Pop Music: The Golden Era 1951-1975

Pop Music: The Golden Era 1951-1975



To commemorate the end of the century, Sony Music assembled the 26-disc box set Sony Music 100 Years: Soundtrack for a Century. The title was imposing, as was the idea behind it -- to chronicle the life of the oldest record label in the music industry. To be clear, Sony Music has not existed for 100 years, but the heart of its catalog, Columbia Records, was founded early in the 20th century. Sony realized that most consumers wouldn't invest in a 26-disc box, so they simultaneously released a series of 12 genre-specific, double-disc sets that culled highlights from the box. As it turns out, the double-disc sets are every bit as impressive as the big box, perhaps more so, because they're easily digestible. Even so, the scope of the 51-track Pop Music: The Golden Era 1951-1975 is impressive. Columbia and its subsidiaries may have moved slowly into rock & roll, having their first rock hits in the early '60s, but that actually makes this collection more effective, since you can hear traditional pop give way to rock and soul by the end of the first disc. And that's the best thing about Pop Music: The Golden Era -- it's a genuine narrative, beginning with Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett and ending with Patti Labelle and Earth, Wind & Fire. Between those bookends are pop classics of all stripes, from a head-spinning array of artists. Sure, it's possible to spot omissions from that list, but it gives the general feel of pop's progression, and it offers nothing but good listening as it does so. And that's a testament not only to the artists, but to Columbia, Epic, and Sony, since few other labels have captured the times quite so well.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/12/1999
Label: Sony
UPC: 0074646579121
catalogNumber: 65791

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Michael Bloomfield   Guitar
Floyd Cramer   Piano
Chris Hillman   Bass
Billy Joe Royal   Vocals,Track Performer
Percy Faith   Conductor
Philip Bailey   Conga
Sandra Crouch   Tambourine
Rosemary Clooney   Vocals,Track Performer
Doris Day   Track Performer
Four Lads   Track Performer
Frankie Laine   Vocals,Track Performer
Johnny Mathis   Track Performer
Johnnie Ray   Track Performer
Frank Sinatra   Track Performer
Jo Stafford   Track Performer
Barbra Streisand   Track Performer
Bobby Vinton   Vocals,Track Performer
Andy Williams   Track Performer
Blood, Sweat & Tears   Track Performer
Buckinghams   Track Performer
Byrds   Track Performer
Chad & Jeremy   Track Performer
Chicago   Track Performer
Gene Clark   Tambourine,Vocals
Cyrkle   Track Performer
Dion & the Timberlanes   Vocals,Track Performer
Donovan   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Bob Dylan   Guitar,Harmonica,Piano,Vocals,Track Performer
Earth, Wind & Fire   Track Performer
Art Garfunkel   Vocals,Track Performer
Isley Brothers   Track Performer
Ernie Isley   Electric Guitar
Janis Joplin   Track Performer
Carole King   Conductor
Kooper   Organ
Labelle   Track Performer
Patti LaBelle   Vocals
Major Lance   Vocals,Track Performer
Kenny Loggins   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Loggins & Messina   Track Performer
Curtis Mayfield   Guitar,Background Vocals
Jim Messina   Guitar,Vocals
Graham Nash   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Laura Nyro   Piano,Vocals,Background Vocals,Track Performer
Jimmy Page   Electric Guitar
Gary Puckett   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Simon & Garfunkel   Track Performer
Paul Simon   Guitar,Vocals
Sly & The Family Stone   Track Performer
Small Faces   Track Performer
Maurice White   Percussion,Drums,Vocals,Kalimba
Yardbirds   Track Performer
Zombies   Track Performer
Tony Bennett   Track Performer
Fred Lipsius   Piano,Saxophone
Mundell Lowe   Guitar
Paul Serrano   Trumpet
Lew Soloff   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Earl Turbinton   Saxophone
Chris White   Bass,Vocals
Jerry Cole   Guitar
George Van Eps   Guitar
Stan Freeman   Harpsichord
Tony Rizzi   Guitar
Buddy Weed   Piano
Allan Clarke   Vocals
Nona Hendryx   Vocals
Hollies   Track Performer
Santana   Track Performer
Mitch Miller   Conductor,Track Performer
O'Jays   Track Performer
Guy Mitchell   Vocals,Track Performer
José Chepitó Areas   Percussion
Rod Argent   Keyboards,Vocals
Colin Blunstone   Vocals
David Clayton-Thomas   Vocals
Sarah Dash   Vocals
Larry Graham   Bass,Vocals
Bruce Johnston   Vocals,Background Vocals
Elliot Lurie   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Marriott   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Matz   Conductor
Scott McKenzie   Track Performer
Ian McLagan   Keyboards,Vocals
Terry Melcher   Vocals,Background Vocals
Rip Chords   Track Performer
Gregg Rolie   Organ,Vocals
Artie Schroeck   Vibes
Bunny Sigler   Guitar,Piano
Billy Swan   Track Performer
Freddy Weller   Guitar
Frank deVol   Conductor
Chris Jasper   Keyboards
Bob Bain   Guitar
Bobby Gregg   Drums
Brian Auger   Harpsichord
Dave Carey   Percussion
Kerry Chater   Bass
Jim McCarty   Percussion,Drums
Chet Amsterdam   Bass
Louis Armstrong   Track Performer
Don Arnone   Guitar
Paul Atkinson   Guitar
John Avant   Trombone
Hal Blaine   Drums
Edward Batts   Guitar
Richard Bell   Piano
Thom Bell   Conductor
Dwight Bement   Saxophone
Lea Jane Berinati   Background Vocals
Hayword Bishop   Drums
Harold Bradley   Guitar
David Brown   Bass
Lester Caliste   Trombone
Bernie Calvert   Bass
Brad Campbell   Bass
Capps   Conductor
Mike Carabello   Percussion
Tony Carr   Percussion
Frank Carroll   Bass
Peter Cetera   Bass,Vocals
Roland Chambers   Guitar
Chip Young   Electric Guitar
Eric Clapton   Guitar
Jon Clarke   Baritone Saxophone
Mike Clarke   Drums
Bobby Colomby   Percussion,Drums
Jimmy Crawford   Drums
David Crosby   Guitar,Vocals
Don Danneman   Bass,Vocals
Tom Dawes   Guitar,Vocals
Don Renaldo   Strings,Horn
Chris Dreja   Guitar
Larry Dunn   Keyboards
Ray Edenton   Guitar
Bobby Eli   Guitar
Bobby Elliott   Drums
Morris Ellis   Trombone
James R. Budd Ellison   Piano
Herman V. Ernest   Drums
Greg Errico   Drums
Joe Farrell   Flute
Fred Ferrara   Vocals
Jim Fielder   Bass
Clarence Ford   Saxophone
Eric Ford   Electric Guitar
Marty Fried   Drums
Garth   Tenor Saxophone
Looking Glass   Track Performer
Harvey Goldstein   Bass
Larry Gonsky   Keyboards,Vocals
Emory Gordy   Bass
Paul Griffin   Piano
Jeff Grob   Drums
Hugh Grundy   Drums
Dick Halligan   Keyboards
Buddy Harman   Drums
Norman Harris   Guitar
Spike Heatley   Bass
Tony Hicks   Guitar,Vocals
Milt Hinton   Bass
Milt Holland   Percussion
Steve Howard   Trumpet
Leon Huff   Piano
Marvin Isley   Bass
O'Kelly Isley   Conductor,Background Vocals
Rudolph Isley   Conductor,Background Vocals
Terry Kath   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Katz   Guitar
Larry Knechtel   Keyboards
Ricky Knight   Piano
Ronnie Lane   Bass,Vocals
Mike Leech   Bass
Cliff Leeman   Drums
Eddie Levert   Vocals
Drake Levin   Guitar
Mark Lindsay   Vocals
Lee Loughnane   Trumpet
Marty Manning   Conductor
Jerry Martini   Saxophone
Hugh McCracken   Electric Guitar
McKay   Guitar,Percussion
Robert Mersey   Conductor
Vince Montana   Vibes
George Moreland   Drums
Floyd Morris   Piano
Johnny Nash   Track Performer
Michael Omartian   Piano
Tony Orlando   Track Performer
Bobby Orr   Drums
Lenny Pakula   Organ
James Pankow   Trombone
Walter Parazaider   Trumpet
Ken Pearson   Organ
Clark Pierson   Drums
John Pizzarelli   Guitar
George Porter   Bass
William Powell   Vocals
Lon Price   Flute,Saxophone
Keith Relf   Vocals
Paul Revere & the Raiders   Track Performer
Cynthia Robinson   Trumpet
Buddy Saltzman   Drums
Paul Samwell-Smith   Bass
Daniel Seraphine   Drums
Larry Sims   Bass,Background Vocals
Phil Stephens   Bass
Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart   Keyboards,Vocals
Freddie Stone   Guitar
Piet Sweval   Bass,Vocals
Tommy Tedesco   Guitar
Alvin Thomas   Flute,Saxophone
Truman Thomas   Organ
John Till   Guitar
Allen Toussaint   Percussion,Electric Piano
Phil "Fang" Volk   Bass
Larry Washington   Percussion
Murray Watson   Trumpet
Fred White   Percussion,Drums
Hy White   Guitar
Verdine White   Bass
Paul Whithead   Drums
Chuck Winfield   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Gary Withem   Keyboards
Andrew Woolfolk   Flute,Saxophone
Earl Young   Drums
Reggie Young   Electric Guitar
Tears   Track Performer
Alton Hendrickson   Guitar
Kenney Jones   Drums
Lucas   Saxophone
Charlie McCoy   Harmonica
Arthur Blair   Vocals
Frank Busseri   Vocals
Fred Carter   Guitar
Connie Coderini   Vocals
Carl Fischer   Piano
Nick Fortune   Bass
Serena Jameson   Vocals
Tom Jameson   Vocals
Jamies   Track Performer
Dennis Miccolis   Keyboards
Jeannie Roy   Vocals
Bernard Toorish   Vocals
Walter Williams   Vocals
Carlos Santana   Guitar
Percy Faith & His Orchestra   Track Performer
James Arnold   Vocals
Alan Hanton   Guitar
Tommy South   Drums
Paul Revere   Keyboards
Joe Osborn   Bass
Bobby Fiela   Vocals
Ronnie Baker   Bass
Versine White   Bass
Paul Whitebread   Drums
Joe Zinan   Bass
Merel Bergante   Drums,Background Vocals
Carl Blonin   Saxophone
John Carmeron   Keyboards
Sol Evans   Drums
Joe Falto   Guitar
Robert Lamm   Keyboards
Vincent Terri   Guitar

Technical Credits

Marc Blitzstein   Composer
Kurt Weill   Composer
Percy Faith   Arranger
Pete Seeger   Composer
Donovan   Composer
Art Garfunkel   Producer
Ernie Isley   Composer
Carole King   Arranger
Jim Messina   Producer
Laura Nyro   Producer
Paul Simon   Composer,Producer
Joe South   Composer,Producer
Maurice White   Composer,Producer
Chris White   Producer
Mitch Miller   Producer
Rod Argent   Composer,Producer
Bruce Johnston   Producer
Steve Marriott   Producer
Peter Matz   Arranger
Terry Melcher   Producer
John Phillips   Producer
Chris Jasper   Composer
Pee Wee King   Composer
Redd Stewart   Composer
John Simon   Producer
Bertolt Brecht   Composer
Steven Berkowitz   Executive Producer
Lou Adler   Producer
Billy Altman   Editorial Coordinator
Ernie Altschuler   Producer
Thom Bell   Arranger
Michael Berniker   Producer
Capps   Arranger
Lor Crane   Producer
Ray Evans   Composer
Larry Fallon   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
Ernie Freeman   String Arrangements
Kenny Gamble   Producer
Looking Glass   Producer
Jack Gold   Producer
Giorgio Gomelsky   Producer
James William Guercio   Producer
Sonny Henry   Composer
Leon Huff   Producer
Marvin Isley   Composer
O'Kelly Isley   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Ronald Isley   Composer
Rudolph Isley   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Jack Keller   Producer
Kathryn King   Editorial Production
Ronnie Lane   Producer
Bob Liftin   Producer
Jay Livingston   Composer
Marty Manning   Arranger
Robert Mersey   Arranger,Producer
Bob Morgan   Producer
Mickie Most   Producer
Johnny Nash   Arranger,Producer
Nevins   Producer
Ron Richards   Producer
Charles Stepney   Arranger
Jule Styne   Composer
Allen Toussaint   Arranger,Producer
Ed Townsend   Producer
Bernie Wayne   Composer
Verdine White   Composer
Tom Wilson   Producer
Johnny Pate   Arranger
Sonny Burke   Composer
Bob Merrill   Composer
Quaglieri   Producer
Henry Beau   Arranger
Mitchell Cohen   Annotation
Stephen Holden   Essay
Arthur Blair   Producer
Serena Jameson   Producer
Tom Jameson   Composer,Producer
Lee Morris   Composer
Jeannie Roy   Producer
Jimmy Carroll   Arranger
Carlos Santana   Producer
Janet Boye   Art Direction
David Katzenstein   Back Cover,Cover Photo
Randall Martin   Label Design
Charlie Sarrica   Graphic Design
Sandy Lorenzo   Marketing
Joe Zack   Composer
Rosemary Mulligan   Marketing
Brent Dangerfield   Producer
Book of Ecclesiastes   Composer
George Cory   Composer
Douglass Cross   Composer
Sherman Feller   Composer
Artie Yeranian   Graphic Design
Jerry Fuller   Producer
Ron Juliano   Graphic Design
Judy Thomas   Tape Research
Dianne Spoto Shattuck   Marketing
Marni Elliott   Marketing
Darren Salmieri   Copy Coordination
Marguerite Hisen   Marketing
Chilton Price   Composer
EWF Horns   Arranger
Eddie Cerchoine   Tape Research
Mike Gershman   Producer
Charlie Callelo   Arranger,Producer
Jeff Jones   Executive Producer
Carl Davis   Producer
Robert Lamm   Composer

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