On Time and On Budget: A Home Renovation Survival Guide

On Time and On Budget: A Home Renovation Survival Guide

by John Rusk


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In On Time and on Budget, New York City contractor John Rusk combines his extensive knowledge of the how architects and contractors work with revolutionary win/win negotiation principles to produce a readable, entertaining and totally useful guide that no homeowner should be without.

He shows readers how to:

Find the right architect, and make sure that he or she draws plans that give you a realistic view of the finished product.
Negotiate with contractors and set up a fair payment schedule that will keep them working until the project is finished.
Create an effective "punchlist" so you get what you paid for.
Avoid paying for costly change orders and still make sure you get a beautiful renovation, on time and on budget.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780385475112
Publisher: Crown/Archetype
Publication date: 06/01/1997
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.75(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Basics1
Part 1Design
1.The Hamptons--Laying the Groundwork for a Nightmare Kitchen11
2.Money Problems22
3.Solutions to Money Problems30
4.Time Problems38
5.Solutions to Time Problems43
6.Power Problems48
7.Solutions to Power Problems50
8.Management Problems54
9.Solutions to Management Problems58
10.Quality Problems63
11.Solutions to Quality Problems69
12.The Finleys--Planning for a Dream Kitchen76
Design Checklist91
Part 2Contracting
1.The Hamptons--Making a Contract with the Devil95
2.Money Problems102
3.Solutions to Money Problems107
4.Time Problems113
5.Solutions to Time Problems115
6.Power Problems119
7.Solutions to Power Problems122
8.Management Problems124
9.Solutions to Management Problems126
10.Quality Problems129
11.Solutions to Quality Problems132
12.The Finleys--Contracting in Everyone's Best Interest139
Contracting Checklist148
Part 3Beginning Construction
1.The Hamptons--Deep Sleep in the Nightmare Kitchen153
2.Money Problems166
3.Solutions to Money Problems172
4.Time Problems175
5.Solutions to Time Problems178
6.Power Problems181
7.Solutions to Power Problems183
8.Management Problems185
9.Solutions to Management Problems188
10.Quality Problems190
11.Solutions to Quality Problems192
12.The Finleys--Setting the Machine in Motion198
Beginning Construction Checklist206
Part 4Ending Construction
1.The Hamptons--the Completion of a Nightmare Kitchen211
2.Money Problems218
3.Solutions to Money Problems222
4.Time Problems224
5.Solutions to Time Problems228
6.Power Problems231
7.Solutions to Power Problems234
8.Management Problems237
9.Solutions to Management Problems239
10.Quality Problems241
11.Solutions to Quality Problems243
12.The Finleys--the Completion of a Dream Kitchen245
Ending Construction Checklist257
Lighting Fixtures
Plumbing Fixtures
Dispute Resolution
Binding Arbitration

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