Persuasion and Dark Psychology: Dark secrets of psychology and the art of influencing people with persuasion techniques, nlp neuro linguistic programming and hypnotism

Persuasion and Dark Psychology: Dark secrets of psychology and the art of influencing people with persuasion techniques, nlp neuro linguistic programming and hypnotism

by Robert Power


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What if I told you that you can get whatever you want in life? You wouldn't believe me, right? Find it out! ⬇⬇⬇

You do have the power to get what you want. One of the biggest obstacles that stand in your way is other people, right? So in this book, you will be shown how to undermine and get around other people with dark psychology and persuasion.

The determination of character by facial features, gestures, postures, and facial expressions originates in ancient times, but at first, this knowledge was concentrated in the hands of a few chosen people and was ranked among the occult sciences. Later, analyzing people with dark psychology was interpreted as some rather chimerical art, since the sophists who studied it, although they ardently defended the close connection between the external appearance of a person and his internal qualities, could not more or less clearly prove this position, and people always everywhere they tend to deny everything that is not quite accessible to their understanding.

Is someone making your life miserable?

How do you recognize if someone is being manipulative, or persuasive?

Is a salesperson manipulating you to buy his wares, for his own profit? Or, is he persuading you because he genuinely believes in his product?

Manipulation can come at you in many forms, from a colleague or a partner to someone you don't know. We are often pressured into making social changes in our lives. There is nothing wrong with that if you are the one to make the decision for the sake of your own wellbeing. If though, someone makes you do something that you don't want to do, then it has become a form of bullying. It can be difficult to stand up to bullies, at any age. Though, if you want to be free of them, then you need to learn how to take back control.

The first step is going through the chapters of this book that include:

  • Have an elementary understanding of what persuasion and dark psychology are
  • The benefits you gain by being persuasive
  • How to differentiate between persuasion and manipulation
  • How to apply NLP in controlling the mind
  • The techniques you can use to protect yourself from NLP
  • Getting to understand about mind control
  • The aspect of hypnosis and the benefits
  • Getting to understand about the dark triad
  • And much more!!

Our brains have an insane amount of power. Sometimes it might not seem that way. You might feel brain dead at moments, experiencing writer's block or forgetting the easiest little detail to remember. Our brains can fail us at sometimes and disappoint us others. Despite all of this, we still have an immeasurable amount of power within our skull that can change the world as we know it. You can use that power for good or something that destroys other people. You could manipulate millions into believing something toxic that isn't true at all, leading to more damaging effects down the line. You could also use that brain power for something incredible, changing the world for the better with your mental abilities.

Are you ready to use your brain power? Search no more. Just press the buy now button to get started.

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ISBN-13: 9798612699767
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Publication date: 02/11/2020
Series: Persuasion and Dark Psychology , #1
Pages: 132
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