Peace in Northeast Asia: Resolving Japan's Territorial and Maritime Disputes with China, Korea and the Russian Federation

Peace in Northeast Asia: Resolving Japan's Territorial and Maritime Disputes with China, Korea and the Russian Federation

by Thomas J. Schoenbaum


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This book takes an in-depth look at Japan’s long-festering territorial and maritime disputes with its three neighbors – China, South Korea and the Russian Federation. Japan has established friendly relations with all three former adversaries since the end of World War II, but these sovereignty issues remain. All three disagreements have recently flared into potentially violent incidents that could erupt again at any time. The book explores each situation and proposes concrete compromise solutions to each of the outstanding disputes.

The key recommendation the book sets forth is that the disputes in question be resolved through the conclusion of separate negotiated agreements between Japan and each of its neighbors, whereby separate Zones of Cooperation and Environmental Protection are established in northeast Asia. These three agreements would be international treaties with the purpose of establishing ongoing permanent cooperation in the three disputed areas. The book concludes with a discussion of the need for broader multilateral institutions of cooperation.

International relations specialists, government officials, international lawyers and scholars of Asian politics will find great value in the knowledgeable discussions of these complex issues.

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ISBN-13: 9781847206657
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/2008
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 886,379
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About the Author

Thomas J. Schoenbaum, Harold S. Shefelman Professor of Law, University of Washington, US

Table of Contents

Contents: 1. Introduction: Resolving the Disputes on the Basis of Peace, Justice and International Cooperation 2. The Politics of the East China Sea Gas Dispute: Ongoing Discussion between China and Japan by Reinhard Drifte 3. The Legal Aspects of Japan’s Territorial and Maritime Disputes with Neighboring States 4. Options for Dispute Settlement by Michael Hahn 5. Finding Solutions to the Disputes between China and Japan 6. Finding a Solution to the Takeshima/Dok Island Dispute between Japan and South Korea 7. Solving the “Northern Territories” Problem and Concluding a Peace Treaty between Japan and Russia 8. Security and Cooperation in Northeast Asia Index

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