Panic Attacks and Me

Panic Attacks and Me

by Kay Hammond


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"Using her own lifetime experiences, Kay Hammond has written a useful book for others with the same problem-panic attacks. In short chapters about situations a panicked person might find themselves in (such as losing keys), Hammond has provided flurries of questions a person might ask themselves, questions that are geared toward helping the person realize that another person has been there and found ways to find a calming solution. She ends each small chapter with a litany of hope and actions to take, plus reassurance that reflects her own strong belief in a God who shows his care for panicked people. The Poems contains several of her positive and uplifting poems."

-Lianne Mercer, RN, MSN, CPT

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ISBN-13: 9781452553986
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/25/2012
Pages: 86
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.21(d)

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Panic Attacks and Me

By Kay Hammond


Copyright © 2012 Kay Hammond
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-5398-6

Chapter One

Panic Attacks

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, "panic attacks are a type of anxiety disorder in which you have repeated attacks of intense fear that something bad will occur when unexpected. It most often peaks with in 10 to 20 minutes. Although the symptoms may last longer".

According to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, "Panic attacks are periods of intense fear or apprehension that are of sudden onset and relatively brief duration. Often, those afflicted with experience significant-anticipatory anxiety and limited symptoms attacks in between attacks, in situations where attacks have previously occurred."

For me, I do not want to feel like I will loose my life, when I suffer a panic attack. I do not know what to do. How can I find comfort from the pain? Do I need to go to the Emergency Room? Can a doctor help with this problem? Can I just calm down? Will all be ok?

I have to remember that God is in charge. Sometimes you may need to look for a doctor who you can trust to help or who can lead you to one who can. Sometimes doctors can give you the answer that you need and sometimes they can't. But most of the time they can point us to the next right step. All God asks is for us to do the footwork.

Please tell me what needs to be done for me. Not all pains are serious or need medical help. They can be helped by exercise and a proper diet. Find out what is right for you.

When I have panic attacks, how can I get help? How bad are my attacks? I need to know what is normal and what can be a problem. Who do I trust? When I can get the focus away from the fear and count my blessings and be grateful for the things that I do have. One of my causes is financial, but I have lots to be grateful for. When I can turn my finances over to God then I can relax, then these problems will be solved. It takes away the fear with God in charge. We know that fear is one of the main reasons for panic attacks. Turn it over to your Higher Power so you can stay away from the fear.

Take your vitamins and any other necessary pills on a regular basis to stay healthy. Take care of yourself, eat healthy, exercise, and trust in a power greater than you.

We need a Higher Power who can be of help? God can help all of us.

We need to ask God to help. We can choose our Higher Power. It does not need to be the God of our upbringing. The God of my upbringing was shameful and vindictive. I was grateful when I found a loving God!

When I got into Recovery 22 years ago, in 1990, I had a shameful, vindictive God. I was told that I had to find a God who I was comfortable with trusting with my life. I was grateful that others were doing the same process. We talked about all kind of God figures: a feminine figure, the group, nature, the door knob. The process was rewarding and we were not judged by the figure that would help us.

If we still struggled, we were told that we could lean on some one else's God until we could find one of our own. My God figure has changed over the years. My current church believes that God is every where and in every thing. That works for me now.

Chapter Two

Learning Disability

I always have had troubles learning. I have trouble with a learning disability called an auditory processing problem. That is according to Wikipedia – the online free encyclopedia, "people with this disorder cannot process the information they hear in the same way as others do, which leads to difficulties in recognizing and interpreting sounds, especially the sounds composing speech."

Do you have trouble learning? Do you need a test to see what your problem is? You might. That is how my disability got discovered. I had an IQ test. I was able to get the test by a wonderful lady with the school system in Houston.

I grew up before learning disabilities were understood This caused me trouble though out my life. I had lots of trouble learning to read. I had trouble understanding what some people say. My brain does not think fast. Often people were not patient with me. For example, I know that my mother was not patient with me. I felt hopeless and alone. Where could I go for help? It was important to find someone who I could trust to help me. For me, growing up, I would escape to friendly neighbors.

After my diagnosis was discovered in 1990 and after my divorce, my parents thought that the Texas Rehabilitation Commission could help. They are a government agency, in Texas, which helps people to get where they can succeed in the job market.

Learning disabilities are being diagnosis earlier now for the most part. It took me 8 years to find a way to get help through the Texas Rehabilitation Commission. It was well worth it. I had to take Defensive Driving for a speeding ticket. The teacher had a book of business cards. I found a speech therapist in the book and called her. She said that she knew someone who could help me.

It is always in God's time and way not ours. It does not have to be the end of the world. I am very grateful for the woman who said that she could help me and was able to convince the Texas Rehabilitation Commission to pay for the therapy. I also told the Rehab that this lady could help me and to please pay for it as I could not afford to pay for it and I really needed the help. She gave me help to deal with my disability.

Points to remember:

* Stay in the present.

* Look for your choices.

* Write them down.

* Who do you trust?

* Where can you find them?

* Will telling someone help?

I am grateful for the help. It was well worth the wait. I have felt better since the therapy, and I am better able to cope with life and I know that you can feel better too.

God, or the power you trust with your life, will lead you if you ask. Remember it is in God's time not yours. There will be help available if you trust and believe. You can check the Internet. You can check the library for books on the topic. Ask your counselor.

Growing up I was never given choices, so now I really value my choices. I hope that you can have choices also. We always need choices and we frequently need more than one choice. Look for all of your choices. The first choice may not really be the best!

Turn it over to your God! We need a Higher Power who can be of help. God will help all of us. We need to ask our Higher Power to help. We must realize it is in God's time not our, as difficult as that may be to understand. We deserve to feel good about ourselves. At times we may have to practice patience. I was not taught patience, so that has been difficult to learn. But I am trying.

Chapter Three

Money Stresses

Having money problems, I could not figure out what to do about it. So I ended up loosing my home. I could not pay the mortgage payment and the loan company ended up taking the house back. Like so many people, I did not know how I can get through it. I know it is happening to lots of people now. But it was different because it is me!

For me, I lost my job, so I lived on credit for a year. I didn't know what was going on. Will I be able to get another job where I live? Or do I need to move in with a friend? Do I need to move into a cheaper place? Do I need to move at all? Moving is usually so expensive. I need to decide if it is necessary. Is there anything that I can do to help? Will I have to let go of things important to me? Or can I put them is storage somewhere? I know I need to figure out what is most important to me. How will I choose?

Points to remember:

* Stay in the present.

* Look for your choices.

* Write down your choices.

* Who do you trust?

* Where can you find them?

* Will telling someone help?

* You need more than one choice.

* The first choice may not really be the best!

When I finally got a steady income, I wanted to pay off my debt. I chose a credit counseling service, because they could cut the amount that I needed to repay. Some of the interest fees they were able to get reduced to nothing, and some of them the percent of interest fees were reduced. They also put me on a repayment schedule. It took 5 years to repay my debt, but it saved my credit and gave me a good feeling of being responsible. The payments were a struggle for the 5 years. I learned to get help from food pantries and other places that help the poor.

I turned it over to God, my guiding force! I needed a Higher Power who could help? God will help all of us. We need to ask God to help.

Chapter Four

Losing Support by a Move

To progress in my career, my company is moving me to a new city. Do I want to go? There are choices. Sometime the benefits in moving are greater than staying in the old city. I ended up liking the new city, but did not know much about it. The new job sounded good with a good pay raise. So I decided to move

Things to remember:

• What do you want to learn about your new community?

• What are your interests?

• Is there a tour of your new city? I have enjoyed the tours of the cities that I have gone to visit.

• At your hotel, is there the usual rack of local attractions? I have seen these in many different hotels in many different cities.

The yellow pages can be your guide to getting your needs met in the new city. Then you can call the new place for directions. If you go to church, look in the phone book for available churches similar to the one that you enjoy. A new church home does not have to be made over night. The directory is just a starting point to help get you started.

Are there other things of interest to you and your family? I like to be around water, so that was one of the things what I looked for when I moved here. The new people whom I met were able to tell me of the wonderful water places here. They were fun to explore.

As I was moving here, I had a friend who was moving from here as I came. She was able to help in getting my needs met, like a place to get my haircut. She also gave me other pointers. I really struggled to get my needs met when I moved here. A real frustrating thing was the streets changed names. The lack of street signs also frustrated me. A map of my new town was really valuable and so was my GPS.

I had a dog to walk. That helped me to get to know my neighbors. I have always felt safer knowing my neighbors. I enjoyed taking my dog for outings like to play at the lakes and other parks around. I always felt more comfortable when I had my dog by my side for my security.

When I got homesick for my old home, I had friends to call back there. I was able to share my new life with them. I have always been able to go back for visits.

When I went back to work, that put more structure in my life which gave me more to do and an income. The family that I worked for included me in their lives. But that has not always been true, but it helped me to get settled, as she was able to help me find places to go to get my needs met.

Things to remember:

* What do I enjoy doing?

* Where can I find friends?

* Will there be friends with similar interests?

* Will there be people to do things with?

* Look everywhere you go.

* Trust that your God is in control!

As I learned to get around in my new city, I felt comfortable and was able to get my needs met. I met new friends, both at my new home and at my recovery meetings. My job gave me new friends also.

Chapter Five

Surviving a Disaster

Disasters and life lessons happen. So after a fire or a disaster, you are stunned, but need to calm down to see where you need to go from there. Writing about what you are thinking always helps me. When I put it on paper, I can clear my mind of the troubling thoughts. If I feel the need to revisit the painful thought, I have it written down. Then all that I have to do is reread what I have written. Frequently writing it down takes some of the pain out of the experiences and relieves some of the chatter in the mind, so it can be cleared for more important things. There may be things to add as time passes.

Things can be replaced, but what about those special things that can not be replaced? If we have decided what is most important to us, we will be able to get them and not loose even them. What is most important to you?

I need to ask myself: What are the most valuable things to me? What are the things that can not be replaced? One thing for me is my Mother's family bible. Another thing is my camera cards, the negatives of my life in pictures.

How bad was it? Did anyone lose their life? Is anything left of value to me or of value for the family as a whole? Were all things lost? It helps to have something to remember the loss.

Will we be able to rebuild? Do we want to rebuild? Or will we need to start over in a new location? There are choices to be made.

Is there a place to stay for the time being? There may be relatives or friends who give us a place to stay. Sometimes a hotel or motel is simpler than trying to stay with friends, for the short term. Do we need to rent an apartment for the long term?

Maybe pictures will help. Or maybe the memories will be enough. It is important to look for things to be grateful for, as they can help ease the pain.

Points to remember:

* Stay in the present.

* Look for your choices.

* Write down your choices.

* Who do you trust?

* Where can you find them?

* Will telling someone help?

Fire extinguishers are important for home fires, especially if we are aware when they start. Every home should have one under the kitchen sink. Cooking fires are easy to start, but also easy to put out.

Fires need three things to burn: Air, material to burn, and be ignited, or combustion. If we take away the air, by covering the fire, it will go out. Also it needs something to burn.

If a person catches on fire: we were taught in school to stop, drop, and roll. I was taught to stop, lay on the ground and roll.

Chapter Six

When People Split

Being human, some times we have disagreement with people in our lives. Or they chose a different path for their lives. It may not have been anything that we did. It is just God putting us on a different path. If we can chose to see it that way, it might cut down the sting.

What will happen when those we love split, how does this affect us? Where will I go? Will I have any choices? Will my choices be listened to? Whom do I trust? Will this person help me to live where I feel I need to live? Where I want to go or where do I need to go to be safe?

Will I be able to get my needs met? What do I need? I need to list my needs and wants that are important to me, so I can share them with the important people. Whom do I love? Will I be able to keep things important to me?

I suffered a divorce after 13 years of marriage. The abuse escalated and I had had all that I would take. Choices had to be made who got everything. I was given our dog because I was her main caregiver. My ex had spoiled her so terribly, so I could not handle her. So I gave her back to him. He lost her. And because she needed meds, she probably didn't last long. That really hurt! I need to remember: No one lives forever.

My divorce was simple by most standards. All we had to separate was debt, as my ex was a spend thrift. We lived in an apartment. The saddest thing was the dog. I loved her immensely and was sad that she was so spoiled that I could not handle her.

The day that I moved out, I felt like I had been release from hell. Arranging the move was surprisingly easy. All the people that I needed to deal with were really nice and went out of their way to be helpful.

Some people or animals are in our life for a reason and/or a season to teach us something or to give us the love and support that we need at that time. I was really grateful for my recovery friends and their support. At my job, the people there understood of my pain and gave me sympathy and understanding.

Points to remember:

* What are my choices?

* Write them down.

* Where is my support?

* Stay in the present.

* Do you have all that you need?

* Where can you find them?

Look for your choices. We all need choices. Will I continue to have family I can count on? After my divorce only one of my ex's children would be my friend and she lives a long way away. My ex had 6 children and two grandkids. He also had 4 siblings. We never had kids of our own. I went from a large family to a small family. My only sibling is one brother, who has a wife and two kids. At that time, both my parents were alive, but Dad has since died. That hurt, but now I see that there was a reason for it. My biological family may not be the people that I am closest to, and that is ok.

The pastor at my church saw that I needed to have a pet to love. He went with me and pay for my new dog. I was able to find a cute poodle mix. He encouraged me to give her a French name. I called her Bon Chance, which is French for good luck. She was truly my good luck charm. I was also able to get the things that the dog from my marriage had, which as a real blessing, as I did not have much money. We went many places together. I always felt safe when I was with her.

Divorce and/or separation are usually painful. Look for your support. Ask God to help you find some friends. Do you have friends in recovery, thru your church, or thru your job? There are all kinds of places to make friends. These can give you people to share with to lesson the grief. As we talk about our lives the pain will lesson.


Excerpted from Panic Attacks and Me by Kay Hammond Copyright © 2012 by Kay Hammond. Excerpted by permission of BALBOA PRESS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Panic Attacks....................1
Chapter 2. Learning Disability....................5
Chapter 3. Money Stresses....................9
Chapter 4. Losing Support by a Move....................11
Chapter 5. Surviving a Disaster....................15
Chapter 6. When People Split....................19
Chapter 7. Needing Surgery....................23
Chapter 8. Keeping Your Health....................27
Chapter 9. Car Care....................31
Chapter 10. Giving to Others....................35
Chapter 11. Finding My Way....................39
Chapter 12. Emergencies....................41
Chapter 13. Trips....................45
Chapter 14. Losing Things....................49
Chapter 15. Organization....................53
Chapter 16. Losing a Pet....................59

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