Passing the 21 Tests of Leadership: Biblical Insights for Leaving a Legacy of Leadership and Influence

Passing the 21 Tests of Leadership: Biblical Insights for Leaving a Legacy of Leadership and Influence

by Larry Kreider


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Every Leader Will Be Tested

The mark of a great leader is their ability to withstand the inevitable trials of leadership.

The greater your call, the greater these tests will be. Larry Kreider, International Director of DOVE International, offers Biblical wisdom for standing strong through the storms. 

Whether you are a leader in your home, work, community, or church, this book is your resource for not only surviving the trials of leadership, but welcoming them! 

Gain practical tools to…

  • Prepare for the coming tests.
  • Leverage problems to develop maturity.
  • Grow in humility through success.

The storms are coming! Learn to stand strong through them all!

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ISBN-13: 9780768419528
Publisher: Destiny Image, Inc.
Publication date: 04/17/2018
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,168,692
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About the Author

Larry Kreider and his wife LaVerne led a team that planted a Pennsylvania church that grew into DOVE International, a worldwide family of churches and ministries. Larry serves as international director, trains leaders globally and has authored forty books.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Calling Test 17

An effective leader will discover his calling and trust God to manifest it

Chapter 2 The Humility Test 29

Effective leaders give credit to others

Chapter 3 The Teamwork Test 37

An effective leader finds a way for his team to win

Chapter 4 The Releasing Test 49

An effective leader knows how to empower others.

Chapter 5 The Priorities Test 57

An effective leader determines what his priorities are in life

Chapter 6 The Transition Test 67

An effective leader understands and leads the process of change.

Chapter 7 The Criticism Test 75

An effective leader accepts criticism and grows in the process

Chapter 8 The Dependency Test 85

An effective leader depends on help from God

Chapter 9 The Conflict Test 93

An effective leader embraces healthy confrontation

Chapter 10 The Vision Test 105

Effective leaders inspire and articulate a vision and bring others with them

Chapter 11 The Love Test 115

An effective leader makes decisions motivated by love

Chapter 12 The Integrity Test 123

Effective leaders are the same in public as in private

Chapter 13 The Security Test 133

Effective leaders find security in who they are, not in what they do

Chapter 14 The Grace Test 141

Effective leaders know success depends on the grace of God

Chapter 15 The Expectations Test 153

Effective leaders avoid unmet expectations

Chapter 16 The Finance Test 161

Effective leaders take fiscal responsibility for their mission.

Chapter 17 The Comparison Test 171

Effective leaders only compare up

Chapter 18 The Perseverance Test 181

Effective leaders refuse to quit!

Chapter 19 The Success Test 191

Effective leaders never forget where they came from

Chapter 20 The Timing Test 199

Effective leaders understand times and seasons

Chapter 21 The Kingdom Test 207

An effective leader focuses on the eternal Kingdom

Afterword 217

Customer Reviews

Passing the 21 Tests of Leadership: Biblical Insights for Leaving a Legacy of Leadership and Influence 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
richardblake More than 1 year ago
Preparing Leaders for Developing and Growing Spiritually through Future Trials and Testing “Passing the 21 Tests of Leadership” presents the reader with Biblical insight for leaving a legacy of leadership, and influence. The book is made up of 21 short fast moving chapters packed with vignettes, anecdotes, and principles for achieving maximum leadership skills for active ministry. At the end of each chapter is a test with personal perceptive questions for reflection and discussion. These questions revealed areas where I need to be more transparent and open in my relationships as I transition into a new season of life. • For me as a leader, what would it mean not to walk in integrity? • How do your priorities reveal what you value in life? • Why is essential that a leader “knows himself” during a transition time? • How can ego get in the way of vision? Larry Kreider, prolific author, and director of Dove International trains leaders worldwide. The Dove Leadership & Ministry School sponsor seminars which provide practical training in leadership, and in personal and spiritual growth. A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.