Polyimides: Fundamentals and Applications

Polyimides: Fundamentals and Applications

by Malay Ghosh

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Provides coverage on the full range of topics associated with polyimides, including structure, polymer fundamentals, and product areas. The text addresses both basic and applied aspects of the subject. It details the synthesis of polyimides, polyamideimides, and flourinated polyimides, explains the molecular design of photosensitive polyimides, and more.

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ISBN-13: 9781351423649
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication date: 02/06/2018
Series: Plastics Engineering
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 912
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Table of Contents

"Introduction History of the Invention and Development of the Polyimides, C. E. Sroog Synthesis Synthesis of Polyimides, Tohru Takekoshi Synthesis of Polyamideimides, Yoshio Imai Synthesis of Fluorinated Polyimides, Shigekuni Sasaki and Shiro Nishi Photosensitive Polyimides, Molecular Design and Synthesis, Toshihiko Omote Chemistry and Kinetics of Polyimide Formation, James M. Sonnett and Thomas P. Gannett Vapor Phase Deposition of Polyimides, Thomas Strunskus and Michael Grunze Bulk Properties and Modifications Thermal Curing in Polyimide Films and Coatings, John C. Coburn and Michael T. Pottinger Infrared Curing of Polyimides, John G. Stephanie and Paul G. Rickerl Sorption and Diffusion of Water Vapor in Polyimide Films, Ken-ichi Okamoto Charge Transfer in Aromatic Polyimides, Joseph M. Salley and Curtis W. Frank Dielectric Properties of Polyimides and Factors Influencing Such Properties, Ressano De Souza-Machado, Shien-Yang Wu, and Denice D. Denton Degradation and Stability of Polyimides, James A. Cella Surface Characterization, Modification, and Adhesion Aspects Surface Characterization of Polyimides, Fabio Garbassi, Marco Morra, and Ernesto Occhiello Plasma Surface Modification and Etching of Polyimides, Frank D. Egitto and Luis J. Matienzo Laser Ablation of Polyimides, George H. Pettit Ion Beam Modification of Polyimides, Eal H. Lee Wet Chemical Modification of Polyimide Surfaces: Chemistry and Application, Kang-Wook Lee and Alfred Viehbeck Tribological Behavior of Polyimides, U.S. Tewari and J. Bijwe Adhesion of Polyimides to Various Substrates, L. Paivikki Buchwalter Adhesion of Metal Films to Polyimides, Luis J. Matienzo and William N. Unertl Applications Polyimides for Gas Separation, Michael Langsam Applications of Polyimides as Photosensitive Materials, Jean-Marc Bureau and Jean-Paul Droguet Polyimides in High-Performance Electronics Packaging and Optoelectronic Applications, Claudius Feger and Hilmar Franke Polyimides as Langmuir-Blodgett Films, Mitsumasa Iwamoto and Masa-aki Kakimoto "

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