Pink Elephants: Hurt - Stories Between - Hope

Pink Elephants: Hurt - Stories Between - Hope

by Dennis Cook

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There’s still HOPE! Many people daily live in the messy goo somewhere between Hurt and Hope. 
Some days we feel we are on top of the world and other days the world is on top of us. Some days we feel God is good and other days we're feeling he’s a thug, threatening us; “If we don’t straighten up, bad things are coming our way.” 
Nobody gets a “hall pass” to skip hurt. Some have hurt you, without you signing on the dotted line. Some have hurt themselves, feeling not worthy enough to give or receive love from God or others. Sometimes, “stuff just happens!“ While sharing hope with one guy, he confessed; “Dennis, keep moving on to the next dude. Don’t waste your time on me I’m unredeemable. I’ve made peace with my hurt and a life without hope. It’s just easier that way.”
 This book is a batch of short stories about people just like you, feeling one-day God is “The Man” and the next, not so much. 
My desire is that you will see There’s Still Hope even if hurt keeps heckling you: “Don’t waste your time on me, I’m unredeemable.” My prayer is, in reading these stories you will find hope by eaves dropping on others as they search for theirs

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ISBN-13: 9781543903041
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 05/19/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 334
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Dennis Cook, the author of Pouring Ketchup,
is married to Heidi, with two daughters,
Mackenzie and Morgan.

His “Trinity of Confectionary Kryptonite”
Chocolate Donuts,
Chocolate Donuts,
Chocolate Donuts!

Table of Contents

Introduction xv

Chapter 1 Pink Elephants 1

Chapter 2 High Hair 13

Chapter 3 McTruth 22

Chapter 4 Milk Voice 28

Chapter 5 Dusty Trophies 39

Chapter 6 Well you know… 46

Chapter 7 Dirty Hubcap 51

Chapter 8 NASCAR 58

Chapter 9 Old Fart 63

Chapter 10 Messy Boy 71

Chapter 11 Thank God I'm Bald 79

Chapter 12 Sinking Badge 87

Chapter 13 13 95

Chapter 14 Two McDonalds Apple Pies 103

Chapter 15 Big Green Porta-Potty 110

Chapter 16 Elvis's Cousin and Headless Gummy Bears 119

Chapter 17 Nahum 1:7 128

Chapter 18 A Good Friday, A Really, Really Good Friday 136

Chapter 19 Ugly Jelly Donut 143

Chapter 20 My First Sermon 147

Chapter 21 Orange Shoes 154

Chapter 22 A Wife in a Broom Closet 161

Chapter 23 You Can Only Say "Never Ever" Once 169

Chapter 24 Shiny People 176

Chapter 25 Shoe Box 182

Chapter 26 Number 2 Special 188

Chapter 27 Long, Long Lists 197

Chapter 28 Donuts and Couches 209

Chapter 29 Green Plastic Milk Crate 214

Chapter 30 Unused Kleenex 222

Chapter 31 Sleeping in Church 231

Chapter 32 32-33 Pants 239

Chapter 33 50 Bucks 247

Chapter 34 The Big Screen 253

Chapter 35 Big Tables in Small Towns 264

Chapter 36 365 270

Chapter 37 Storm Stories 279

Chapter 38 Dented Doors 287

Chapter 39 Sunday Morning Miracles 296

Conclusion 308

Note from the Author 313

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