Organ Donation

Organ Donation

by Margaret Haerens


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This series provides readers with the information they need to think critically about the worldwide implications of global issues; each volume focuses on a controversial topic of worldwide importance and offers a panoramic view of opinions.; This title explores issues related to organ donation in various countries, including the United States, Spain, Australia, India, and Pakistan, poverty and organ donation, presumed consent/opt-in/opt-out laws, compensation for donation, and illegal traffic; By illuminating the complexities and interrelations of the global community, this excellent resource helps students and other researchers enhance their global awareness. Each volume focuses on a controversial topic of worldwide importance and offers a pan

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ISBN-13: 9780737764451
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date: 10/26/2012
Series: Global Viewpoints Series
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

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Table of Contents

Foreword 13

Introduction 16

Chapter 1 Organ Donation Worldwide

1 The State of the International Organ Trade: A Provisional Picture Based on Integration of Available Information Yosuke Shimazono 23

2 Spain Leads the World in Organ Donations Grace Wong 40

3 How to Mend a Broken Heart Kate Benson 45

4 Kuwait Is Determined to Improve Its Rate of Organ Donation Habib Toumi 51

5 England's Minority Communities Have a Low Rate of Organ Donations Ben Whitelaw 56

6 Ontario Has Wide Variations in Organ Donation Rates Megan Ogilvie Patrick Cain 61

7 A Soldier's Death Gives Life to Another Man Meg Jones 67

Periodical and Internet Sources Bibliography 85

Chapter 2 Barriers to Organ Donation

1 American Organ Donations Hindered by Religious and Cultural Myths Allison Pond 87

2 Israel's Religious Misconceptions a Barrier to Organ Donation Calev Ben-David 95

3 Japanese Doctors Are Reluctant to Harvest Organs Natsuko Fukue 100

4 Obstacles Remain for the Field of Face Transplants Paul Voosen 105

5 Saudi Arabia Must Confront Cultural and Religious Taboos Siraj Wahab 113

Periodical and Internet Sources Bibliography 118

Chapter 3 Strategies to Improve Organ Donations

1 Canada Should Pay Organ Donors Erin Anderssen 120

2 The British Hindu Community Is Addressing the Shortage of Organ Donors Tarun Patel 128

3 Wales Is Switching to a Presumed Consent System for Organ Donations Tracy McVeigh 133

4 Germany Initiates a Campaign to Raise Awareness of Organ Donation Shortfall Cinnamon Nippard 138

5 England Is Right to Propose a Presumed Consent Model Martin O'Neill 144

6 The United States Should Consider a Mandatory Organ Donation Policy Scott Carney 150

7 Portugal Has Implemented a Presumed Consent Law The Portugal News 156

Periodical and Internet Sources Bibliography 162

Chapter 4 The Problem of Organ Trafficking

1 Organ Trafficking Is a Global Problem Ami Cholia 164

2 Nepal's Illegal Organ Trade Is on the Rise Tara Bhattarai 169

3 India's Organ Trade Exploits the Country's Most Vulnerable People Thomas Schmitt 176

4 Egypt's Illegal Organ Trafficking Endangers the Poor Theodore May 181

5 Kosovo Is Rocked by an Organ Trafficking Scandal T.J. 187

6 China Is Harvesting the Organs of Executed Prisoners Ethan Gutmann 195

Periodical and Internet Sources Bibliography 208

For Further Discussion 209

Organizations to Contact 211

Bibliography of Books 217

Index 220

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