Plastics Mold Engineering Handbook

Plastics Mold Engineering Handbook

by J. Harry DuBois

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987)

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ISBN-13: 9781468465808
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 06/12/2013
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987
Pages: 736
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.06(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Plastics Processing.- Molding Methods.- Systems of Molding.- Tools for Plastics.- References.- 2. Basic Mold Types and Features.- Injection Molding Machines.- Compression and Transfer Presses.- Continuous Extrusion Machines.- Blow Molding Machines.- Vacuum Forming Machines.- Rotational Molding Machines.- General Mold Types.- Other Tools for Plastics.- Specific Types of Molds.- Mold Construction Nomenclature.- Special Mold Classifications.- References.- 3. Tool-Making Processes, Equipment and Methods.- Cut-Off Equipment.- Metal Cutting Processes (Machining).- Metal Displacement Processes.- Metal Erosion Processes.- Casting Processes.- Metal-Deposition Process.- Miscellaneous Processes.- Steps in Mold Finishing.- Measurement of Surface Finish, Molds and Parts.- References.- 4. Materials for Mold Making.- Steel.- Steel Forgings.- Machinability.- Heat Treatment.- Tempering.- Annealing.- Stress Relieving.- Hardness Penetration.- Mold Steel Requirements.- Selecting the Steel.- Standard Mold Components.- Alloy Steels.- Stainless Steel.- Maraging Steels.- Steel for Machined Molds.- Hobs and Hobbing.- Hob Design.- Hobbing Steels.- Nonferrous Materials for Molds.- Electroformed Cavities.- Tool Steel Castings.- Powdered Metal Components.- Plastic Mold Cavities.- Surface Treatment.- Thermal Barriers for Molds.- Pointers.- References.- 5. Design, Drafting and Engineering Practice.- Principles and Rules of Design.- Engineering and Design Procedures.- Dimensioning Mold Drawings.- Mold Stamping.- Tool Strength.- Shrink Fit Allowances.- Mold Pins.- Other Mold Parts.- Temperature Control Media and Methods.- Hobbed Cavities and Plungers.- Opposed Cavities and Balanced Molds.- Surface Finishes and Textured Molds.- References.- 6. Compression Molds.- Compression Molding.- Design of Hand Mold.- Design of 12-Cavity Semiautomatic Mold.- Spring-Box Molds.- Loading Shoe and Stripper Plate Molds.- Positive Molds.- Semipositive Molds.- Subcavity Gang Molds.- Wall Bracket Mold.- Mold Assembly.- Automatic Compression Molds.- Special Design Features.- Large Molds.- Side-Ram Molds.- Laminated Mold Construction.- Other Compression Mold Considerations.- References.- 7. Transfer and Injection Molds for Thermosets.- Transfer Molding.- Materials for Transfer Molding.- Plunger Transfer Molds.- Product Design Considerations.- Plunger Transfer Mold Design.- Transfer Tube (Loading Space Required).- Transfer Pressure.- Runner Systems.- Gating Transfer Molds.- Plunger Transfer Mold (Example) of Base and Cover.- Standard Mold Frames for Transfer Molds.- Injection Molding of Thermosetting Materials.- Runnerless Injection-Compression Molds.- Encapsulation.- References.- 8. Injection Molds for Thermoplastics.- Injection Equipment.- Projected Area Press Capacity.- Design Considerations.- Types of Molds.- Flow Resistance in the Heater Systems.- Hot Manifold Systems for Thermoplastics.- Types of Operation.- Ejection or Knockout Systems.- Runner Systems.- Gating Systems.- Hot Edge Gating.- Valve Gating.- Double shot Molding.- Venting.- Cooling.- Sprue Bushings.- Sprue Pullers.- Cavities.- Designing Injection Molds.- Standard Mold Bases.- Standard Mold Bases and Components.- Very Large Injection Molds.- References.- 9. Cold Mold Design.- References.- 10. Extrusion Dies and Tools for Thermoplastics.- General Concepts of Die Design.- Analytical Relationships: Flow Rates versus Pressure.- Sheet Die Design.- Blown Film Dies and Tooling.- Selection and Design Criteria.- Pipe and Tubing Dies.- Crosshead Covering Dies.- Rod and Monofilament Dies.- Coextrusion.- Die Construction.- Profile Extrusion Dies.- Materials Used in Profile Dies.- References.- 11. Blow Mold Construction and Design.- Plastic Blow Molding Processes.- Extrusion Blow Mold Materials Design and Construction Methods.- Extrusion Blow Mold Fabrication.- Design of Extrusion Blow Molds.- Injection Blow Molding Design and Construction.- Bottle Finish.- Container Terminology.- References.- 12. Molds for Reaction Injection, Structural Foam and Expandable Styrene Molding.- Structural Foam Products.- Molds for Expandable Styrene.- Steam Chests.- Mold Construction.- References.- 13. Care, Maintenance and Repair Of Plastics Molds.- Causes of Wear and Damage.- Preventive Maintenance.- Repair.- 14. Thermodynamic Analysis of Molds.- Moldcool™ System.- Conclusion.- Reference.

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