The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ

by Neal King


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Astudy of controversies over The Passion of the Christ that shows how conservative Christians united in support of Mel Gibson and in opposition to liberal, secular and Jewish critics. King explores how the public battle in the USA over the editing and rating of this film generated more controversy than any other in recent cinematic history.

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ISBN-13: 9780230294349
Publisher: Macmillan Education UK
Publication date: 09/15/2011
Series: Controversies
Edition description: 2011
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

NEAL KING is Associate Professor of Sociology at Virginia Tech, USA. He is the author of Heroes in Hard Times: Cop Action movies in the U.S. (1999), co-editor of Reel Knockouts: Violent Women in the Movies (2001), and has published several other studies of violent film genres and social inequality.

Table of Contents

Contents.- Introduction.- A Personal and Procedural Note.- PART I: KEY DETAILS.- Cast.- Crew.- Other Details.- Ratings, by Nation.- PART II: PRODUCTION AND MARKETING.- The Turns of Events.- The Needs of Groups.- The Final Push.- PART III: RATING CENSORSHIP.- Deference in Hollywood.- Support for violence.- Defiance in New Zealand.- Titillation.- Horror.- The Fate of a Prophet.- Conclusion.- PART IV: EVANGELICAL RECEPTION.- Dangers of Media Violence.- Uses of Nedia Violence.- The Scholars and Violence.- Redemption through Media Violence.- Stolen Fire.- PART V: THE PLOTTING.- Narrative Structure.- Character Focus.- Undermotivation.- PART VI: THE SENTENCING.- Synopsis.- The Finished Version.- Caiphas's Curse.- PART VII: CONCLUSION.- PART VIII.- Appendix A: Christian Watchdog Sites.- Appendix B: References.

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From the Publisher

Neal King knows more about the making, marketing and reception of The Passion of the Christ than anyone else. He gives us an elegant and perceptive analysis of the controversies that surrounded Gibson's film and a sociological portrait of their origins in the competing objectives of polarized groups. King's book is an essential source on the making and meaning of a film that has been both celebrated and condemned.' - Stephen Prince, author of Firestorm: American Film in the Age of Terrorism

'This book is a means to reignite interest in the film and inspire debate surrounding it. Neal's resurrection of the film may help it take its rightful place in cinematic history.' - Lauren Felton, Filmwerk

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