Cute Videos 67

Chapter 8 A Farmer's Musing on Suffering 75

Chapter 9 Floyd and What We Don't Know About Animals. Yet 85

Chapter 10 It Ain't Pretty: What It's Like Being at a Kill 97

Chapter 11 Think Being Vegan Hurts No Animal? Think Again 107

Chapter 12 Beef Is Killing the World. What About Asparagus? Or Golf? 120

Chapter 13 Antibiotics: How Farming Is Ruining it for Everyone 139

Chapter 14 Banned in 160 Nations - But Not Here 151

Chapter 15 What's Behind the Locked Gates? 165

Chapter 16 How Do We Feed the World? Animals May Well Be Part of the Plan 179

Chapter 17 The No-Meat Diet Isn't the Answer. Neither Is the Attitude 192

Chapter 18 Eat Dairy? You'd Better Eat Veal, Too 203

Chapter 19 Fake Meat 210

Chapter 20 When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted 220

Chapter 21 It Was a Former Vegan Who Taught Me How to Kill 228

Chapter 22 Forget the Other Animal for a Second - Look at the Producer 237

Chapter 23 The Need for the Ethical Omnivore 243

Chapter 24 What Is Good Meat? 247

Chapter 25 The True Cost of Food 262

Chapter 26 Force for Good 273

Acknowledgements 279

Resources 281

Index 301

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