Performance and Cocktails [LP]

Performance and Cocktails [LP]

by StereophonicsStereophonics

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record - 180 Gram Vinyl)

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Yup, Welsh shining stars Stereophonics are another one of those outfits that became huge in the UK seemingly overnight. The band's second album, PERFORMANCE AND COCKTAILS, has already sold more than a million copies overseas, and the group recently had the Black Crowes open for them at London's Wembley Stadium. Of course, Stereophonics would go unnoticed in a police lineup on these shores, but that may soon change. The band has just the right balance of grit and glimmer to appeal to fans of Oasis, the London Suede, and even the Rolling Stones, while the overdriven guitars and pulse-pounding beats should endear them to aficionados of Aerosmith and Guns N' Roses. Vocalist Kelly Jones delivers small-town narratives in a melodic rasp reminiscent of Rod Stewart's, perfectly complementing both the band's folksy blues laments and its barnstorming rockers. Toss in some of the catchiest hooks since the last Smash Mouth record, and you're left with a performance that should keep Stereophonics stocked with cocktails for a long time to come.

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Release Date: 02/03/2017
Label: Ume
UPC: 0602557144314
catalogNumber: 5714431
Rank: 43778


  1. Roll Up and Shine
  2. The Bartender and the Thief
  3. Hurry Upo and Wait
  4. Pick a Part That's New
  5. Just Lookin'
  6. Half the Lies You Tell Aint True
  7. I Would Never Believe Your Radio
  8. T-Shirt Sun Tan
  9. Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today?
  10. A Minute Longer
  11. She Takes Her Clothes Off
  12. Plastic California
  13. I Stopped to Fill My Car Up

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