Par for the Course: A Novel

Par for the Course: A Novel

by Ray Blackston


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Sparks fly when Ray Blackson returns with his trademark quirky sense of humor. Golf, politics, and romance collide in PAR FOR THE COURSE as golf range owner Chris Hackett meets an attractive political correspondent who turns his world upside down.

In PAR FOR THE COURSE, Chris Hackett owns and operates Hack's Golf Learning Center, an eccentric golf range in Charleston, SC. Chris jumps at the chance to step up his game when an attractive new student and political correspondent, Molly, suggests that Chris capitalize on the current, highly polarized, presidential election. This pitting of right versus left means even more income, plus a sharp new girlfriend, and soon Chris, his sidekick, Cack, and their unique golf range are the talk of the town . . . until someone takes the political insults too seriously. Will Molly stick around as Chris learns the true meaning of "playing politics"? And will Chris realize how much he wants her to?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780446178150
Publisher: FaithWords
Publication date: 02/12/2008
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Ray Blackston of Greenville, South Carolina, worked as a buyer and a broker for eleven years before cashing in his modest 401k and leaving his corporate cubicle to write full time. He serves on the missions committee of his church, has traveled to rural Ecuador on a summer missions program, and coaches his seven-year-old nephew, Action Jackson, in T-Ball. You can visit Ray on the Web at

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Par for the Course 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
debs4jc on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Wacky characters, zany situations, the dance of romance, and a bit of theological musing create another enjoyable yet thought provoking story from Blackston. Chris Hackett is content running his pro golf shop in Charleston, S.C.--well mostly content, his lack of a girilfriend is the one thing he would like to change. But his attempt to attend a class on male/female relationships seems to backfire on him. Then a political consultant named Molly shows up for a golf lesson--and Chris sees definite possibilities. Molly sees possibilities too--for Chris's business to capitalize on the political divisions in his community to turn a tidy profit. But in the process will the enemies Chris makes be worth it?This was a fun read, not quite as good as Flabbergasted but very much along the same lines. It definitely had me smiling and chuckling and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Christian fiction with a sense of humor.
bigorangemichael on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
After straying away from his typical "Christian guys confused by relationships" pattern with A Pagan's Nightmare Ray Blackston returns to that fertile ground with his latest novel. Centering on Chris Hackett, the owner and golf pro at Hack's Driving Range, the novel gets back to what Blackston does best--put guys in situations where they have no clues.In this case, it's Chris' blindly enlisting for a seminar on communication between men and women and meeting Molly, a political reporter who throws him for a proverbial loop. Following Molly's advice, Chris opens up nights for political parties to come out and take out thier frustration on their political opposites at his driving range. They prove wildly successful and soon gain Chris local and national prominence.Unlike most contemporary Christian novels, the strength of Blackston's stories is that he has authentic characters who he puts on authentic journeys. Nothing feels forced or contrived about Chris' story and even when Chris gets on the peaks and valleys that come with any journey through life, his reaction to it still feels authentic. And while Chris does learn from both extremes, the writing never feels forced or preachy, unlike a great many other writers in the contemporary Christian genre.The novel is also peppered with the usual eccentrics that Blackston relishes. This is a fun, charming and entertaining novel that firmly puts Blackston in the upper echelions of contemporary Christian writers. Par for the Course is Blackston's best book since his initial offering Flabbergasted.And if you're a fan of his novels, you'll see a few cameos of characters from other books sprinkled in here, adding to the enjoyment and delight of long-time readers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Deborah_K More than 1 year ago
I am going to admit this. I am NOT a golf fan. I don't know anything about golf other than the goal is to get a ball into a hole. Is it a real sport? I mean, it's not in the Olympics. I suck at miniature golf too. I never can get it through the windmill course. Therefore I learned quite a bit more about what Tiger Woods does for a living while reading this book. This is by far one of the most hilarious books I have read this year. I could stop laughing while reading this book. Plus at the same time I kept thinking, wow this author is pushing the 'Christian fiction' envelope with discussions of politics AND religion! Seriously it's really quite edgy the way the book allows for the attacks of both Democrats and Republicans. The feminist meeting which Chris attends was wonderfully written along with the battle of the sexes golf match. I do love the idea of whacking the golf cart with Cack hacking insults at the customers. I'd pay money to hit him as well! I also enjoyed how this book actually uses real political figures and not make up fake presidents or other top government officials. It's more fun to use the actual characters and jokingly make them larger than life. A lot of the issues dealt with this book really makes you think though about politicians, their tactics and elections. There's also a touch of mystery within the story as well. Chris and Molly are great characters who bring a hoot throughout the book. The study guide 'questions' at the end will bring more laughs to the table. This is a great book to take on the lighter side of the election year this year. Another winner for Blackston!
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Charleston, South Carolina, Chris Hackett owns Hackett¿s Golf Learning Center. His clients like him, but in spite of his skills on the links and his friendliness with people, he admits to himself that when it comes to scoring with women he has hit 'a series of relational double bogeys'. --- One of his students, thirtyish Molly Cusack comes up with a gimmick to increase his customer base by having them swing their clubs so that they can 'whack a liberal' or 'whack a conservative', depending on their preference. As Chris finds his course is the in place for political hooks and shanks, he begins to have ethical concerns that golf should not become the new arena for improper partisan politicizing. --- As is PAR FOR THE COURSE when it comes to a Ray Blackston amusing satire, a triple bogey hits the FLABBERGASTED star as he learns politics and golf don¿t mix very well. The prime story line on the Hack¿s Golf Learning Center Course works very well as the laughs keep on coming. However, some subplots feel as if they landed in a sand trap and are forced onto the green of the main theme. Still Mr. Blackston provides a jocular sports romance in which love, golf, and partisan politics make par. --- Harriet Klausner