by Debra A. Miller


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The Current Controversies series examines today's most important social and political issues; each volume presents a diverse selection of primary and secondary sources representing all sides of the debate in question.; Title explores issues related to family violence, including whether or not religious extremism is increasing in Pakistan, the stability of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, whether the Pakistan/India conflict poses a global threat, and what steps should be take; Each anthology is composed of a wide spectrum of sources written by many of the foremost authorities in their respective fields. This unique approach provides students with a concise view of divergent opinions on each topic. Extensive book and periodical

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ISBN-13: 9780737762426
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date: 03/22/2013
Series: Current Controversies Series
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 15 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Foreword 13

Introduction 16

Chapter 1 Is Religious Extremism Increasing in Pakistan?

Chapter Preface 21

Yes: Religious Extremism Is Increasing in Pakistan

Religious Extremism Is on the Rise in Pakistan Marco Mezzera 24

Islamic Extremism Has Infiltrated Pakistan's Military Imtiaz Gul 30

Religious Extremism and Other Threats Are Pushing Pakistan into Instability Anthony H. Cordesman Varun Vira 35

No: Religious Extremism Is Not Increasing in Pakistan

Public Support for Religious Extremists in Pakistan Is Rapidly Declining Richard Wike Kathleen Holzwart 44

Although Weak, Some Secular Groups in Pakistan Are Fighting Religious Extremism Hassan Javid 49

The Khudi Youth Movement Is Fighting Extremism in Pakistan Imran Khan Ayushman Jamwal 53

Chapter 2 Is Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal Secure?

Chapter Preface 62

Yes: Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal Is Secure Pakistan Has a Reliable Nuclear Security System 65


Pakistan's Energy Woes Akhtar Ali 68

No: Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal Is Not Secure

Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal Faces a Serious Threat from Extremists Matthew Bunn Eben Harrell Martin B. Malin 75

Much of the World Is Worried About the Security of Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Jeffrey Goldberg Marc Ambinder 83

Continued Instability in Pakistan Could Threaten Its Nuclear Safeguards Paul K. Kerr Mary Beth Nikitin 93

Chapter 3 Does the Pakistan-India Conflict Pose a Global Security Threat?

Chapter Preface 102

Yes: The Pakistan-India Conflict Poses a Global Security Threat

Pakistan Will Be a Danger to the World Until a Political Settlement Is Reached with India 106

The Economist

Pakistan Cannot Fight Terrorism Until It Settles the Pakistan-India Conflict Jonathan Foreman 111

No: The Pakistan-India Conflict Does Not Pose a Global Security Threat

Leaders of Pakistan and India Are Pursuing Peace Talks Frank Jack Daniel 116

Trade Could Help End the Pakistan-India Conflict Nirmala George 120

Who Are the Real Stakeholders of Indo-Pak Peace? Ayesha Siddiqa 124

Chapter 4 What Steps Should Be Taken to Stabilize Pakistan?

Chapter Preface 132

The United States Should Push for Reform of Pakistan's Intelligence Services Daniel Markey 135

The United States Must Stop Pakistan from Increasing Its Nuclear Arsenal Daryl G. Kimball 142

The United States Must Accept Pakistan as It Is and Provide Economic Support Jehangir Karamat 146

Pakistan Must Develop Its Own Counter-Extremism Strategy Mehlaqa Samdani 153

Providing Long-Term Development Aid to Pakistan Is in the Interest of the United States Nancy Birdsall Wren Elhai Molly Kinder 157

Organizations to Contact 162

Bibliography 166

Index 170

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